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I speak in tongues when I go insane

by ImJustFine 2 reviews

Imagine a buzzing crowd. City white-noise. Then make the sound distant.

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It’s flattened out against the pavement,
urban, artificial roadkill.
Blood and guts
censored by evolution,
leaving but cold inanimacy.

Little rays of sun fall down ontop,
splashing with light
just like they do all over,
but never touching.

It’s as if they shine for a purpose,
and the battered,
forgottten gum
stuck to the ground
is somewhere in between
or behind.
Fallen from grace
into oblivion,
as if even the sun
has given up on caring
about such useless waste.

Before winter fell,
she ponders,
the sun still shone for her too.

Time and time again it would
embrace her and pull from her lips,
although bleak,
only halfway sincere,
but all the same, a smile.

Now she walks forgotten,
with burning feet
down a street that could lack her
and no one would even notice.
She pads barefoot,

Nods toward the gray-ish speck
in silent recognition.
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