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Anything To keep you Safe

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*Frikey one shot* When your family is part of the mafia. You would do anything to protect your loved one. Even if it involves death.

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Things have calmed down and im back to writing :D

I came up with this earlier when i was revising and decided this would make a good one shot.

R&R for me.

Mikey :

23rd January 2003

I loved him. He was my world. But i had to do this to protect him. He is going to be very heartbroken. I didn't want to. But Frank knew that i was part of a Mafia family. We had to do what ever we could to protect out loved ones. Somehow the Simmons family found out that i was in a relationship with Frank. They are now targetting him. I dont want him to go through any torture. The jealousy fumed off the Simmons family. You could sense that. My dad had warned me that the youngest daughter Alicia Simmons wanted to be with me. Even though i had only seen her a few times. She liked me. Another reason they wanted to kill Frank, they wanted me to become part of their family. There was only one way they could do it. Kill off the person i want to be with.

"You can do this, i will take care of him" Gerard said sympathetically to me.

"I don't know if i can stay away" I chocked.

"You have to, remember this is for his protection" Gerard said placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, the last thing i want is for him to get hurt" I said the tears were stinging my eyes. He was probably worried sick about where i was.

"So pretending that you have passed away is a good way to protect him and anyway i will comfort him" Gerard said looking at me directly into the eyes. I was pretty convinced he could see the pain in my eyes. Pretending i have died will mean i wont be able to even look at him again. If i was to come face to face with Frank again he would know i have lied.

"You better" I said to Gerard.

"I will, now i am going to make the call. Dad suggested that i should be the one to tell him" Gerard said in a dull voice, he fished out his mobile from his pocket and i took a sharp breath.

"What if he isnt convinced?" I asked

"He will be" Gerard said seriously.

"What if he wants to see my body or say his final goodbye?" I asked

"I will have to tell him he cant come over, he can only go to the burial for protection reasons" Gerard had really thought this through with my dad.

"Okay" I muttered looking down at the ground.

"Now i shall take this outside" Gerard then left the room to tell Frank. I fell to my knees crying. Guilt soon washed over my body. I regretted going along with this plan. I wanted to grow old with Frank, marry him, adopt children with him. Be happy together. Forgetting about the fact that i was part of a Mafia family.Basically enjoying life. Living life to the full.

"For the protection of his life son" My dad said appearing by my side.

"I know, it just pains me knowing how much memories will remain buried, not even looked at" I said keeping eye contact with the floor.

"It will pass" My dad then coughed and walked over to the window to look out. My younger sister Alexandria who was only 7 was outside with my mum.

"I hope your right" I muttered.

"It's taken care of" Gerard said re-entering the room.

"Oh god" I said feeling the tears stinging my eyes.

"Hey!" Gerard then ran over to me and pulled me into a massive hug.

"He is going to be so heartbroken" I cried into Gerard's shoulder.

"I know, but Frank is strong. He will overcome" Gerard whispered soothingly into my ear. The tears blinded my eyes but opened a pathway for the beginning of a new journey.

17th July 2014 - 11 years later -

Frank :

"Dad!" Molly whined into my ear.

"What is it?" I asked looking over at the 5 year old girl.

"Im bored!" She complained.

"Well what am i supposed to do?" I asked her annoyed.

"Entertain me!" She clapped her hands together. She was so innocent. After Mikey had died 11 years ago, i met a beautiful girl named Jamia and we had Molly together. Me and Jamia later broke up after 3 years of Molly being born. Molly had long curly blonde hair and Jamia's eyes that sparkled.

"Do you want to go out to town?" I asked her. I needed to get some guitar strings and other things while i was there.

"YES!" She smiled excitedly.

"Okay go grab your coat" I smiled standing up. Once she had grabbed her coat we walked out and got into the car and drove into town. AS usual the town wa busy. People running here, there, everywhere. Some going to work, others leaving work, others on coffee break. Some people were even picking out holidays.

"Daddy" She faced me taking my hand.

"Yes Molly?" I asked looking down at her innocent face.

"Can i get something?" She asked hopefull. She eyes twinkling.

"Sure" I muttered giving into her.

"Thank you!" She smiled and hugged my waist.

"Now i just have to get guitar strings and then you can pick out soemthing okay? You haver to be a good as gold girl" I said to her,

"I am good as gold!" She smiled.

"You better prove it" I laughed. We then made our way to the music store. Me asking Molly how her mum was or how she was getting on at school. I only seen her on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays.

"Hello there what can i get you?" The guy at the music store asked kindly with a smile on his face.

"I need guitar strings" I smiled. Molly let go of my hand clearly not interested. The store was small so she couldnt run off or anything.

"Ah alright" He smiled. After getting the guitar strings i turned around.

"Molly" I called looking up and my heart stopped beating.

"Frank" His voice chocked out. This was not happening. He was dead. He was not standing before me. Those mysterious eyes filled with tears.

"M-mikey" I whispered.

"Daddy" Molly then skipped towards me.

"Your alive" I mouthed and ran over to him hugging him.

"Your okay" Mikey said wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Your alive!" I said, the tears running down my face.

"Yes, i have been missing you like crazy!" Mikey said looking deep into my eyes and then kissing me softly. I missed the feel of this lips brushing against my own. I felt like myself again.

"How are you alive?" I asked him.

"I think we should discuss this over coffee" Mikey smiled.

"Daddy who is this?" Molly asked shyly.

"Molly this is Mikey. Mikey this is my daughter Molly" I smiled. Mikey laughed then leaned down to her height.

"Hello Molly" Mikey smiled

"Hello" Moly replied

"How old are you?" Mikey asked

"Six" Molly smiled.

"Your almost a big girl" Mikey laughed

"I am a big girl!" Molly said defensivly.

"Alright, now come on" I smiled. Walking out of the music store with Mikey and Molly. Now i can carry on with my life. Picking up from where we ended our story. Whatever reason he has for leaving me. I don't care. i have him back and that was all that mattered. As long as Mikey and Molly is in my life. Fuck the whole wide world.
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