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Rivers and Reality

by YouCanRunAwayWithMe 3 reviews

These patterns of nature, These cruel, heartless cycles, They only reflect what we have done.

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A river at its start
Is fresh and new and clean.
Innocent and calm,
Welcoming the future
With open arms.

Reality is hidden,
Masked from its eyes,
Ready to pounce
To kill
To destroy.

And as the river builds up speed,
Widens and spreads out,
Naivety keeps it open,
And reality attacks.

The dirt and grime and filth
Chase the once clean stream
From the comforting hills.
The once sparking water
Turning muddy, hopeless, lost.

In panic, in fear the river turns,
Meandering morosely
Through muddy fields and dirty earth.
Drowning in self induced haste
Of escaping its inevitable fate.

Rain relentlessly riddles the stream,
Scattering the innocent reflection,
Scarring its essence, once so pure.
Filling it with waste
And deadly poisons
Of endless nightmare
And sickness.

The filth it has acquired,
The venom in its blood,
Stains its banks,
With a hopeless warning cry.
Why do we not see?
Why do we not listen?

After all,
These patterns of nature,
These cruel, heartless cycles,
They only reflect what we have done.
What we have killed
What we have ignored.

This river is just like you or me,
Washed out by society,
Destroyed by reality.
Drip fed with toxic lies
With venom filled kisses
And midnight black promises
Of some intangible end.

And we feel, and we know,
That no-one is there.
That no-one cares.

Because no-one cares.

The proof is all around us,
Staring at us
Warning us.

Don't believe society.
Don't fall for our new nature.
Because you will share the journey of the river,
Drenched in fear,
Drowned in pain.
No escape from the path
Etched into the unforgiving rocks
Beneath your feet.
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