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the power of the samuri

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No one will stand a chance

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Gerard looked at me then flew across the room from wall to wall then back to his original position; "coast's clear guys", me, frank, ray and mikey all followed behind gerard, positive we wouldn't be seen. we stuck into the next room not being able to see anything but pitch black. I went ahead to check for the enemy: korse. a dim yellow light emerged from the darkness so I prepared myself and crept towards, spotting the figure arriving from the distance. Before I could blink I was cornered. "guys! I need back up!", frank threw me my samari sword and I began dicing the air into a blivion, making my enemies fear me. one pulled a gun from his back pocket and quivered. "we know you have our beloved ruby, we want it back or you know what will happen with this bullet" commanded korse. luckily our bunch of fully trained ninja's knew the right strategy to use on these evil rascals.

mikey, ray, frank and gerard crept up behind the 4 Draculoids and I took on korse, knowing that at this stage we'd already lost our dearest friend Bob, still we went for it, we all grabbed our samori swords,Katanas and nunchuks and sliced those bastard to pieces, they didn't stand a chance with their pewny pistols. they were destroyed and with a matter of time we had moved onto our next victims, the vampires. Frank was a little bit scared at this moment in time, he had never faces a monster as strong as a vampire before.
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