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You Had Me At Hello

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'His black hair was slightly covering his face, and as he came closer he swept his hair aside, to reveal the most stunning hazel eyes Gerard had ever seen.'

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Chapter 2 - Lucy and Georgie

Gerard stared at the man standing in front of him. His black hair was slightly covering his face, and as he came closer he swept his hair aside, to reveal the most stunning hazel eyes Gerard had ever seen.
"Oh Gerard, meet Frank Iero, you’ll be assisting him in his music class later." Lindsey said, as Frank held out his hand to Gerard.
"Oh you must be Gerard Way, the new teaching assistant? A pleasure to meet you" Gerard took Franks hand and shook it, noticing how firm Frank’s handshake was.

As their hands were linked Gerard met Frank’s eyes for a second and his heart skipped a beat. He was rendered speechless. Few people knew how shy Gerard was when meeting new people, but Frank felt different in some way. Gerard was almost instantly comfortable around him yet his heart was pumping fast and his stomach filled with butterflies. His hair so perfectly styled, his black rimmed eyes so warm and soft, and his lips...

Frank cleared his throat, interrupting Gerard’s train of thought and making him realise they had been holding hands for an embarrassingly long time. Gerard blushed pulling away quickly and suddenly became very interested in his shoes. He peered up through the black strands of hair obscuring his face; he was greedy for another glance at Mr.Iero. Frank was talking to Lindsey now, and Gerard watched him make gestures with his soft but firm hands, and he felt his heart melt. He felt like he was stuck in the middle of a cheesy, low budget movie. But this was real life, and this man definitely wasn’t fiction.

"Well it was nice talking to you Gerard, catch you later" Frank had finished talking to Lindsey and was walking off down the corridor, Gee stared hungrily after him.
"Come on Gee I’ll show you the cafeteria." Lindsey ushered Gee on, who was still in a daze.

He followed in Lindsey’s wake as she lead him down a flight of stairs, past a teenage couple making out, who he was sure should be in class but Gerard was too distracted to care. He just kept thinking of that beautiful man, he hadn’t felt this way about someone in a long time. It was scaring him. Aren’t you meant to stop being like this when you become an adult? He was acting like a complete stereotypical teenager, and he had only been in Frank’s company for a matter of minutes. He hadn’t even spoken to him. Yet somehow Mr. Iero had managed to put Gee under a spell of mindless love.

Lindsey showed him around the rest of the school, and he managed to pay attention but it was difficult. Frank was always in the back of his mind, lurking like a disease. At one point Gee spotted Mikey in one of the classrooms, surrounded by a gaggle of friends and fans as per usual. In a way Gerard envied him. Mikey had always been the favourite of everyone, even their parents preferred him but Gerard couldn’t for the life of him work out why. I mean they were very similar. Was it the fact that Mikey was slightly more handsome? Or more sociable? It was unfair. But Gerard wasn’t one for jealousy so he quickly banished the thoughts from his brain.

Lindsey saw the glimmering look in Gerard's eyes and smirked at the boy, knowing what was making him smile so happily. "Gerard?" Lindsey asked, stepping in front of Gerard and interrupting his thoughts of the dark haired music teacher he had just come across. Gerard frowned at Lindsey for stopping him in the middle of the deserted hallway but when he noticed she had a smirk forming on her lips, his face dropped. "You think he's hot, don't you?" Gerard didn't reply to that, he just smiled, remembering Frank's gorgeous hazel eyes, rimmed with black so fiercely that it made him look sweet and somewhat, hot. Lindsey moved back next to Gerard, maybe a little bit too close to him and they continued walking. Lindsey nudged Gerard slightly and his eyes met hers. Gerard knew he was going to enjoy working here, he just knew it.
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