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I Won't Take That Away From Him

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Donna talk to her son...

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Hey lovelies! ;D

Donnas POV
"Gee?" I say softly. It's been half an hour since someone was with him. Frank. Frank ran for his life from there, eyes red raw and tears still flowing like waterfalls, for my son. My permanently damaged son.
He simply looks at me. His own face swollen and blotchy. "Gee, tell me what happened? Please? We can fix this you know. We have to stay strong, it will be alright, whatever he did-"
"He didn't do anything. I broke up with him."
"Why?" I said, my own eyes watering now. Frank had been Gerards rock the past few days. Visiting him at every chance. Giving him hope when all was falling down. No matter how hard any of us tried, Frank was the only one who could make him better. He even put up with Mikey, despite how cruel he was being to him right now.
"Because i'm an invalid Mom, you think he wants to be with someone who can't feed themselves? Who can't walk hand in hand with him the way we used to? Fuck it, i can't even wipe my own backside!" He was screaming now, hot thick salty tears pouring down his face. And just as i already knew, nobody could make it better. The one piece of hope he had left, was long gone, all thanks to my sons new found insecurity and fear.


Franks POV
I walked through the village on my own. Missing a part of me like hell. I had moped around Dayle's for a few days now. Not talking to anybody, not picking up my phone, even to my Mom or Bob. I hadn't bothered with food or sleep. I didnt see the point. Mild suffering was the very, very least i deserved. I deserved to be hung, executed like i had executed Gerard. The only way i could feel. The only way i could come to terms with the facts. That i should be in Gerards position. And i didn't and never did deserve to call him mine, and the worst part? I never would call him that again.

A car beeped interupting me from my mental torture chamber and scaring the shit out of me. "Out of the way!" A screeching voice yelled at me. I ignored the wicked bitch and kept walking, one place i hadn't been in years.
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