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Look (Right Through Me)

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"Headphone hospice healing hearts." MCR inspired POEM. Feedback hugely appreciated. :)

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Look (Right Through Me)

Allegory rules the world,
Angry, lonely, little girl.
Begging for life by praying for death,
Understanding love but hating breath.

Black lies in spider silk,
Smothering all the voices.
Screaming truth by spreading the lies,
Hearing them all but ignoring the cries.

Heartbreak and heartbeats,
Drowning out broken hearts.
Beating hate by feigning glorified love,
Confined by life but free as a dead dove.

Crimson hopes flooding out,
Killing the pessimist’s child.
Singing silence by bleeding it away,
Losing religion but aching to pray.

Killer fame striking hot,
Taming the soul I loved.
Playing the game by sitting it out,
Knowing it all but nothing about.

Sharp amethysts stab deep,
Reminding me of my you.
Showing me care by letting me die,
Listening long but not hearing me cry.

Headphone hospice healing hearts,
Death started by life’s poison darts.

Hell’s hearse harking hollow hate,
Taking me away from this berate.

He held hearts, he hurt her head,
He’s him and I’m her; both better off dead.

A/N: Just some angst-ridden poetry, formed whilst listening to a mixture of The Academy Is... and My Chemical Romance (especially "Mama" and "Demolition Lovers", also "Zero Percent" to a lesser extent). Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think.
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