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"Tears stream down your featureless face, hope protruding from tired eyes." A slightly bizzare poem I wrote. Feedback would be wizard.

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Satans the one who answers my prayers
Longing to be holy like everyone else
Itching blood and scratching bones
Tick tock, tick tock, slowly my soul melts

Meandering, hopeless, into the jaws of my doom
You cut, you rip, you stab, no gloom

Tears stream down your featureless face
Hope protruding from tired eyes
Run, run, you're losing the race
Over and under, on top of, beside 
Attack, attack, that person has soul!
That we can't have, not here, no more

After we watch them feast on her flesh 
Now we all hope we are next
Dine on my young meat, the blood so fresh

Why can't I be like everyone else?
Asking for the sun to rise
Taking all that is passed my way
Chances never whizzing by
Here's to death, that one big lie

Mothers killed, children crying
Evil, sick, yet still I'm smiling 

Becoming all I used to loathe
Letting nothing evade my eyes
Emotions, gone, imagination, destroyed
Even after all this hate, I'm still not 
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