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A diamond bullet in a gun made of gold. (Max Green/Ronnie Radke)

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Blood is only spilled for the willing.

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All he needed was a knife and someone to take advantage of. That was all Ronnie's plan. Get the gun, get the drugs, get the man, go. That's why the stains are there and why the random deaths have occured.

It was all just a joke at first. It wasn't meant to go this far.[//]

"Just in the wrong place at the wrong time." As the police officer took it. But that was 2004. And he was just speeding. Now it's 2007 and Ronnie is murdering people with his lover.


Booze, cocaine, and cum rotted on the inside of the small car going around the US. The occasional blood splat here and there too, but that's how they were. They fed off the dead. Drank the blood, ate the flesh. Shit like that. The only thing they purchase with their killings is drugs and alcohol.

And that's fine.

Fuck, kill, live. That's all that happened now. But entirely bitterness was built up in the two of them. They wanted revenge. They cravedit. Revenge for all the shit they've gotten, Revenge for everyone who left them, Revenge for the skanks, etc.

But killing was cool too.

Max personally loved the knives and burning aspect, the slicing noises and the tortured screams filled his enthusiasm and turned him on. But Ronnie perferred the guns, they're quick and loud and the bullets were nice "keepsakes"

Keepsakes drenched in brains are the best.


Max moaned in the back seat as Ronnie thrust into him quickly, gripping a seat belt. Sweat slid down the both of them and Ronnie sucked on the back of his neck. A dead corpse laid at the floor of the vehicle, it's eye popped and dangling.

This was only the fourth killing.

They haven't done nothing yet.
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