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You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In South America

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(Frerard) Gerard picks up some exotic boys while My Chem's on tour. Frank's not happy. Rated R, but not too graphic.

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For any average band, touring in a foreign country is seen as a milestone in their career. However, My Chemical Romance isn’t your average band. The year was 2007, the multi-platinum album The Black Parade thriving in sales worldwide. So much so, they were invited to tour worldwide. And one of the places they visited was South America.
My Chem, as all die-hard fans knew at the time, were infamous for acting like vampires. From hating the sun, to deathly-pallid skin, and anti-social natures. No one expecting them to necessarily enjoy their time, they would just focus on playing their hearts out for the best fanbase in the world.
Gerard seemed to be the only one excited about the exotic nation. He even made sure to inform Frank during the seemingly endless flight to Argentina. After one to many embarrassing photos during the Revenge days, Gerard decide to take a stand against himself. He sobered up, got happier, got healthier. He lost a lot of weight, and gained back a lot of confidence. And with that came a drastic new motivation to flaunt it all and impress a possible significant other. and so the story begins.


The piercing screams, the hot, musty smell, the itchy constricting uniforms....just another night on The Black Parade tour. Everyone was tired from the flight, not having much time to sleep before soundcheck, but they played amazing none the less.
During House of Wolves, Frank stood at his side of the stage, hitting every note and having the time of his life. Adrenaline pulsing through his veins, fingers moving at lightspeed to create the perfect chords. It didn’t help his artistic process when Gerard came swaggering over, obviously in his direction.

Tell me I’m a bad, bad, bad, bad man!

Tell me I’m a bad, bad, bad, baaaaad maaaaan!

Frank felt his cheeks get hot at the suggestive lyrics. Or maybe it was just the way the frontman said them, like honey dripping from his vocal chords. They made direct eye contact for the whole of a good 5 seconds, Frank missing a few chords and Gerard responding with nothing but a cheeky wink before he strutted away. Frustrated, Frank finished the song and tried to not think too much about it.
Before he knew it, the show was over. Frank was so into the music he was even too sure what was happening until he heard Gerard yell “THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT! WE LOVE YOU MCRMY!”, the house lights went black, and the fangirls screamed for an encore immediately. Everyone exited the stage like they always did, as every show must end.
“Killer guys! That was fucking amazing!” Bob exclaimed, crushing everyone in a group hug. Everyone was tired, sweaty, eyeliner and white-face paint dripping everywhere.
“So encore or what?” Gerard eagerly asked one of the backstage people for the venue.
“It is 10 o’clock! Concert is over!” The stubby man retorted angrily in a thick accent. Gerard had to resist the urge to laugh, but it was hard after being exposed to such people after years of being so sheltered.
Brian emerged from the line of staff agreeing with the angry native. “You heard the man. House rules, lets get you guys back to the bus before the fans start storming the stage.” Everyone just laughed, but no one doubted that being impossible.


Frank could hardly sleep that night. Sure, he was used to getting 4, maybe 5, hours of sleep in a cramped bunk while still pumped up from the concert. But this was a whole different ball park. His mind was racing, head full of thoughts from the night.

Gerard wouldn’t just DO THAT...would he? I mean...he had to be implying something...

Frank just flipped over once more and covered his head with a pillow, hoping to eliminate the voices in his head. Sure, he loved Gerard. But there had always been something deeper between the two. Or at least there was to Frank. During the good-old Revenge days, they kissed almost every night.

Well that was just stage gay. To piss off the homophobes.

But the kisses were electric. It felt like time had stopped, even if for only a moment. It had been such a great feeling he even forgot about his guitar, forgot where he was and what was happening, just got lost in the other’s lips...

He pushed you away right afterwards too.

Right as he would wrap his arms around the taller man, he would break away and continue to sing, usually not coming back for the rest of the show. Both men shrugged it off afterwards when they saw each other, but it always haunted Frank the nights it happened. he wondered if Gerard felt the same.

Now you’re just sounding like a teenage girl Frank.

But now as he was lying there staring at the ceiling, hearing Gerard’s soft, (and not to mention adorable) snores from the bunk across from his, it hit him again. He wanted Gerard. More than anything. He craved that light, airy feeling he got from kissing him, that tingle in his stomach when he smiled, and the stir in his groin when he kissed him.


“Don’t you just LOVE it here?” I’m starting to, that’s for sure.”
It was the boy’s day off in Venezuela. Brian had let them stay in a semi-fancy hotel for the day, and they spent it on the beach. Of course, the boys had claimed chairs in the shade, no one removing a single article of clothing, planning on relaxing to the sound of the waves crashing. Everyone was shocked when Gerard pulled his chair out into the sun and began to strip. They stared with wide eyes as more porcelain skin was revealed by the minute.
“Um...Gerard?” Mikey questioned to the man he doubted was actually his brother at this point.
“Hm? Is there something wrong with me reinventing myself? Sometimes you just gotta let some light shine through, boys. I can get a tan if I want, its all the makeup that makes me so pale.” Gerard finished by laying down on the chair and sighing, only swim trunks covering his death-pale, completely hairless body. Frank’s chair just “happened” to be on the edge of the shade, closest to Gerard. He took the risk of scanning his eyes of the other man, not sure if he noticed because of his eyes that were concealed by sunglasses. He had seen Gerard naked hundreds of times, but that was for seconds at a time. They practically lived together. But this was so different.
Almost every inch of his body was now revealed, and it hadn’t been till now that Frank realized just how different he looked. Gerard had developed a great figure. His arms and legs were lean and muscular, his stomach and pecs taut. Those lovely hip bones still had that sexy curve, but they jutted out a bit more in the front, showing off a slight V that led to a place Frank should’t be thinking about.
Before his mouth started watering, Frank decided to try to get his mind off the man’s body and actually look at his face. “So what is it you love so much about here, Gee?”
Gerard chuckled and smiled, crossing his arms behind his back “Mmm...everything. The food, everything exotic, guys in speedos...” Just as Gerard had said the last reason, he took off his glasses dramatically to gawk at a tall, dark, local who fit his description. The two made eye contact, and Frank saw Gerard give the stranger a saucy wink and that signature smirk. As he walked away, Gerard was totally ogling his round ass. Frank instantly crossed his legs, he had to admit that was pretty sexy, even though it wasn’t meant for him.


Frank was thoroughly pissed off by the time they reached Brazil. Later than day in Venezuela he caught Gerard frenching the same dude he was flirting with from afar in the hot tub. They had both looked really into it, and Frank felt extremely awkward and somewhat heartbroken. He had really kept that promise of reinventing himself. Sure, Gerard was openly attracted to men, but he wasn’t one to sneak around with strangers. Frank was concerned, and not just for the sake of his own sexual needs.
They had landed in Rio de Janero that morning, and everyone had the intention to retire to the luxurious hotel for the night and rest up for their big day for tomorrow. Everyone but Gerard.
Frank faked being calm when Gerard asked if he wanted to room with him, but his heart broke a little when Gerard said he wouldn’t be there for most of the night. What scared him even more was the fact that he didn’t tell him what he was planning on doing, or where he was going.
Once he was sure Gerard had left and was no longer in the vicinity, Frank rushed over to Mikey’s room. He knocked loudly on the door. Mikey emerged looking tired and irritated.
“What Frank? I know it’s only like 10 but I haven’t gotten sleep in ages.” Mikey stated while rubbing his eyes and yawning. In stark contrast, Frank was completely alert and worried.
“Did Gerard tell you where he was going tonight”
Mikey frowned. “Yeah. He went on a date with some local that he met earlier today.”
Frank’s eyes grew to the size of saucers. “What?! Why wouldn’t he tell me? Isn’t that a little dangerous? In a foreign country with a stranger at a location unknown to the rest of us?”
Mikey let out an irritated sigh, his body not complying with how awake Frank was. “He’s a big boy Frank. I’m sure he can take care of himself. He wouldn’t put himself into any real danger. He told me he’d be back before midnight anyways.”
“GOODNIGHT FRANK.” Mikey seethed and slammed the door, just barely missing Frank’s face. Frank really didn’t care that he had pissed Mikey off, he was just worried about his whore of a brother.


Meanwhile, Gerard had just arrived on the steps of the large apartment complex. It turned out to be located in the heart of Rio, a short cab ride from the hotel. Gerard clutched the address and number that had been scrawled on the back of the napkin from the cafe he had met the handsome stranger. Gerard definitely dressed to impress for that night, his body adorned with his favorite, tightest, black skinnies and his old Iron Maiden shirt that was short enough to show off his toned stomach if he raised his arms high enough. Hell, he had even showered. He laid on his eyeliner thick, and slicked his lips with a hint of lip gloss. And most importantly, his secret weapon. A skimpy, black lacy thong. Besides, any other underwear would have given him awful lines in the tight getup. He hoped and prayed that this man would be one of those guys who found it undeniably sexy when men wore lingerie. Gerard was desperate to get laid. After the instance in Venezuela, he couldn’t help but want more. He loved this new chapter of his life, getting to ravish gorgeous men that fawned over him. Sure the men were exotic to him, but to them Gerard was also an extremely mouth-watering exotic man as well.
He ran a hand through his already messy hair, then rang the doorbell to the tiny apartment. He triple checked to make sure it was the right number, but was interrupted by a sultry voice saying “Hey,”
Gerard looked up and grinned, instantly recognizing the man from earlier that day. Gerard licked his lips at the sight in front of him, a few inches taller than him, perfect caramel skin, dark curly locks and even let his eyes wander a little lower to give him hints. He was invited inside, and instantly after the other closed the door, Gerard wrapped his arms around his neck.

Frank paced the room, deciding what to do. He couldn’t just go on a lookout for Gerard. The city was huge, and Gerard would no doubt be thoroughly pissed if his date was interrupted. Frank gave up, and laid on his bed, letting his thoughts take over his brain.
What were they doing together? What if they were...having sex? A disgusting man touching Gerard’s beautiful, pure body. He thought about what he called Gerard earlier. Whore. A filthy, dirty whore. That’s all that Gerard was to him now. All that he cared about was getting lucky with whoever he wanted, and hell, people gave it to him. Frank couldn’t deny the fact that he was still extremely attracted to him though. Who wouldn’t after he saw that beautiful skin glistening in the South American sunshine. In fact, Gerard’s new sleazy nature....well, Frank found it kind of hot.
Sure, it was a harsh word with good and bad connotations, but when it was talking about Gerard, it did nothing but turn Frank on. The images in his head that were created when he thought of those two words together....his best friend, a dirty slut. He wanted Gerard to be his slut, and no one else's. He wanted all of Gerard to himself. All of that toned, smooth body, that sexy Jersey accent, those perfectly shaped lips, those curvy feminine hips...

Gerard swayed his hips playfully as he spoke in his bedroom voice to the man “So...Leonardo...I’ll be honest with ya sugar,” Gerard leaned into his ear “I’m only here for one thing baby. I think we both know at this point this’ll be nothing more than a one night stand. But trust me babe,” He licked the outer shell of his partner’s ear slowly “I fucking want you.” He growled. He backed away, back to his playful nature. “So whataya say, hun? You wanna play?” Gerard asked, adding a wink to the mixture.
Even though his English wasn’t that great, Leonardo could still tell from the actions of the other man that he was horny and ready to go right now. He just nodded and led Gerard straight to the bedroom. Gerard let out a sultry little giggle, ready to get his game on. Score.

Frank didn’t know how he went from just thinking dirty things to actually doing them. He already had his hand down his pants, grasping himself under the fabric and using the other to quickly remove his jeans the rest of the way.

Gerard grinned like the Cheshire Cat as he laid nude on the strangers bed. Thankfully, the sheets were soft and comfortable against his back, but he probably wouldn’t have to worry about that later. There was a slim chance of him actually staying the night. He opened his legs just enough to let the other man slide between them, scaling up his body so their lips could meet. Gerard let out soft little mms and ahhs, universal signs of pleasure. He reached his hand out to grasp the other man, hearing him groan in response. Gerard just gave a triumphant smirk, which he instantly lost as the other fondled his own balls.

Frank hadn’t felt this good in a while. Mostly because he hadn’t jerked off in what seemed like forever. The cramped environment of the bus, and the fact his bandmates were literally right there, didn’t help when it was time to pleasure himself. He let his head fill with images of the naughty things him and Gerard would do if they were together....They would try every position, every toy, speak every dirty word they could to turn their lover on.

“Ohhhh fuckkk...Oh yeah....mmm.....ohhhh...” Gerard didn’t hide the fact that he liked to be vocal during sex. It was just in his nature. He was on his hands and knees in a doggy-style position, his legs spread out at the other man’s mercy. It felt so damn good being filled like that, sure it burned because it had been a while, but it was so worth it. Gerard’s brain was scrambled enough from the intense amounts of pleasure, but nothing could compare to the shock of white, blinding heat up his spine as the other mans length slammed right into his prostate.

“OH! Damn...” Frank whined as his fingers circled his opening. It had been even longer since he had touched himself down there, but he was thinking about a fact, he was imagining it was that boy’s fingers that were fucking him.

“YES! YES! Ohhh!” Gerard yelled at the tippy top of his lungs. “More! Oh God baby gimme more....” Gerard’s screams decreased to little whimpers, the pleasure becoming too much, his body almost at it’s peak.

“Oh God Gerard I’m almost there...” Frank said under his breath, eager to cum.

“Oh Leo! I’m cummin! Ohhh FUCKKK!!” Gerard’s hips bucked erratically as the cum shot from his tip and he rode out his orgasm.

“GERARD!” Frank yelled out one last time before he spilled all over his hand.

“Oh Leo...that was amazing...” Gerard muttered breathlessly.

Frank couldn’t help but be even more depressed when he realized he had just been fantasizing the whole time. He felt dirty, ashamed.

“I did good?” Leo asked, his accent thick.
“Mm, sooo good baby.” Gerard responded, bring their lips together. The other man was lying on his chest, gazing into his eyes. Gerard was still high in his post-orgasm glow, but he noticed the other man didn’t look quite as enthusiastic as Gerard did.
The mood was lightened however when he told Gerard “You like make noise Gerarrrd, like porn star.”
Gerard just let out an fake giggle to the way he rolled the R’s in his name. “Oh Leo...Your accent is soooo sexy.” He kissed his lips then slid to the other side of the bed. “Night baby.” He laid there for what felt like hours, waiting until he heard his cue, the loud snores of the other naked man, to leave the apartment. He got up off his skinny little butt and pranced around the room in search of his clothes that he had discarded himself as an attempt to seduce his partner. It had worked. Gerard quickly dressed and was out the door, still reeking of sweat and sex.

Frank was almost done cleaning up when he heard a key card enter the lock and the door opened. He hurried back to the bed, hoping to not look suspicious. He was stunned when he saw Gerard. He was wearing a really sexy outfit, everything was 2 sizes too small. He had sex hair too. Gerard went on a date, got laid, and didn’t even spend the night with the poor bastard.
“Frankie?” He called out. The room was dark.
“Oh hey Gee. How was”
“Fine. Don’t worry, I won’t be seeing him again.” Frank didn’t question it any further. Besides, he didn’t really want to hear about Gerard’s steamy hookup with another man.


Frank sat on his bed in a huff. It was their second day in Brazil, (because Rio is such a big city) and Gerard was spending it on another date. Frank couldn’t control this of course, but hey, a whore’s a whore.
Once again, Gerard left, leaving no detail to where he was going. Frank didn’t even bother asking Mikey in fear of pissing him off even more. Frank still felt guilty for fantasizing about Gerard that way last night, so he decided to just spend the night practicing on his beloved guitar.
But of course, like always, his lover slipped into his mind. He was really worried about Gerard now. He had survived one night with a stranger and came back in one piece. But after walking in on the guys in the other room watching Locked Up Abroad and joking that they’d never see Gerard again after tonight, Frank was worried sick. He couldn’t focus on everything. He wanted Gerard back here.
But most of all, Frank wanted his Gerard back. The Gerard that gave him good morning kisses, the Gerard that looked so sexy when he had a pencil in his mouth and a sketchbook in his hand, the scared, unconfident Gerard that would always look to Frankie for advice. He missed the real Gerard, and though whore Gerard gave him boners, real Gerard made his heart swell with love.
Frank smiled and sniffled a bit. The feeling was bittersweet. He had a goal. He just had to tell Gerard his feelings before it was too late...
Feeling confident with his new decision to pursue Gerard’s heart, Frank laid in bed and waited for his angel to return.

He was woken up by a sharp knocking at the door. Frank shot right out of bed, confused and sleepy.
“RIO POLICE! OPEN UP!” A strangely American voice yelled from the other side of the door. Frank began to panic. What had he done? Was there certain things that were illegal here that were okay in America?
I knew I shouldn’t have made fun of that soccer team...
Frank quickly slipped on what he believed to be adequate clothing to answer the door. He was terrified. It was going to be him that would be locked up abroad. If he had to go the stoney lonesome, hopefully at least his angel would be safe.
There was two officers at the door, one with a bushy black mustache and another with ginger hair. Both were Americans. They were both wearing matching blue jumpsuits., and thankfully they looked official. “Mr. Oreo?” Mr. Mustache asked, confused.
Frank resisted the urge to facepalm. “You mean Iero?”
“Oh...yeah. Listen kid, we’re not here to arrest you. So you can stop balling your fists like that and breathe a little.” Frank hadn’t even noticed he was doing these things. He tried to relax. He couldn’t.
“What’s the problem officer?” Frank asked politely. If it wasn’t him they were looking for....oh....oh no....
“Do you know a Mr.....Gerard Way?”
“Yes! Yes! He’s my bandmate! Where is he?” Frank retorted quickly. The officer gave him a grim look, turned to the side, and beckoned to someone out of view. Within seconds, A scrawny, meek looking man with long black hair and skinny jeans, his face screwed up in terror.
“This him?” The officer asked, chucking the man at Frank like he was a ragdoll. Frank caught the man in his arms, tears almost coming to his eyes. It was Gerard. His perfect, beautiful angel that was crawled up in his arms, crying and scared. His face and whatever could be seen of his body was covered in bruises. He was bleeding in multiple places as well.
“Frank-ie?” Gerard was able to mutter out. He sounded like an abused child who was just confronted by a long lost pal.
“Yes Gerard its me, oh my god...” he petted his hair quietly and held his head to his shoulder. It was instantly drenched by Gerard’s tears. The sound of him crying, seeing him that helpless, broke Frank’s heart. “This is him. What bastards did this to him?’ Frank voice a mix of misery and disbelief.
“He was present at the crime scene. Drug raid. He already told us he was expecting a date with one person. His alibi is clean. He’s free to go.” The cop responded emotionlessly.
“ locked up those bastards right?! Did you see what they did to my angel?!” Frank was starting to look like Gerard at this point.
“It’s common here son. Your boyfriend,” He said with great distaste “-or whatever-here is lucky he got out of there alive. However, he was injected with some amount of heroin we believe. The affect seems to have worn off. The criminals will be locked up. Just stay off those streets at night. Have a nice evening.” And with that they left.
“Heroin?” Frank squeaked, but it was already too late. He just stared at the door for a moment, still in shock to what had just happened. He was awakened from his state of disbelief by the sound of Gerard sobbing. He quickly brought the boy to the bed and had him sit down. “I’m gunna go get some towels, band-aids and water for you Gee. Don’t talk alright? I’ll be right back.” He whispered and kissed his forehead. He quickly grabbed the things he needed and rushed back to Gerard. He didn’t see him standing there, and took a second to just look at him.
Gerard was still his perfect angel. Though he was beaten and bruised, his face stained with tears, he was still breath-taking, just in a different way. He gave a weak smile as Frank handed him the water.
“Do the other guys know?” Frank asked quietly.
“Yeah. They-they told me they’d talk to them after they dropped me off here.”
“How did they know this is where we were? Why me?” Frank asked, confused.
“I knew you would be the one that understood Frank. Everyone else....they hate me. They think I’m a whore. My little brother called me a cunt.” Gerard burst into tears again, and Frank just hugged him, whispering in his ear to just let it all out.
“Oh Gerard...I’d never say those things about you...”
“I know. You actually care about me. I’m sorry I’ve been like this lately. Its just that....I’m so much more confident, I wanted to share it with someone. I wanted someone to notice me for once. I guess I took it too far.” Gerard sniffled, the waterworks ceasing mostly.
“I always notice you Gerard.” Frank kissed his cheek gently, avoiding bruises. “I was so happy to see you happy. But I didn’t want you seeing other men.”
“I was stupid....look what I got myself into...”
“Gerard. Look at me.” Gerard looked up into Frank’s emerald eyes. Frank felt his knees buckle, the hazel of Gerard’s eyes intensified by the tears. “I didn’t want you to see other men, because I wanted you to be with me. I’ve always wanted it to be that way.”
Gerard blinked a few times. “You called me your angel...”
“You are my angel Gerard.” Frank cupped his face in his hands. Gerard flinched slightly in pain, but held the eye contact. “I love you.” He began to slowly lean forward, in pursuit of those pink, cupid bowed lips, when he came to terms of reality. “Wait. Will this hurt you?”
“You’ll never hurt me Frankie. Never.” Gerard said, brining their lips together in a passionate embrace. Frank was stunned for a second, but quickly melted into Gerard’s arms and kissed back. As the kiss progressed, their bodies shifted to a horizontal position. They quietly kissed, showing off their love and cherishing one another. They didn’t even have to communicate to establish there would be no sex tonight, they didn’t need buttsex to prove their worth.
Before their eyes slipped close into deep sleep, Frank reminded his lover, “My angel,”
And Gerard responded lovingly, “My savior...”

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