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the story of the sharpest lives

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it rains and it pours when youre out on your own... lyrics to story time :D

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lyrics from the sharpest live by mcr made into a short story

well it rains and it pours when youre out on your own
if i crash on the couch can i sleep in my clothes
cus i spent the night dancing im drunk i suppose
if it looks like im laughing im really just asking to leave

the sky is dark and rainy. its a Saturday which means one thing. gerard way has snuck out of his house to go to the bars. with the bruses and cuts covered by sleeves no one knows of the abuse he has to take from his father almost every saturday night before he runs away into town.
when his father finally passes out he runs through the streets in search of somewhere to go. when he walks up to an open door to a bar practically begging for him to enter he goes into the party light lit room and finds an empty chair in the corner.
"whats your name kid?" a voice chimes from a door next to him, "you look too young to be here."
gerard hesitates and looks toward the voice. to his luck its another kid about his age or younger, "want something to drink? i can get you anything. i dont drink much myself but my dad owns the place." gerard nods becoming happy to see someone his age amongst the adults.
the boy goes up to one of the bar tenders and asks for a couple drinks. gerard watches as the boy points back to him and the bar tender takes a good look. he nods and hand the boy three drinks. when he brings them back and sets them on the table gerard grabs one eagerly.
"You dont say much do you... im frank by the way. frank iero but everyone calls me frank. can you tell me your name?"
gerard drinks down one of the beers and glances at him, "Gerard... way. gerard way." he reaches for another and drinks a bit slower, "ive been here before..."
"ive noticed." frank smiles, "my dad has me stay up there in the balcony but i came down for a coke. you can join me if youd like. its more fun i think... less crazy people for sure."
gerard nods and drinks down the other beer, "Whats this one?"
frank smiles and nods, "That one my friend is my own special mix. no one drinks it but me and dad. go a head try it... but drink it slow. its pretty strong."
gerard smiles and drinks it down, "Hey gerard... whats that bruise on your neck?" frank asks.
gerard frowns and stares into the cup, "umm... it was an accident is all. dont worry about it. want to go dance?"
"i thought youd never ask!" frank says grabbing his hand and heading up the stairs, "Come on youll love it up here!"
when they reach the top gerards face lightens up, "This is amazing! and look at that veiw! i cant believe i havnt been up here yet!"
frank smiles and pulls him to the dance floor where the two of them danced and joked around until gerard was too dizzy to stand. stumbling to the floor gerard took franks hand and brought him down with him laughing. the two of them layed there laying at the lights for a while.
frank smiled and stood up, "Gerard would you like to stay the night with me tonight? well its only my dad and i and a small apartment but we have an wxtra couch..."
gerard sits up and smile, "Yes please. that would be great frankie."
frank smiles and leads the way outside into the rain, "you know if we run well get even wetter?"
gerard giggles and starts to run, "I love the rain!!"
"gerard wait! you dont know where youre going!!" frank runs to catch up with him and leads the way.
when they get to franks house they are both wet and dripping with watter, "come in here and you can wear some of my clothes." frank says going into his room.
gerard falls onto the couch and closes his eyes, "no thank you... i want to sleep in my clothes."
with a shrug frankie smile, "goodnight then. sleep well."
with the help of the drinks gerard slowly fell asleep without a fear in the world

i dont know just tell me what you think.
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