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Puddles and children never did mix, but if Gerard's going to be playing with anyone, it's going to be Mikey. Fluffy, pre-Waycest one-shot.

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Squeals of delight could be heard resounding around the park. Instead of coming from a group of children though, they were being emitted from just two. Two tiny pairs of feet jumped and stamped, kicked and splashed the water, loud yelps of glee passing their lips as the water came in the top of their wellies, wetting their feet.

Giggling happily, Mikey ran his feet through the puddle, flicking the muddy water at Gerard. The older boy pouted slightly, quickly wiping away the liquid which had splattered across his cheek.

Mikeeey,” he whined, bright eyes moving into the tiniest of glares. “Don’t, I’ll get muddy.” Gerard didn’t have a problem with mud, but only when it was on his terms and less watery. He preferred solid mud which didn’t seem to get absolutely everywhere.

“Sorry Gee,” Mikey said with a grin. Crouching down in the puddle, causing his knees to become soaked, he scooped the water into his hands and wiped them across Gerard’s face and down the front of his t-shirt, almost identical to the one he was wearing, the only difference being that while Mikey’s was green, Gerard’s was a pale blue.

Gerard gasped, horrified that his brother had gotten him further covered in mud. As pay back he rushed towards him and placed his small hands against his brother’s shoulder, pushing forcefully. The younger boy’s eyes widened as his arms flailed behind him, attempting to grab something which wasn’t there. With a stumble, his feet slipped out from underneath him, causing him to crash down into the puddle. He landed on his bum, causing a slight splash of water to fly up around him, tiny droplets spraying his face. Putting his hands behind him, burying them into the puddle, he stared up at Gerard, his eyes shining brightly with shock. Gerard had pushed him. He’d actually pushed him over. Clambering up on to his feet, he turned away from his brother and quickly brushed a tear away from his cheek, ignorant to the fact that he was smearing more mud across his face. The tears weren’t flowing due to pain, but rather shock. He couldn’t believe that Gerard had shoved him so hard that he’d fallen over. His young mind didn’t comprehend that had he been on a flat, dry surface he probably wouldn’t have fallen; all he could think about was that he had.

The older boy was also shocked, for a very similar reason. He hadn’t expected Mikey to actually fall, nor had he wanted him to. He’d only pushed him to make a point – his brother knew that he didn’t like muddy water, but he’d still gotten it on him on purpose. He just wanted the blonde to know that he wasn’t happy and now he wouldn’t even look at him.

“Mikes,” he began softly, using the nickname he resorted to whenever he accidently upset his brother. He didn’t get any response though; instead Mikey just continued to look away from him, acting like he wasn’t even there. He tried again. “Mikey,” he said more firmly, just about managing to put the force behind the word needed to gain his brother’s attention. Reaching for the boy’s hand, he gasped softly when Mikey wrenched it out of his grasp. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Shaking his head, the younger boy still glanced across the park, doing his best stop himself from looking at Gerard. “You did. You pushed me.” Feeling Gerard’s hand grasp his again, he pulled it away. He didn’t want to hold Gerard’s hand, not now that he’d hurt him. “No Gee.”

“I didn’t want you to fall.” It was true. That really hadn’t been what he’d intended. Apparently though, Mikey wasn’t going to listen which wasn’t exactly a shock – despite what many people probably thought, he was definitely the stubborn brother, especially when it came to arguments between the pair of them. Sighing, Gerard turned away from his brother and folded his arms across his chest. If Mikey wasn’t going to look at him, then he could do the same. He didn’t want to look away. He wanted to hug his brother and tell he him was sorry, but if Mikey wasn’t going to listen he couldn’t force him to. The brothers stood like that with their backs almost touching, the frosty silence settling over them providing a stark contrast to the happy giggles of just minutes before.

Unbeknownst to the pair of them, a small girl named Ashley who lived a couple of houses down from the Ways had been watching them playing, waiting for a chance to talk to them. Although she knew both of them, she always found it difficult to talk to them when they were playing together. They always seemed to be a unit, a package – if you played with them, they you were always a spare part. A third wheel. Now though, it seemed they’d finished their game, so seeing her chance she skipped happily over to them.

“Hi Gerard,” she announced, addressing the brother nearest to her. “Come and play with me.” She grasped one of his hands in both of hers and tugged, trying to drag him over to the sandbox she’d been playing in just a short distance away.

Smiling reluctantly, Gerard allowed himself to shuffle a few inches towards the girl. He’d rather be playing with Mikey, but seeing as he was still being all stroppy, he couldn’t see the harm in playing with Ashley instead.

Mikey though wasn’t at all impressed with the idea. More sensing that his brother was leaving rather than seeing it, he spun on his heels and shot his hand out, grabbing Gerard’s arm before the older boy had even realised he’d turned around.

“No,” he snapped, glaring at Ashley. Although he was still pretty angry with the fact that Gerard had pushed him over, he wasn’t going to let someone else play with him. Gerard was his brother, not Ashley’s, which clearly meant that the only person Gerard was to play with was him. Pulling his arm, he managed to get Ashley to release her grip on his brother’s hand. “Gee’s playing with me.”

The young girl frowned slightly, before shrugging. “Fine,” she muttered, not being all that fussed about it. Turning, she walked away, leaving the brothers to their game.

As soon as she’d left, Mikey dropped Gerard’s arm, his mouth down turning into a sad pout. “Did you want to play with her?”

Gerard shook his head furiously. “No! But you were mad. I’m sorry,” he said sincerely.

The younger boy stared at his brother, trying to figure out whether he was being honest or not. Seeing no traces of a lie, a smile danced across his lips as he reached out and took Gerard’s hand, squeezing it gently. “Okay Gee. Let’s play!”

Still hand in hand, the pair of them wandered away from the puddle to see what else the park had to offer. In a few years time, people would look oddly at them when they walked around holding hands. Society would judge them for it. It would be deemed inappropriate and wrong; brothers didn’t hold hands like that, not when the younger was beyond the age of six as a maximum. Right now though, neither of them knew this. Neither of them knew of the prejudices which they would face. To them, holding hands was the most natural thing in the world – they were brothers, they were supposed to be together.
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