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Kobra Kid just isn't made for killing. BROTHERLY/FRIKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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“Poison? Poison, you awake?”

At the nervous little mewl that infiltrates my dreams, I snap my eyes open; to see Kobra Kid looking at me with pure, raw fear shining in his wide eyes.

Poor kid, he’s been like this ever since the Killjoys banded three months ago under the guidance of Doctor D. I don’t think there’s been a night where I haven’t had my sleep disrupted by the terrified fifteen-year-old too young to be a soldier. Most nights it isn’t even him prodding at me like he is now that wakes me, but either his terrified shouts from behind the smothering veil of sleep or Fun Ghoul waking me up, my baby brother having climbed into bed with him in search of the comfort that only his best friend can give.

Best friends my ass; more like boyfriends.

I’ve seen the way they look at each other, the way Ghoul’s heart breaks every time Mi-, Kobra, has to hide his face in Ghoul’s chest in fear. It’s quite cute, really, how the two youngest of our little group have found comfort in one another. Kobra helps Ghoul just as much as it works vice versa; he gives Ghoul a reason to be strong, a reason to keep his hopes high. Without Kobra, I think that Ghoul would have given up long ago. I’ve spoken to Jet Star and about it and he agrees; my baby brother has most definitely got something going on with Fun Ghoul. And I’m honestly extremely happy for them.

But there are some times when the only thing that can make it all better is me, his big brother and protector since birth. Since before we entered the days of endless danger.

I rub sleep and strands of crimson hair from my exhausted eyes, taking a quick stock of the situation. One thing jumps out at me before anything else has chance to; my baby brother’s crying, sobbing like I haven’t seen him do for a very long time. Sure, I’ve heard him whimpering and I’ve had to wipe away a fair few tears from his pale face, even though it’s normally Ghoul’s thumb that caresses them away, but I don’t think I’ve seen him quite like this since this whole fiasco began.

And then it hits me like it should have done the millisecond he woke me up; yesterday, as it is currently three in the morning, Kobra Kid made good use of his ray gun for the first time. He made his first kill. He only did it because it was the Drac or Ghoul and young love is no comparison for some hostile killer. Resulting in an extremely guilty Kobra Kid taking down one of the enemy in an act of bravery that made the rest of us Killjoys burst with pride. However, it made poor Kobra Kid shake and shudder and become unresponsive, even to Ghoul.

“It’s okay, Bro, I’m here. I’m awake.” I prop myself up against the wall I’m sleeping against and hold my arms out to him, my lap filled with a tangle of distressed teenager in mere nanoseconds. “Calm down, Kobra. It’s alright. It’s all alright.”

“I k-killed him!” The baby of the group wails, making me clutch him even closer to me; he really is just a baby, even if he is a little older than Ghoul. “He was alive and I shot him and then he d-died.” The words are haunted, full of shattered innocence and such immense guilt that it makes even me think twice about the morality of killing the BL/ind bastards. “Am I murderer, Gee?”

At the harsh, cold word I can’t help but flinch. This isn’t my baby brother speaking, this is some broken old man begging for forgiveness even though there’s nothing to forgive. Not really, anyway. His sobs increase and in response I start to rock him in my arms, the two of us clinging like Velcro to one another; just two brothers finding hope in one another in an otherwise hopeless time.

“No, Mikey. No.” It’s the first time we’ve used our real names since gaining our Killjoy aliases, and it makes my words all the more sincere. “You’re a hero. We are all heroes, it’s just that sometimes heroes can’t save everyone. But you did save Frankie and I don’t think any price for that is too high.”

He snuggles his face into my chest whilst my hands pull the blankets tightly around the two of us, just like when we were kids and there was a thunderstorm ripping the sky apart outside. It’s just the same kind of principle, I guess; this time round it’s the churning thunder of his own sense of conscience that’s making him shake in my arms.

A few minutes of silence pass, his breathing evening out as he lets my words and hands wash over him like water cleaning away the hurt, and I’m starting to think he might have just managed to drift off to sleep. I know I’m starting to head that way myself, despite the fact that my worry for my brother and what his first kill might to do to him mentally is ravaging my mind.

“Poison?” I nod, letting him know that I’m listening. “I think I’m in love.” He swallows down hard, looking to my face for the approval that I’m fully beaming out to him. “With Fun Ghoul.”

“You kissed him yet?” I ask back, a very brotherly smirk igniting my features and shining through the gravity of the previous situation. “He kissed you?”

My baby brother blushes bright red, telling me all that I need to know.

Also telling me not to be surprised when I wake up in the morning to an empty bed, finding my brother curled snuggly into Ghoul’s chest. Just like whenever he has something playing on his mind, a wound that needs disinfecting by his fellow underage Killjoy.

It’s the best kind of aid around.

A/N: This is my first Killjoy one-shot, so sorry if it sucks like a whore. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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