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This is my very first fic! Please be nice ^_^

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"You Ready Em?" Ray stood at my bedroom door, Holding my duffle bag and suitcase in his rough hands. Today was the day i leave this all behind me, Move on with my life. Start fresh! I sighed and looked around the room. I loved this appartment, I really did, but it wasn't mine anymore and even if it was, it heald to meny bad memories.. although some had been good. I picked up marsh and nodded, walking towards my older brother. He stuck the duffle bag on his back and slung his left arm around my shoulder, leading me out of my 'old' home and off to my new one.. which would be a tour bus for 6 weeks. My brother was Ray Toro, Lead guitarst/back up vocalist of a rock band called 'My Chemical Romance'. They would be touring around the US for the next 6 weeks and Ray had asked me to go along with them, get away and just relax for a few weeks before i start looking for somewhere else to live. All my stuff had been packed up and moved to Rays basement after the court case. all i was bringing with me was a suitcse full of cloths, a duffle bag with my everyday stuff and my puppy Marsh. Marsh was a king charls, he had floppy ears and a white coat with brown spots. He was my baby and the guys had been so excited when the learned he was travelling with us. I was looking forword to the tour, the giys was great and had all been there when things went to shit. There like my family not just my brothers bandmates. I smiled at the thought of spending everyday with them for the next 6 weeks. It would be epic and a much needed break.

We got to Rays car and i got in the front. Ray put my stuff in the boot and jumped into the drivers seat. Marsh lay on lap and fell asleep. We where driving to New Jersey to meet with the guys, thats where there starting the tour and ending it in mexico.

"You exicited about the tour Em?" Ray asked as he drove out of the appartment parking lott and onto the main road. I nodded in responce. He sighed.

"Emily, talk to me, I'm your brother. I want you to talk to me" I said nothing, just looked out the window, watching as my old life disappaired as we drove out of New York. I heard Ray sigh and i knew he had givin' up once again. This was a battle he's had with me for the past year and he always loses. I pressed the on botton on the raido and sunk into the chair, closeing my eyes. Deciding to sleep rather then have to endur another hopless one-sided conversation with my brother trying to get me to speak to him. It hasn't happened in over a year, and it wasn't going to happen any time soon... He'd just have to deal.

Hiiii guys ^_^ I know its relly short but its nearly 12am and i'm up for school tomorrow. I just wanted to get the first chapter up and see what you guys think of it. So please R+R and tell me if it's bad, really bad or a little good. I'd love to know so i can get better ^_^
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