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Dinosaur Jack and His Small Times

by MadiieMae 1 review

Well, I was in science one day, and my friend Randi-Jo wrote this story for me. It's actually kinda funny :3

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One day I was in Science and my friend Randi-Jo was sitting next to me. She hands me this piece of paper and tells me to read it. I thought that it was fucking hilarious so here it is. I was given full permission from her to post on Ficwad so...Waaa laa.

Once upon a time there was a dinosaur named Jack. Jack was a really small dinosaur. Everyone loved making fun of him because of his size. Jack gets upset about all the teasing but doesn't do anything about it. When Jack started 1st Grade he didn't have any friends. Jack tried to make friends, but they kept on calling him names like "Small Fry" or "Short Stack". After school, Jack ran home crying because of what happened.
Jack was talking to his mom. Jack's mom said to go talk to the principal about it. The next day, Jack went to the principals office to go talk about what happened. The principal suspended all of the dinosaurs that made fun of him. Jacks' life started to change. Jack had a lot of friends and everyone loved him. A month later, the dinosaurs that got suspended came back to school and when they saw Jack, they wanted revenge. The dinosaurs had to come up with a plan to get Jack back. They took hours and hours of planning their revenge after hours and hours of planning, they finally got an idea. They decided to threaten Jack and his family. The next day, the dinosaurs went to Jack's house and gave him a letter. The letter said, "Since you got rid of us, we will get rid of you.
The next day, the dinosaurs went to Jack's house and killed him. When they were trying to get rid of him, Jack's mom walked in. The mom was so pissed off she shot all the dinosaurs and went to jail for the rest of her life.


Lol. I know it may seem stupid, but I thought it was actually quite funny. Randi-Jo is a real sweet heart sometimes. I found this really hilarious. :3
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