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I was trying to write a good Hiaku for a story I was working on... None of them fit the mood, but I don't think they were generally bad, so here you go. They're all individual.

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On the ground he lays
Paralyzed with pain and fear
Knowing no one's there

The night is not dark
Except when I'm on my own
Always on my own

I've fallen so far 
The gutter is beyond me
Life isn't worth it now

I try not to fall
but I can't help the beating
of my dirty, ugly heart

I can't be perfect
That would be trying too hard
but I can't be queer

dead, we're all dead now
The blade refuses to hurt
dead, we're all dead now

It hurts; and it hurts
I can feel the sting of pain
It won't ever stop

There's something out there
I know what it wants with me
To play me, to kill

Hanging limp and dead
It's how I think I looked
when the monster came

Puppet for the hate
Puppet for the god of pain
Puppet for my dad

It should have been swift
Should have been quick to follow
Too slow to die now
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