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Little Fender

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Little Fender I write you this note. Little Fender you give hope.

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Hands shaking, heart racing, as I hold you in my hands.
Cold steel, steady feel, you're ready for my commands

Ready to go, ready to create
There's a part of me thinking this could be fate

I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on you
Thinking how it would be to simply touch you

I wasn't sure if I was acting on impulse, but I just knew
That when I had you in my grasp, you would do

Nervous hands strum your chords,
Your sound reverberates in my ears

Hate to admit you were more than I could afford
But I found something I like, I've been waiting for years

My fingers softly intertwine with yours, so to speak
I knew from then on all my secrets, would be yours to keep.

You take away my sadness when I hear you play
You given the temporary satisfaction that things are okay

Little Fender, won't you strum for me?
Be my sunshine, play my favorite melody?

Fill my soul with sweet sound of strings
Give me a taste of what tomorrow brings
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