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It Begins

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There was a full moon above Toon Town tonight. Its bright white light shone on a lone weasel toon making her pure white almost look as if it was glowing. She

had her hands in the pockets of her pants and she had a blank look on her. She had a full black outfit that suited her body type very well. She had a short black

tank top and a black short jacket with white stripeing down the arms. Her pants had the same striping and she had a large white belt on her waist. A large hat

with a white bill that shaded her eyes sat on her head; this was also black with a silver skull pin in the front center. She stopped and looked at the moon. Her

deep red eyes sparkled as her smile got bigger showing her white sharp teeth.
“I can’t wait to turn this town red.” She licked her teeth and chuckled evilly. She continued down the street until she got to a run down bar. She ducked as a

bum got thrown at with a “don’t come back if you can’t pay!!” She watched as he lumbered off in his drunken stupor. She entered through the doors and plopped

her self down at the grimy bar.
“Gimmie the shot of the strongest stuff you got.” She smiled and smacked a nickel on the counter.
“Coming right up. You new? Haven’t seen you around here before.” The bartender said as he filled her glass.
“Oh I’m just here to find somebody.” She reached for the glass and downed it in one swig.
“Maybe I can help. Is it a relative? Friend?” he leaned on the bar. He was a human type toon and not that bad looking.
“Something like that, yeah.” She ran her finger around the glass making it resonate. He took the glass from her.
“What’s your name?” he asked throwing the glass into the sink without so much as a glance.
“Penny. Just Penny.” She adjusted her hat and vest. She had a nice bust and the bartender noticed while she pulled her vest up a tad.
“Ahem...” he blushed and cleared his throat.”Is it short for something?”
“No. Like I just said. I’m just Penny.”
“So who are you looking for? Maybe we can work something out.”
She giggled sweetly and this just made the tender more flushed.
“You’re so naughty. But I would love your help. I’m looking for a man called Jack. Jack the ripper.” The bar tender had a look of shock on his face and Penny

watched as he inched down the bar trying to act like he was reaching for a glass to push a panic button. She hopped on the counter and drew out a large

handgun out of her hand gun and fired one shot ripping a huge hole through him. She had done it in one quick smooth movement. The gunshot had gotten the

attention of every person in the bar.
“Well, shit.” Penny cursed as she jumped to the left dodging the bullets and started returning fire.
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