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Sugar Rush

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I warn you, I suck at summaries. Tsuzuki tries to find something sweet that Hisoka likes. Hisoka already knows what it is. Mild Tsuzuki x Hisoka

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Sugar Rush
By: youkai_girl AKA eternalsailorsolarwind
Disclaimer: Not mine, though I wish they were. That honor goes to Matsushita Yoko, Viz, and Matsushita-sensei's Japanese publisher. Willing to beg for Tsuzuki/Hisoka goodness, however. ^_^

A/N: I'm not sure where this one came from, this early in the morning. But as my muse was awake and willing to work, I'm not one to argue. Triple drabble. Tsuzuki/Hisoka. Hisoka's POV. Hisoka is a little OOC, but since he's been downing massive amounts of sugar, that's to be expected.

"Come on, Tsuzuki," moaned Hisoka as yet another plate was set in front of him. "Enough is enough."

"I know there's something sweet out there that you'll like, Hisoka," replied Tsuzuki, looking happy - and not a little manic. "We just have to find it!"

Hisoka didn't mind humoring his lover on rare occasions, this being one of those times. But his patience was rapidly running out, as was their money. The table was littered with the remains with more than a dozen dessert plates. All started by Hisoka - and finished by Tsuzuki. "If I didn't know better, you were just doing this to have your fill of sweets."

Immediately, Tsuzuki turned into his puppy form, tears flowing down his cheeks, "'Soka-chan's meeeeaaaaannnn!!! I'm doing it for him!"

With a sigh, Hisoka relented. "All right, all right. But this is the last one."

He took a bite of the simple brownie sitting before him, relieved to discover that it was made with dark chocolate. Not too sweet. He ate the whole thing, not willing to give Tsuzuki any more sugar.

"You like brownies?" asked Tsuzuki, having reverted back to normal, all but taking notes.

Hisoka shrugged, "It was okay. Not really, though."

Tsuzuki pouted, as they paid and left, "There has to be something sweet you like, Hisoka!"

Feeling the sugar rush hitting him, Hisoka smiled at his lover, a rare sight. Enjoying the widening in surprise of the amethyst eyes he loved, he reached out and tugged the taller man down to his height, kissing him softly. As always, he tasted sweet, with a spicy undertone that was pure Tsuzuki.

"Idiot," replied Hisoka, his voice just above a whisper. "You're the only sweet I like."
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