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Dream Angel

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Set in modern London. A poor boy named Billy, who is routinly beaten up by bullies and his stepfather, finds some luck lately when he meets a French girl, and her sister. He also ends up falling in...

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She walks over to the tree, and sits down. She ponders at the sky for a minute, than buries herself in her notebook. I see her there everyday, sitting under the tree- writing. Always writing, never speaking. Her curly hair hung in front of her, hiding her face. I don\'t think I\'ve ever seen her face before. I felt someone shove me, and I fell to the ground. I landed on something, and it hurt. I heared some people laughing. I couldn\'t see very well, I musi have dropped my glasses. I looked down to berely see my shattered glasses. That\'s what I landed on. I assumed that the ones that pushed me were the jocks. They didn\'t like me much. Mabey it was because I fit the stereotype of a homosexual male. Or \"queer\" as they so often reffered. They kicked me in the side, as I was down. Just like a heartless jock. Kicking somone when they were down. I heared them say some profanity and of course they called me a name or two refering to a gay guy. They spat at me, than left me on the ground. I sat up and look through my glasses as best I could. The girl was gone.I hate school.\n\n\nI quietly came through my front door. I looked around the house for anyone home. To my luck, there wasn\'t. I sat on my couch, and pulled out my homework. I read it for a while, till I heared my stepdad\'s car pull up. I rushed to my room, before he came in. I turned off the lights, and got under the covors. I heared Rick come in, and throw his keys down. \"BILLY!\" He called. \"Billy, where the hell are you?!\" He called. I cringed. I had to go to him. I came out of my room. \"Yes sir.\" I said. He looked at me. \"Why is the house not cleaned up?\" He asked rather calm. \"Well um... sir... I did\'nt know that it was sopposed to be cleaned up today...\" I was interupted with a sharp slap. \"You f** know this house is sopposed be spotless every single f** day you get home from school!\" He shouted. \"But I have homework. And I- I was knocked to the floor this time knocking down things I landed on. \"DOn\'t f** talk back to me, you worthless peice of s*.\" He said. \"Yes sir.\" I said holding back tears. \"And get your a off the floor and clean this f** house up. I\'m going to bar.\" Said Rick. \"You aren\'t going to drink are you?\" I asked. \"What the hell buisness is it of yours if I drink. You f** queer?\" He hit me, than left. I hate home. \n\nToday I decided to talk to that girl. Anyone who was so alone and meloncholy as she was, may actually want to talk to me. I waltzed on over t her, and sat down. SHe didn\'t look up from her notebook. I leaned over her shoulder attempting to read what she busied herself writing. She closed her notebook. \"Bonjour. May I help you?\" She asked. I looked in her eyes, which were a beautiful light blue. \"Um I just-\" I stuttered. \"You just saw me here alone day after day, and thought you would visit me.\" She finished. She spoke with a french accent. \"Um yes.\" I said. She laughed weekly. \"I know you.\" She said. I was confused, and thrown--off. \"You- you do.\" I asked. \"Wee. You are that boy that they pick on. They are horrible to you.\" She said. \"Yes or \'wee\', but it is okay. I\'m used to it.\" I replied. \"Used to it? But they treat you so horrible.\" She said. \"No no. You muxt not be pushed around anymore. Stand up for yourself. You do not. That is why they spit apon you.\" She said. \"I know, but I am a fragile boy. I don\'t really stand up for myself. I\'m afraid.\" I replied. Wow was I saying this, opening up to a person without hesitation? \"Do you have any friends?\" She asked. I hunched my head down. \"No.\" I answered. She pushed my chin up with her finger. \"My name is Franchesca\' and I\'ll always be your friend.\" She said. \"And I\'ll I;m always here to help anywhere you are, just as long as you... ask for it.\" With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek. Than left. I beggning to like school.\nMy step dad was still at the bar. The clock struck 3 am. The later it gets the drunker he gets. Finally the door opened. I was scared, as if at the other isde of the door was a serial killer. However, I would rather have it be a serial killer than who it was. Rick stumbled through the door. His head tumbled as if it wasn\'t screwed on tight enough. He stepped on his own feet, as if he was doing some strange dance. I didn\'t speak. He sturdied himself on the wall, and took a look at me. \"You, Boy.\" He said assertivily. \"Come here.\" I shook with fear as i hesitated toward him nearly crying. \"You.\" He said again. Silence grew louder in the room, and was interruped by a loud slap across my face. I held my cheek crying. \"You peice of s*! I\'ts your fault! Everything is your fault! You are a f** sorry a* peice of s* that will never do anyone any good! You might as well just go on and kill yourself!\" His words hit like sharpnails in my eyes. \"stop.\" I mumbled in tears. He hti me, and I fell to the floor. \"F* you! I can\'t stop! I can\'t, and it\'s all because of you! You f** faggit!\" He picked a dish up a threw it at me, and I dodged it. He threw other things, most of which I doged. Some hit me in the arms. He hit me again. The shelf just above his head was about to fall. When I looked up at the crystal ball, which stood on the shelf, I saw Franchesca\'s eyes staring back at me. Than it fell directly on Rick\'s head. He fell down, hitting the ground. I crawled over tohim. He mumbled a little. I felt his chest. He was just knocked out. Damn. I drug him to the couch, nad put an ice pack on his head. I out a blanket on him, and turned the light out. I went to my room, after cleaning the mess we left. I sat at my window looking into the stars. A shooting star went by and I made a wish. Home was getting better. \n\n\nsorry but i cannot add any more on this story till i can log onto myspace and im on my schools computer and its blocked ill add more asap
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