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jimpson weed is totallly not fun

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Datura is one fuckedd up druggg and is so intense that its not fun at allll

I First heard of Datura roughly 5 years ago from my good buddy Ray. Also heard a little about Datura on the news with only info about its dangers. I knew it was a shrub or tree with green leaves and white or yellow trumpet shaped flowers, but not a lot more then that.

Just recently something sparked my interest about the plant (what it was I'm still not sure) but I became incredibly fascinated with the plant and began researching information about it on the Internet. After researching a heap of info from several web sites, and even with all the negative information surrounding the plants I was still very keen to try it. At the time I was intensely depressed with no friends and no girlfriend and no fear about anything, so deciding to experiment with this plant was an easy decision.

I knew I had previously seen this plant not far from were I live, however it wasn't until a few days ago that I remembered its location. It was growing in a national park, just off the side of a dirt track and was the species known as Brugmansia (also commonly known as - Tree Datura and Angel's Trumpet). The tree didn't look too healthy and most of its whitish yellowed color flowers had fallen on the ground.

I picked some branches and flowers off the tree, which surprisingly broke away very easily. I then drove home, turned on the stove, poured 2 cups of water in a small pot, washed and then mashed up a handful of the leaves stems and one flower in my hands and placed them in the pot just as the water was starting to boil. I then began stirring and pressing the tree pieces with a wooden spoon.

After about 2 minutes the water started changing to a light yellow color, and in 10 minutes the color looked similar to that of camomile tea.

After boiling for 10 minutes I drained the yellow colored liquid into a standard size cup, by tilting the pot on its side while holding the tree contents in the pot with a fork and slowly drained the liquid in the cup. I then threw out the mushy tree bits in the pot, and was ready to drink the awful smelling yellow liquid left in the cup. Can't really describe the smell, I suppose if you were to boil cabbage and seaweed together it would smell similar, but I've never tried that.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and drank a mouth full of the tea. To my surprise the taste was not as bad as the smell, I mean it was still awful but nothing as bad as I had expected. I took another couple of mouth fulls, and then remembering what I read about on the web (people taking too much and all that) I decided not to drink any more and just wait to see how the dose would affect me.

I experienced a severe dry throat, blurry vision (severe at close range), extreme drowsiness with my legs feeling like lead weights were attached to them, a little off balance when walking (but not dizzy in the head) a little spacey, and my pupils were widely dilated. And that's all I experienced. No dreams, no delirium, no hallucinations, no memory loss, no wild times, nothing.

I was severely disappointed with the whole experience.

So two days later with my vision still blurry and pupil's still widely dilated, I decided to take a larger dose.

I did the same preparation as 2 days ago, but this time instead of drinking just a few mouthfulls I drank almost a full cup of the tea.

Nothing happened for about one hour, and then suddenly, it came on, and it came on fast, a lot faster then before. Suddenly my throat was severely dry, and the symptoms I had 2 days ago returned, except this time I wasn't drowsy.

I was sitting down watching TV at the time and decided to get up for a glass of water, but when I stood up my legs wouldn't work and I fell down, it was as if they had gone to sleep. I tried picking my self up off the floor and then discovered that it wasn't just my legs but my arms had also gone to sleep and it took all my effort just to get back on the couch. At this stage I knew I had taken too much and tried to feel my heart beating, but couldn't feel anything.

Now just when I think things couldn't get worse my parents came home. They came in to the living room were I was watching TV but I was still in control enough to play it straight. They said a few words like what are you doing and I told them that I was watching TV but before they could question me any further the phone rang, I was safe for a little while my dad talked on the phone. At this stage my mouth was so dry I knew I wouldn't be able to talk again with out a glass of water and decided to make a try for the bathroom while my parents were occupied with the phone call.

When I got off the couch I fell down again but some how managed to pick my self up and staggered to the bathroom. Now the effects started intensifying, the ground felt like it was starting to move and I felt extremely dizzy and for the first time through this whole experience I began to feel like puking. After managing to get a drink of water from the bathroom sink I tried to check my pupil's in the mirror but couldn't see them because my vision was so blurry. I started crawling to my bedroom, the loss of body control was horrible, I almost felt paralyzed, and I can only describe the feeling as being like having pins and needles over your whole body but 20 times worse.

As I crawled along the floor, I began having trouble breathing, taking very deep and loud breaths, like gasping for air. Also my face felt very cold and flushed, and I began to feel extremely faint.

It was at this point my mum spotted me crawling along the floor and knew something was wrong.

I don't remember exactly what I said, but told my mum I had eaten a poisonous plant, and, 'need a hospital quickly'.

Within seconds she was somehow able to pick me up off the floor and helped me to walk out side towards my parents car. Everything looked as if it was so far away and had the appearance of moving like jelly on a plate.

Fortunately I only live 5 minutes away from the hospital, and when I arrived there I informed the doctors that I had consumed the poisonous plant named - Datura. To my sheer disbelief no one in the hospital knew of the plant, (what kind of doctors were these)?

The doctors actually had to phone the poisons information center for information about how to treat me. I couldn't believe it, these were doctors working in one of the largest hospitals in America a and yet they knew nothing about Datura.

Anyway, they rushed me to Intensive Care, took blood and hooked me up to a heart-monitoring machine (apparently my heart rate was 170 bpm). I remember continually passing out and the doctors shaking me and saying ? do you know where you are? Do you know what day it is? Do you know your name?? At this point I lost my memory, the following is what my parents said happened:

My eyes were continually rolling back in my head, doctors put a drip in my arm, I tried to get out of bed and had to be held down several times, then the doctors realized that I would respond to any command (like in a hypnotic trance), they would say lay back down, and I would immediately lay back down, they would say drink this and I would immediately drink.

So restraints were not necessary. I was also told I would constantly say things that made sense but had no meaning, things like, 'I'm just going over to Franks place, be back soon'. I don't remember any of that, I thought I had passed out but was told my eyes were open the whole time. They gave me liquid charcoal to drink to absorb the poison in my stomach, and about 1 hour later my heart rate dropped to 100 bpm. I was released from hospital later that night and went home feeling much better thinking it was all over, but Datura had not finished with me yet.

That night I went to sleep but was awoken several times thinking I was playing with something in bed but then it would disappear and for a few minutes I would search my bed looking for it. People came into my room and would then disappear, my mum came into my room and gave me a bowl of soup to eat and when I had almost finished it the bowl and spoon would disappear and I would search my bed looking for it. My mum came back in my room and I would talk to her, and then - she disappeared. Note, as soon as things disappeared I knew they were hallucinations. Then I thought I had dropped a lit cigarette in my bed and woke up my dad to help me find it, I know this wasn't a dream because my dad confirmed this the next day.

The next day I woke up feeling normal except my vision remained blurry at close range for one week.
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