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Explaining some shit..

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I'm back, and happy(er), and dropping off a little note about Saturday Night I'd like you all to read... (plus: note to scarlett_fitch2027)

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Good morning Ficwaddians, I'm feeling good today as you can see ^_^

I posted a note about more than a week ago saying that I might take a break off Ficwad for a while due to some hateful mail I have been getting from someone on here. 2 days ago I got an apology email from that person, I accepted it, and they haven't mailed me since. My confidence is returning, and I'm officially back to Ficwad.

Saturday Night shall be updated somewhere around next Monday-Wednesday. The stupid Egyptian Government exams end officially on Sunday, which means FREEDOM FINALLY. So Saturday Night readers, please stick around, I know I'm a shitty updater and I won't keep you any longer, I promise :3

The exam ends at 11 AM Sunday morning (In Egypt the weekend is Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday) and after that it's going to be PARTIES. Expect an update Monday night or Tuesday when I'm not terribly hungover or grumpy.

and Scarlett_fitch2027: When would you like me to start recording the second chapter for your story. If you want to drop the podfic idea that's totally fine with me. You can email me if you want.

-Poison Ivy

P.S: Got a lip and smiley piercings. Hurts like fuck.
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