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Destiny or Fate?

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Mixed in the worlds of House of Night, Twilight, and Vampire Academy, Jennifer must fight to find what her purpose is there, who she really is, and who does she truly belong with.

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I Always Thought That I Never Belonged Where I Did. And I Was Right. It Was A While Ago When I Was About 18 But Now Im 20 And Still Fighting.

Chapter 1

I Woke Up Ready For My 12th Grade Graduation But I Still Felt That There Was Something Missing. It Was Passed 6 Pm And If I Didnt Get In The Shower Now I Was Gonna Be Late For Graduation. So Much For A Long Relaxing Nap. I Sat Up And Stretched Every Part Of Me And Stood Up Quickly. I Felt My Heartbeat Speed Up And My Heat Radiating Off My Body. I Was Excited And Nervous At The Same Time.
I Got In The Shower And Washed My Hair I Let The Cool Water Wash Over Me Washing Away The Last Off My Drowsiness. Then I Got Out In A Rush. I Wrapped My Towel Around Me And Went To My Room. That’s When I Saw Him. He Was Standing In My Doorway Looking At Me Shocked.
"Who Are You Get Out Of My House!" I Yelled And At The Same Time I Picked My Sneaker (That I Forgot To Put Back In The Closet) And Held It In A Defensive Stance.
"Whoa Whoa Whoa Hey Im Not The Bad Guy Or Anything I...” He Said.
"You’re What? A Murderer Get Out!" I Yelled.
"Well Can I At Least Wait Downstairs?" He Asked.
"Excuse You I Dont Know Who You Are And You Ask To Wait Downstairs?!" I Yelled Appauled.
"Im The Love Of Your Life!" He Yelled.
"What! Go Just Go." I Said.
He Nodded And Went Downstairs, I Was Only In A Towel What Good Was That? So I Closed The Door And Locked It. I Blowdryed My Hair And Straightened it Afterwards And It Looked Perfect Enough To Last From Graduation To Prom. I Put On A Pair Of Jeans And A Blue Tank Top And Sandals And Went Downstairs. He Was Sitting On My Couch Waiting Patiently.
"Ok Now You Can Get The Hell Out My House." I Said.
"Why I Havent Done Anything Wrong." He Said.
"Oh Yes You Did You Broke Into My House And Now Your Sitting On My Couch Get The Hell Out!" I Yelled.
"Who Said I Broke Into Your House." He Said Calmly Holding Back A Chuckle.
"What Did You Climb In The Window?" I Asked Sarcastically.
"No I Did This." He Said.
He Disappeared For A Second Or Two And Appeared Right Behind Me! And He Whispered Into My Ear "Hello Jennifer."
I Jumped Back Caught Off Guard And Almost Fell On My face. But He Caught Me. Strangely For Some Reason I Wasnt Scared I Knew Any Normal Person Would Be But I Wasnt.
"Who Are You?" Was All I Could Ask.
"Im Edward." He Said.
"And What Was That You Just Did?" I Asked.
"I Kind Of Walked Behind You But Im Too Fast For The Human Eye To See." Edward Said.
"Oh." Was All I Managed To Choke Out.
I Completely Forgot That I Was In His Arms For The Moment And Then I Came Back To My Senses And Realized I Was Really Close To His Beautiful Face And His Scent Left Me Lightheaded. His Eyes Were Golden Almost Butterscotch And Beautiful And His Hair Was Brown And His Skin Looked So Smooth And Pale White.
"Um What Do You Mean You’re The Love Of My Life?" I Asked.
"You Dont Remember Anything Do You?" He Asked At The Same Time Sitting Me On The Couch And He Sat Next To Me.
"What Do You Mean?" I Asked.
"It’s A Long Story You Need To Go Anyway Your Going To Be Late For Your Graduation." Said Edward.
And Absentmindedly I Grabbed Onto The Collar Of His Shirt Pulling Him Back To Me. Then Out Of Nowhere He Kissed Me. It Was Amazing I Never Felt Anything Like It Before, It Was Like His Tongue And Mine Had Been At This For A Long Time And I Already Knew How Everything Went. I Was Losing My Touch On Reality And Then He Pulled Me Tighter To His Chest And His Mouth Moved From Mine. Then He Whispered In My Ear.
"Wake Up."
Chapter 2
"Ahh." I Yelled.
My Alarm Was Beeping Loudly And I Woke Up 30 Minutes Over The Original Time The Alarm Was Set At.
"Crap!" I Yelled.
And I Jumped Off The Bed And Ran To The Shower. As Soon As I Was Done I Dryed My Hair Quickly. I Blowdryed It More Calmy And Then Straightened It. It Looked Perfect Like It Came Out Exactly From My Dream.
"My Dream." I Repeated.
I shook My Head Trying To Shake It Out And Started With My Makeup, Then With My Jewelry, And Then I Put My Dress On A Hanger And Slid It Into A Black Cover So No One Could See It. I Put On My Graduation Robe And My Black Flats. I Put The Heels I Would Wear With The Dress In The Car Along With The Dress. I Put The Make Up I Used And A Brush Into A Bag And Threw It Into The Car. I Took One Last Look In The Mirror In My Room, Made Sure My Dark Brown Hair Looked Ok And My Chocolate Brown Eyes Were Shiny, And My Tan Skin Didnt Have Anything Out Of Place. Usually My Parents Would Help Me With All Of This But I Had Lost Them In A Car Accident Ever Since I Was 8.
Then I Hurried To The Car. My Car I Loved It. It Was A Silver Convertible With Nice Rims And Everything. But I Had No Time To Admire My Car Like I Have Ever Since I Had Gotten It Which Was About 2 Years Ago. I Was Running At A Good Pace And The School Wasnt That Far. Just About 10 Minutes Or Less Away. And Then I Began To Think About Edward. It Was Because Of Him I Woke Up At All, I Went 30 Minutes Over Any More And I Would Have Been Late For My Own Graduation. And His Touch It Felt So Real And Somehow It Was Crazy But It Felt Like I Knew Him.
Finally I Came To The School's Parking Lot. I Parked Quickly And Rushed To The Auditorium. Thankfully Nothing Had Started Yet And I Got In The Line That Only Had Girls.
"Finally Jennifer I Thought We Were Gonna Graduate Without You." Said My Friend Selena.
"Well Im Here Now." I Said.
"Yup Oh Im Gonna Miss Ya!" She Said.
"Dont Worry Girl Were Still Gonna Keep In Touch." I Said.
"Yeah We Better!" She Said And Hugged Me Tightly And I Hugged Her Back.
And The Music Began To Play. We All Looked To The Front And Each Girl Took Her Step. Selena Went Before Me with a tense look of concentration written all over her face ad she walked To Match The Rythm Of The Music. Then It Was My Turn. I Also Counted But kept My Face Smooth And Comfortable. I Didnt Know How I Did It. And I Took Another Step. And That’s How I Went Until I Saw His Face. And This Time I Was Sure I Wasnt Imagining It. His Eyes Were Lingering On Mine As Mine On His. And Then I Tore My Eyes Away From His And Looked Ahead. I Was Still On The Beat. Finally We Got To Our Seats And We All Sat At The Same Time. We Were Introduced And Asked That We All Stand For The National Anthem. After We Said The Plegde Of Allegiance We Had To Sing The National Anthem.
I Always Loved Singing And Joined Choir And Everything That Had To Do With Singing. My Friends Always Told Me I Had A Beautiful Voice. So I Sang With Them But Not As Loud As I Would Have Because He Was There. I Wasn’t Scared But I Was Very Curious. I Never Met Him Before But It Feels Like I Know Him From Some Other Time.
An Hour Passed And The Ceremony Was Done. Then We Would All Walk To The Old Ball Room That Was In The Back Of The School. The Teachers Supposedly Redid It And We Were Gonna Enjoy It. Everyone Had Their Dresses Under Their Robes But I Left My Stuff In The Car. That Didn’t Bother Me Anyway Because I Needed To Get Away From Everything That Was Going, On Only For A Few Minutes.
So Everyone Headed To The Ball Room And I Went To My Car. I Got My Things And As Soon As I Turned Around Edward Was There And I Dropped My Things. It Was Weird But He Caught Them Really Fast.
“Thanks.” I Said Casually.
He Put My Things On Top Of The Car And Looked At Me.
“Im Sorry Is There Something You Need?” I Asked.
“Do You Know Who I Am?” He Asked.
“Um No Should I?” I Lied.
“Im Edward Cullen.” He Said.
“You Have Got To Be Kidding Me. I Must Still Be Dreaming.” I Whispered Hoping He Didn’t Hear Me.
But He Did.”What Do You Mean You Think Your Still Dreaming? Have You Dreamed About Me Before?” He Asked Concerned.
“Um I Have To Go.” I Said.
“Im Sorry.” Edward Said.
“It’s ok, Bye.” I Said.
I Picked Up My Things And Hurried To The Back Of The School. I Could Feel His Eyes On Me As I Ran. But I Didn’t Pay Attention To That. I Finally Got To The Changing Rooms And Took My Robe And Shoes Off. I Put On My Dress And The Heels. My Dress Was Very Expensive It Was White With Silver On It. It Had A Spagehitti Strap On One Side And The Other Was Long Sleeved And Wavey, Not Tight At All.
It Was A Beautiful Dress And The Silver Was Actually Diamonds They Outlined The Whole Dress. And I Had A Diamond Necklace On, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bracelet, Clear Lipgloss, White Eyeshadow, And Eyeliner. It’s Weird How My Face Always Looked Fine Without Makeup.
I Put My Heels On They Were Silver With Diamonds On Them Too And They Were High. Everything I Was Wearing Had Diamonds On Them. I Put My Robe In The Black Cover And My Flats In The Bag. I Left Them In The Changing Room, And I Made My Way To The Ball Room.

Chapter 3

I Finally Got There And The Music Was Playing, People Were Chatting, Everything Was Great. I Got To The Steps And Just My Luck The Light Shined On Me And Everyone Looked At Me. I Felt Like I Was Going To Fall On My Face. Im Glad That I Shaved My Legs Because This Dress Was Only Knee Length And That Light Was Really Bright. My Skin Glistened From The Light And I Took One Step At A Time.
Finally I Got To The Last Step And I Walked To The Punch Table Acting Like No One Was Paying Attention To Me. Someone Tapped Me On The Shoulder And I Turned Around To See That It Was Selena. “Pheeww.” I thought.
“Hey Selena You Look Nice.” I Said.
Her Eyes Were Still On Me Fascinated.
“Selena Hello Ya There?” I Asked.
“Oh Thanks Jennifer But Have You Seen Yourself You Look.. You Look Amazing, Beautiful, You Look Oh Whats The Word..” She Said in thought.
“Quite Dazzling.” Said Edward.
“Oh Hi.” Said Selena Surprised.
“Edward.” I Whispered To Myself.
How Could He Be Real And What Was He Doing Here?
“Hey Jen Is He Your Date?” She Asked.
“Um Well He..” I Managed To Say Before Someone Grabbed Me.
“Hey Jen Dance With Me Will Ya?” Asked Mikey.
“Um Sure.” I Said.
He Dragged Me To An Open Space On The Dance Floor And The Music Changed To A Slow Dance. So We Danced For The First Song Until It Ended. And Another Slow Dance Song Came Up And Someone Tapped Mikey On The Back.
“Shall We Dance?” Edward Asked Me.
“Um I Do..” I Got Out Before Selena Interrupted Me.
“Oh Go Jennifer I Will Dance With Mikey.” She Said And Pushed Me Against Edward.
I Was So Close To his Beautiful Face, His Arms Wrapped Around Me And We Were Both Looking Into Each Others’ Eyes Not Paying Attention To Anything Else. Until Selena Broke His Spell.
“Yo Jenny You Comin?” She Asked.
“Huh Oh Yeah Sorry.” I Said.
“Well Come On.” She Said.
“Give Me A Minute.” I Said.
“Ok!” She Said.
“Edward I Don..” I Got To Say. What Was It With Everyone Today They Didn’t Let Me Finish A Sentence, Jeez!
“Come With Me.” He Said.
He Pulled Me By My Arm Gently, everything blurred passed us and suddenly We Were In A Small Closet Not Far From The Ball Room. No One Would Be Able To Hear Us.
“Edward Im Sorry I Don…” I Started To Say.
“Jennifer.” Was All He Said.
Then He Held Me Tightly In His Arms And Kissed Me. And He Kept On. But Then I Pulled Away And Looked At Him.
“I Don’t Know Who You Are And Who Gives You The Right To Kiss Me?” I growled.
“Don’t You Remember Me?” He frowned.
I Moved Away From Him, managing to push myself Against The Wall Only A Few Inches Away From Him.
“Oh No.” I Said My Eyes Wide With Terror.
“So You Do.” He Said Relieved.
“Im Still Dreaming Aren’t I?” I Said in horror.
“What Do You Mean?” He Asked Worried.
“I Remember This, I Was Dreaming About This Today.” I Said.
“Jennifer This Is Not A Dream.” He Said.
“Then How Did I Know Who You Were?” I Asked.
“Because You Lost Your Memory.” He Said.
“What That Makes No Sense How Could I When I Remember Who I Am?” I Asked.
“You Were Given The Chance To Start Over After Defeating Death.” He Said.
“I Don’t Know What You are Talking About.” I Said.
I Was Headed Out The Door Until He Grabbed Me And Made Me Look Into His Eyes. He Was Looking At Me Intently Searching For Something In My Eyes.
“Repeat After Me, Say May I Kiss You.” He Said.
“Excuse You.” I Stared at him.
“Say May I Kiss You.” He Said Again.
“Um No.” I Said.
“I Am Asking Politely If You Won’t Say It Then I Will Make You.” He Said.
“No Now Let Me Go.” I Said Struggling To Break Free From His Hold.
“Jennifer Please.” Said Edward.
I Had To Look At Him. And I Felt Like I Had To, Like Something Inside me Was Making Me Do It.
“Fine.” I Said Unwillingly. “May I Kiss You?” I Asked.
“Yes.” He Said.
And Then My Body Automatically Pushed Up Against Him. And My Lips Pressed Against His. I Had No Control Over What Was Happening. And Then All Of A Sudden In My Head I Saw All These images And I Saw Me And Edward In A Few Of Them.
And Then I Pulled Away Automatically. I Looked Up At Him And He Was Already Looking At Me.
“Um What Was That?” I Asked.
“What Did You See?” He Asked.
“Pictures Of People And You And Me.” I Said.
“Do You Remember Now?” He Asked.
“Um No.” I Said.
“Jennifer You Have To Mean It.” He Sighed.
“Mean What! The May I Kiss You Part? You Must Be Crazy I Don’t Know You!” I yelled.
“Yes You Do You Just Don’t Remember Me!” He nearly yelled back. “Look Lets Just Go Back To Your Prom.”
“That’s A Better Idea.” I yelled back.
He Opened Door And We Walked Out Of The Small Closet.

Chapter 4

We Got Back To The Ball Room And Everything Looked The Same Way As We Left. Everyone Was Enjoying It. I Wasn’t Really Into Prom Because I Wasn’t Really A Party Animal. A Slow Song Came On Again.
“May I Have This Dance?” Asked Edward.
I Looked At Him And Smiled. I Didn’t Even Know Why I Did That But I Did.
“Sure.” I Said.
He Walked Me To The Middle Of The Floor And We Danced. For My First Time Slow Dancing I Actually Did Pretty Good. It Was Amazing Every Step Of The Way Was Beautiful. And I Knew That If I Were With Someone Else It Wouldn’t Feel Like This. And So I Laid My Head Against His Shoulder. I Could Feel His Smile.
Then I Looked Around And Saw Everyone Kiss Their Date. And That’s When I Pulled Back. I Looked Around Again And Everyone Was Kissing. I Pulled Away From Him. He Looked At Me Confused.
“I Cant Do This.” I Said And Walked Away.
I Left. I Walked Up The Stairs And No One Noticed Because They Were Too Busy Sucking each others’ faces. But I Kept Walking And I Heard His Footsteps Behind. Once I Was In The Hall Where I Was Positive No One Was I Turned Around.
“Look Edw__” I Said But Stopped.
It Wasn’t Edward Who Was Following Me It Was A Man With Dark Dark Brown Eyes And He Looked Strong. He Stared At Me Intently. And I Began To Run As Fast As I Could Without Falling In These Heels. But It Was No Use He Appeared Right In Front Of Me. Then He Appeared Behind Me And Covered My Mouth With His Hand And With His Other Hand He Kept Both My Hands Together. No Matter How Hard I Tried To Break Free He Was Way Stronger. I Didn’t Even Feel His Hand Budge A Bit.
And Then I Heard Edward Call My Name.
“Jennifer?” He Said.
“Do Not Say Anything Or You’ll Make Things Harder For Youself.” The Man Holding Me Hostage Said.
I Had No Idea What Came Over Me But I Started To Slap My Heel Against The Marble Floor. It Sounded Loudly And I Knew Edward Would Hear That.
“No!” He growled.
He Began To Drag Me Outside. We Were Outside When I Saw Edward In Front Of This Strong Man’s Path.
“Let Her Go!” Yelled Edward.
And Then He Threw Me Far Behind Him And I hit A Pole.
“Ugh.” I gasped.
I Fell To The Thick Red Carpet. At Least The Carpet Was There Or It Would Have Been Worse. But As Soon As I Fell To The Ground Everything Went Black For Me.

I Woke To Edward Gently Shaking Me.
“Aah!” I Yelled.”Get Away From Me!!! Get Away From Me!!!”
“Jennifer It’s Me Edward!” He Said Worried.
“Edward.” I Said Relieved. “Oh Edward!”
And I Hugged Him Tightly.
“It’s Ok.” He Assured Me.
“What Happened?” I Asked.
“Well As Soon As He Threw You I Chased Him Away.”
“Oh.” Was All I Could Say.
I Got Up Alone And Collapsed, He Caught Me.
“Jennifer What’s Wrong?” He Asked Worried.
“Nothing Im Fine Just A Little Lightheaded.”
He Held Most Of My Weight.
“Are You Going Back In There?” He Asked Me.
“No Im Done.” I Said. “I Just Want To Go Home.”
“Ok.” He Said.
He Walked Me To My Car And Leaned Me Against It.
“Crap!” I Said.
“What?” He Asked.
“I Left My Stuff In The Changing Room.” I Said.
“Oh Don’t Worry I Can Get It For You.” And He Was Gone.
As Soon As He Was Gone I Started Sliding Down My Car. That Hit Was Pretty Hard
I Was Losing My Balance. Then Edward Was Back. He Was
Really Fast And It Wasn’t Normal At All. He Caught Me
Before I Was On The Floor. He Held Me Against His Chest And
Put My Things In The Back Seat. And He Looked At Me And I Looked
At Him. Everything Was Quiet.
And So I Said. “May I Kiss You?”
“Yes.” He Said.
I Stretched Up A Bit More Not Much Because I Was Wearing Heels And I Pressed My Lips To His.

Chapter 5

So Many Things Came Flooding Into My Head, It Was Too Much For Me To Handle. After A Few Minutes I Saw Memories That Were From Today. It Began To Slow Down And Finally Stopped. And Then I Pulled Away Slowly.
“Get Me In The Car.” I Said With My Eyes Closed.
“Why?” He Asked Confused.
“Because Im Im Gonna Fa__” I Managed To Say Before everything went black.

I Woke Up With A Headache The Size Of A Watermelon. And I Remembered Everything. Edward Carried Me To My Room And Laid Me Down On My Bed. Figures He Would Know Where I Lived If He Was Always Watching Me Making Sure I Never Got Into Trouble. He Went Downstairs. And I Could Hear Him From My Room Getting A cup To Get Something To Drink. It Probably Was For Me Since I Blacked Out.
I Got Up And Walked To The Window.
And I asked. “So How’s Esme?”
As Soon As I Said That I Could Hear Him Running So Fast Up The Steps heading To My Room. Not Even A Second Passed By And He Was Already At My Door.
“Jennifer?” He Asked.
And I Smiled. Then He Was suddenly Right In Front Of Me. He Held Me Tight In His Arms And I Grabbed Onto Him Tightly As Well. And We Kissed. But I Couldn’t Stop, Not Now. My Hands Moved To His Hair And His Hands Moved Up And Down My Back.
And Then Sadly He Pulled Away.
“So You Remember?” He Asked.
“Yes.” I Said.
“How Do You Feel?” He Asked.
“Fine.” I Said.
“Do You Remember Before You Kissed Me?” He Asked.
“Yeah.” I Said. “Ok Look, Basically I Remember Everything From What Happened Before And From Now.”
“Ok.” He Said And Smiled.
And I Smiled Back.
“We’ve Got A Problem Though.” I frowned.
“What?” He Said worriedly.
“I Don’t Have Any Of My Abilities. Except For Yours.”

Chapter 6

“How Can That Be?” He Asked Confused.
“I Don’t Know.” I Said.
“Well Lets Give You Some Time Maybe You’ll Get Them soon.” He Said. “Until Then let’s Go See Carlisle.”
“Are You Sure?”
“Yes Why Wouldn’t We?”
“I Don’t Know.” I Smiled. I Grabbed An Outfit And A Pair Of Sneakers And Went To The Bathroom To Change. We Talk For A Bit And Then I Came Out.
He Said. “Let’s Go I’ll Race You!!!”
I Was out the door before he was! It Was Amazing The Speed, The Wind, Everything! I Didn’t Want To Stop But I Had To When Edward Called My Name.
“Jennifer.” He Said.
“We’re Here.” He Said Trying Not To Laugh.
Suddenly I Grew Nervous I Didn’t Want To Go In There.
I had forgotten Them For A While, What If Something Goes Wrong!? Edward Noticed Me Growing Nervous.
“It Will Be Fine.” He Said.
So We Walked In The Big House.

Chapter 7

I Stayed Behind Edward When We Walked In. I Didn’t Know What To Expect Once Inside.
“Oh My God Is That You Jennifer?!” Yelled Someone Familiar.
I Sneaked A Little Glance Around Edward’s Shoulder And Saw That It Was Alice. She Looked The Same, Beautiful, Pale, Golden Eyes, And An Awesome Fashion!
“It Is You!” She Almost Sang.
She Ran Towards Me In Normal Human Speed And Gave Me A Tight Hug.
“Easy Alice. Jennifer Do You Remember Alice?”
“Of Course She Does How Could She Not!” She almost yelled.
“I Do Kinda A Little Blurry But Yeah I Do I Thought You Can See The Future?” I said.
“Yea But I Can’t See You.” She Said.
“Why?” I Said.
“Because You’re Different. You’re Different From Anything I Have Seen.”
I Could Feel Edward Smiling And I Rolled My Eyes Trying Not To Laugh.
“So….” I Said.
“Jennifer!” Exclaimed Esme.
And She Hugged Me To.
“Whoa Whoa Whoa! This isn’t A Family Reunion, It’s Just Jenny!” Yelled Emmet.
Alice Rolled Her Eyes, Edward Chuckled, And Esme Giggled. I Sighed.
“Yea Yea, ya big bear..” I muttered.
“Ha Now This Is A Different Jen!” Said Emmet.
And He Was In Front Of Me In Less Than A Second giving A Big Tight Bear Hug.
“Easy Dude Cant..Breathe..” I Said Jokingly.
“Ha You’re Even Funnier!” He Said.
“Haha Right… Anyway…”
“Hello Jennifer.” Said Rosalie Walking Down The Steps.
“Yo-hoe-hello, Sike just kidding, My Bad Hi.” I blurted.
That Wasn’t Me, I guess the past me Didn’t Get Along With Her. Alice Coughed A Couple Of Times To Hide Her Laughter, Edward Snickered, Esme Began Humming,
And Emmet Just Laughed! Rosalie Gritted Her Teeth. I Could Read Her Mind And It Wasn’t So Pleasant.
“Oh Come On Rosalie It Was Just A Joke…” I Said.
“Whoa The Chick Can Read Minds Too!” Said Emmet.
“How In The World?” I Said.
Edward Leaned Down To My Ear And Said, “They Don’t Have To Be
Mind-readers To Know What Rosalie’s Thinking.”
“Esme Where Is Carlisle?” Asked Edward Before anything worse could happen.
“Im Right Here.” Said Carlisle.
He Was Right Next To Me. He Gave Me A Hug And Welcomed me Home.

Chapter 8

“Let’s Take This Somewhere Private.” Said Edward.
“Im Coming Too!” Said Alice.
“Oh No Your Not.” Said Edward.
Alice Raised Her Eyebrow And Said, “Says Who. You Know Im Coming No Matter What You Say. Besides It’s Jennifer’s Choice!”
“Come On Alice!” I Said As I Was Walking Up The Steps.
I Saw Her Stick Her Tongue Out At Edward And She Was Right Behind Me.
I Giggled, “You’re Bad You Know That?”
“He Is So Unfair! And Im Liking The New You, Of Course I Always Loved You!” She Said.
“Yea I Got A Question Cause I Don’t Remember Right Now, Before Did I Like Your Fashion?”
“Didn’t really matter to you since You Were Always With Edward.”
“Oh Weird.. But I Gotta Say You Have An Awesome Sense Of Style. I Love Your Shoes.” I Giggled.
“Finally! Thank You!” She Said hugging me.
“Are You Two Done?” Asked Emmett Annoyed.
“Oh Shut Up.” Said Alice.
“Big Bear.” I Muttered Under My Breath.
Then I Heard Emmett’s Booming Laughter From Downstairs.
“Hey That Reminds Me Where Is Jasper?” I Asked.
“Probably Out Running Somewhere You Know You’re Still Human I Think. He Still Thinks He Doesn’t Have Enough Control.” She Said.
“Aww Come On I Also Have Your Brothers Abilities, I Don’t Think He Is Gonna Be Able To Kill Me If Im As Strong as him.” I Said.
“Not As Strong As Me.” I Heard Emmett Say From All The Way Downstairs.
“Oh Yea You’re A Liar, I Am Way Stronger Then You.” I Said At A Casual Tone.
He Was Right Beside Me instantly.
“You Wanna Try Me? Arm Wrestling. Outside. Right Now.” Said Emmett.
“Emmett We Are In The Middle Of Something Here.” Said Edward.
“Not Gonna Take Long.” I Said. “Wow That’s Really Irritating.”
“What?” Said Emmett.
“Alice Just Saw Your Future Disappear Hahaha!” I Said Laughing.
“Oh Ya Know What Outside!”
And We Were Outside Followed By The Rest Of His Family Except Jasper And Rosalie.
“Ok Here We Go!” He Said.
I Hesitated For A Minute But Then I Took The Challenge.

Chapter 9

I Took Emmett’s cold hand into my warm hand..Weird.
“Ready Set Go!” He Said Quickly In An Inhuman Speed.
He Pushed His Hand Against Mine And My Hand Moved The Tiniest Bit. He Smiled And I Smiled Back.
“Ya Know.. What Do You Think Will Happen If You Lost?” I Asked.
“Nothing Cause Im Not Gonna Lose!”
“You Sure Bout That?”
“You Bet!”
“Right…” And Then I Started Giggling.
Then Something Really Strange Happened I Had No Control Over It.
“Dude What’s Happening To Your Eyes?!” Said Emmett. “They’re Blue!”
He Started Losing, Strange Because I Wasn’t Able To Move His Hand At All. I Wasn’t Stronger Than Him. But Now He Was Losing. I Smiled.
“You Lose.” I Said.
“Huh?” Said Emmett.
And It Was Too Late His Hand Went Right Through The Rock And Into The Dirt!
“No Fair You Were Cheating!” He hollered.
“How?” I asked.
“Your Eyes They Did Something To Me!”
“What Are You Talking About?”
“Your Eyes They’re Different!”
Quickly I zoomed into The Bathroom Of Edward’s House Looking In The Mirror. “Oh My God! Whats Happening To Me?”
“Jennifer?” Edward Called Me.
“Don’t Come In Here.” I Said But My Stupid Voice Broke On The Last Word.
“Jennifer!” He Said More Frantic And He Went Into The Bathroom.
He Found Me Sitting On The Floor Under The Mirror. My Hands Were Covering My Face And I Was Sobbing.
“What’s Wrong! Did He Hurt You!” Said Edward.
“Oh Get A Grip Bro You Should Be Worrying About Me!!” Said Emmett from outside.
“Shut Up Emmett!” Yelled Edward.
“No Im Fine Edward Go Please Your Not Gonna Understand.” I Said.
“Look At Me.”
“Look At Me!” He Said.
“Do You See Now!” I Yelled Pointing At My Eyes. I Knew They Were Still Shimmering Blue Because I Could See The Reflection Of Them In His Golden Eyes. His Eyes Grew Wider.
I Leaned Back. “Edward When I Woke Up After Blacking Out.. I Don’t Know But I Don’t Think You Brought The Past Jennifer Back.” I Said.
“What Do You Mean?” He frowned.
“I Mean Im Not Her! Im Me. I Remember Her Life But I Think I Am Just A Different Her.” I Said At The Same Time Standing Up. “Which Means Im Not The Girl You Fell In Love With, Which Means I Have To Leave.”
“Jennifer..Wait No!” He Yelled After Me, But I Was Already Out The Door.
I Could Hear Him After Me And I Also Heard Another Pair Off Footsteps Behind Me. The Wind Blew From Behind Edward And I Caught The Scent It Was Him And Alice. No Way I Could Have Mistaken Her Scent, It Was So Sweet. I Couldn’t Stop, I Pushed Forward Faster.
I Stopped At A Lake And The Full Moon’s Reflection Was All Over It. Alice And Edward Passed Right By Me Stopping A Few Yards Away. I Got Down On My Knees And Looked Into The Water My Eyes Would Not Go Back To Chocolate Brown, They Were Still Shimmery Blue!
“Jen.” Said Alice.
“Please Just Stay Over There.” I Said To Her And Him If He Was Still There.
Then Someone Pulled Me Up And Turned My Face To Face Theirs’, It Was Edward. I Struggled, “Let Me Go!” I Said.
He Kissed Me Out Of Nowhere On The Lips, We Stood There For A Bit Until I Pushed Away From Him I Sank To My Knees But He Held Me In Place. I Looked Into His Eyes And Saw My Eyes Go Back To Chocolate Brown.
I Gasped, “How Did You Do That?”

Chapter 10

“I Don’t Know. Please Jennifer Come Back Let’s Talk To Carlisle.” He Said.
“No, He Doesn’t Know What I Am, How Can He Possibly Help Me?”
“Jen Please.” Said Alice Clinging Onto My Arm. I Couldn’t Help But Look At Her.
“Damn! You Know What I’m Not Going Back I’m Staying Right Here!” I Said Stubbornly.
“Ugh Fine I’ll Go! You Better Keep Her Here!” She Said Eyeing Edward.
And She Was Gone. But As Soon As She Left I Began To Feel Uneasy, I Was Alone With Edward And We Had Ran Pretty Far From His House. She Wouldn’t Be Back For A While Since I Knew She Wasn’t The Type To Rush.
I Looked Up To Look At Edward Only To Find Him Looking Dead At Me, I Sighed.
“What Are You Thinking?” He Asked Me.
“I’m Thinking If I Run Would You Let Me Go.”
“What In The World? I Will Never Ever Let You Go. I Love You Jennifer!” He Said.
“But I’m Not The Jennifer You Love, I Just Look Like Her I’m Not The Same One From Before I’m Different. What Part Don’t You Understand Edward!” I Said.
Then He Kissed Me Again. But He Didn’t Stop. I Pushed Him Against A Tree His Back breaking the Tree, But He Still Pushed Up Against Me And Kept Kissing Me. I Couldn’t Resist Anymore I Tried Pushing Him Away But Soon I Found Myself Pulling Him Close, Tighter To Me.
“No.” I Said Trying To Take My Lips Away From His.
He Wouldn’t Stop Kissing Me!
“Edward Stop.” I Said Then He Let Me Go.
I Just Snapped. “Why Are You Doing This You Know Im Not Her! You’ve Seen It For Yourself! I Called Rosalie A Hoe When I Barely Know Her. I Beat Emmett At Arm Wrestling When Before She Never challenged Emmett At All, And Alice, I Love Her Style When Before She Was Always With You And It Didn’t Matter To Her! Edward I’m Her Opposite I’m Not Her!”
“I Don’t Care!” He yelled.
That Caught Me Off Guard. “What? What The Hell Are You Talking About? Have You Gone Crazy Too? You Were Looking For Her You Think I’m Her When I’m Me I Remember Her Life But It Wasn’t Mine! Don’t You Get It Damn It?!” I Yelled.
“Jennifer I Love You, I Knew That When She Wanted To Start Over She Was Basically Giving Up Her Life. She Didn’t Love Me Enough To Stay With Me. She Gave Up Her Life And She Knew That A New And Last Generation Would Come Back! And It’s You Jennifer I Love You She Is My Past!”
“How?! You Have Only Known Me For A Day!”
“I Have Been Watching You I Know There Is Still Some things In You That Were In Her!”
“Dammit!” I Yelled And Pushed Him Away.
Then I Turned Away From Him. Why Does He Make Things So Complicated? I Said To Myself Internally.
I Turned Around To Look At Him And He Looked Hurt Emotionally. I Sighed.
“Edward.” Then He Kissed Me Again.
I Growled. “Damn It!”
I Could Feel His Smile On My Lips And I Couldn’t Help Giggling.

Chapter 11

We Were Still Lip Locked When Alice Came Back With Carlisle And Emmett.
“Eww Ok Now Break It Up!” Said Emmett.
I Giggled. A Minute Passed And Then I Asked Alice. “Why In The World Did You Bring Emmett?”
“Oh I Didn’t He Followed, Says He Wants A Rematch.”
“Yea And No Freaken Powers!” Emmett Said.
I Rolled My Eyes. “Emmett You Idiot.”
We All Started Laughing Even Carlisle!
“Ok So What Now?” I Asked Edward.
He Looked At Carlisle
“Do You Really Think That Would Work?” Edward asked.
“Perhaps We Will See.” Responded Carlisle.
“I Don’t Think It Will Though.” I Said.
“Amazing I Almost Forgot That You Can Read Minds. But How Does That Work Can You Hear Edward?” Asked Carlisle.
“No I Can’t But He Can’t Hear Me Either.” I Said.
“Nope.” Said Edward.
“Interesting.” Said Carlisle.
“Hmm.” Said Edward.
“Oh My Goodness!!!! Would Someone Tell Me What In The World Carlisle Wants To Try!!” Yelled Emmett.
“Ugh He Wants To Take A Blood sample To See What He Finds In It!” I Said.
“Ew Gross Imagine If It Were Blue!” Said Emmett.
“Would It Really Matter You’d Probably Drink It Anyway!” I Yelled. “Carlisle Can I Talk To You For A Minute?”
He Nodded. We Walked Behind A Tree While Alice, Edward, And Emmett Started Arguing Over How Rude Emmett Was Being.
I Didn’t Know If Edward Could Do This But I Did And It Was Very Strange. I Thought And Tried Putting That Thought Into Carlisle’s Head To See If It Would Work. I Stared Intensely Into His Golden Eyes. He Stared Back Wondering What I Was Trying To Do. Listen To Me Carefully If You Hear Me Don’t Think About Hearing My Voice But Nod. Amazing!!! He Could Hear Me His Eyes Widen By A Lot And He Seemed Fascinated. Ok I Giggled Internally We Are Gonna Run To Your House Because We Are Ditching Your Children. Please Don’t Take It The Wrong Way But You Have No Idea How I Feel So Please, We’re Running To Your House, You Lead The Way Ok? He Nodded. Ready Set I Giggled Again, He Smiled. Go!! And We Started Running, I Didn’t Hear Anything Behind Us And We Were Running Very Fast! Such A Thrill! We Got To His House In About 10 Minutes.
“Ok.” I Said.
“Fascinating! How Did You Do That?” He Asked.
“ I Don’t Know I Tried Twisting Edward’s Ability Around, Guess It Worked I Didn’t Know If It Would But I Gave It A Try!” I Said.
“Impressive.” He Said.
“So What Are We Gonna Do?” I Asked.
He Smiled. “Follow Me.”
I Was Right Behind Him And We Were In A Big Room, It Was Very Bright, There Was A Lot Of Medical Equipment All Over The Place.
“Right So You’re Gonna Take A Blood Sample?” I Asked.
“If It’s Ok With You, Yes.” He Repsonded.
“Um Ok.” I Said Unsure.
He Seemed To Hear That In My Voice. He Arched One Of His Eyebrows. “What’s Wrong? Are You Scared Of Needles I Assure You, You Won’t Even Feel It.”
“No Its Not That Um.. My Blood, Would You Be Able To Handle The Scent?” I Asked.
“Oh Great Question I Think, But Then Again You’re Different.” He Said.
“Ok We Don’t Have Much Time Hold Your Breath And Go For It.” I Said.
He Nodded. He Already Had The Needle In His Hands. He Grabbed My Arm Squeezed It A Bit. He Looked At Me To Make Sure I Was Fine. I Smiled To Reassure Him. Then He Continued With What He Was Doing. He Put The Needle In One Of My Veins, My Heart Started Beating Real Fast And Carlisle Could Hear That.
“Look At Me.” I Said.
He Looked At Me And We Both Could See My Eyes slowly turn Shimmery Blue. I Gasped. Just Then My Blood Started To Fill The Capsule And It Was Freaky! My Blood Was Also The Same Color As My Eyes.
“Carlisle Get Away From Me!” I Said.
“What’s Wrong?!” He Said He Was Very Worried Now.
“Hurry Go!” I Said.
But He Didn’t Move.
“Carlisle!” I Yelled.
But It Was Too Late. One Minute He Was In Front Of Me And Then He Was In The Air Slamming Right Into The Wall. Esme And Rosalie Were Right At The Door When That Happened. I Looked Into Their Eyes And My Eyes Started To Dim. I Ran To Carlisle To See If He Was Ok.
“Carlisle!” I Said Frantic.
“Im Fine Im Fine.” He Said.
“Im So Sorry Im Sorry I I Di-” I Said But Didn’t Finish.
“It’s Ok, I Have The Sample.” He Said Holding Up The Little Capsule.
“Im Sorry.” I Said.
“Jennifer You Did Not Hurt Me Besides, I’m Already Dead.” He Said Then Chuckled.
“Sorry.” I Said.
“Amazing.” He Said His Eyes Widening With Interest And Burning With Curiosity.
He Was Staring At My Arm Where He Had Put The Needle. I Looked At It, The Blood Was Still Blue But Also Dimming Like My Eyes.

Chapter 12

“My Eyes.” I Repeated. “My Blood.”
“You Think Their Connected?” He Asked.
“Watch.” I Said.
We Stood Quiet For About A Minute, I Was Bent Down On My Knees And He Was Laying On The Ground, We Stood Staring At The Blood From The Needle. Slowly It Began To Turn Red. Then When It Did Carlisle Looked At My Eyes And I Saw Through His Eyes That They Were Brown.
“Yup They Are.” I Said. Then Held Out My Hand To Help Him Up.
“Thanks.” He Said. I Nodded.
Suddenly Emmett Came Busting Through The Room We Were In.
“HEY! How Come Ya’ll Ditched Us!” Said Emmett.
Then I Saw Alice, Edward, And Emmett Arguing While Me And Carlisle Walked Behind A Tree. Everyone Calmed Down After A Few Minutes And Then Emmett Went To Look Behind The Tree.
“What The Hell.” He Said. When He Saw That Me And Carlisle Werent There.
Emmett’s Mind Then Went To Another Thought But It Was Irrelevant To Me.
I Started Booming With Laughter! Edward Laughed With Me.
“Oh Great What Ya Laughin At Now!!” Yelled Emmett Exasperated.
“You Know You’re Just Plain Funny When You’re Pissed!” I Said Giggling.
“Ugh You Know What Ima Go And Watch Some Tv This isn’t Helping!” He Said And Was Gone.
“What Happened Here?” Asked Alice. “Wow What Is That Delicious Smell It’s Unbelievable It’s It’s Way Better Than Blood Wha__”
Carlisle Held Up The Capsule.
“Oh Sorry Nevermind.” Alice Said Embarrassed.
“I Must Admit That It is Somewhat Hard For Me To Stand The Delicious Scent Of Her Blood.” Said Carlisle
Suddenly All Three Pairs Of Eyes Flash To Me.
“What?” I Said.
And Then I Saw It. Their Eyes Were Black With Hunger My Arm Had Not Healed Yet And Some Blood Was Still Coming. I Knew They Were Thirsty And So I Jumped Out The Open window And Began Running. How Many Freaking Times Was I Gonna Run Away? Suddenly Something Caught My Waist. I Look And It’s The Monster Man Dude Or Whatever. Ok He Was Very Hot But Still! I Began Struggling.
“Let Me Go!” I Yelled. I Knew Edward Would Hear Me.
“Dammit It’s Me Dimitri! Jennifer Stop It Now!” Said Dimitri.
I Stopped Struggling And I Couldn’t Move. In My Mind I Began Panicking I Can’t Move What Is He Going To Do To Me! He Had Let Me Go As Soon As I Stopped Struggling And He Reached To Touch My Cheek. But When He Did He Snatched His Hand Back In Pain He Looked Up To My Face And I Saw In His Mind My Eyes Turn Right Back To Its Frightening Color. Just Then Edward, Alice, And Carlisle Popped Right Beside A Tree Near Me And Dimitri. Dimitri Looked At Me And I Swear I Could See His Eyes Turn Pitch Black And He Said Something Like “You Will Run With Me And Not Look Back.”
He Grabbed My Arm Quickly But I Pushed Him Away. He Looked At Me In Shock.
“Get Away From Me!” I Yelled.
I Began Backing Away From him Taking Advantage Of His Distracted Mind But Then Realized Edward, Carlisle, And Alice Were Behind Me. What In The World Was I Going To Do! Then I Looked At My Arm Where Carlisle Had Taken The Blood Trial And Began To Wipe Away The Dried Blood. As Soon As The Blood Was Gone The Little Tiny Puncture Mark Sealed Up Quickly.
I Turned Around To Look At Them And Their Eyes Were Still Black But They Looked Like They Were Back To Their Normal Selves. Haha Normal, Like They Were…
“Jen.” Alice Said Confused.
“That’s It.” Said Dimitri From Behind Me.
I Felt Someone Grab My Waist And hit Me Real Hard On The Head, And After That I was sleeping like a baby.

Chapter 13

“Ow What The-” I Smacked My Mouth Shut.
Where Was I? This Didn’t Look Like Edward’s House. I Didn’t Remember What Happened And Where I Was. But My Gut Just Told Me I Should Just Close My Eyes, Shut Up, And Pretend I Was Still Asleep. But Too Late! I Heard The Door Close And My Eyes Automatically Looked Straight At The Figure That Walked In.
“Where Am I?” I Demanded.
“You’re Safe.” Said Dimitri.
“Safe! That’s What You Call This I Don’t Even Know Where I Am!” I Said Frustrated.
I Got Up Trying To Go To The Door He’d Just Came From But I Felt Very Strange And Off Balance And The Next Thing I Knew I Was Falling Sideways.
“Whoa Take It Easy.” Dimitri Said.
He Had Caught Me And I Was In His Arms Before I Knew It. Wow He Was Fast… Too Fast, What Is He? But All Those Words Blotted Out As I Stared Into His Dark Eyes. I Was Speechless As He Stared Back Into Mine. What Could I Do He Was Very Sexy And Hey Is It My Fault I Notice! Um Hello Im A Girl! Before Anything Else Happened He Lifted Me Up Into His Arms And Sat Me Down On The Couch. I Grabbed My Head In Pain.
“Oww Damit!” I Said In Pain.
“Sorry Bout That I Just Needed To Get You Out But You Wouldn’t Work With Me.” He Said.
“When You Say Work With You, Don’t You Mean Mind Control Me Or Something.” I Said And Winced As I Found A Small Bump On My Head.
“Yea.” He Chuckled. “I Completely Forgot That You’re Immune To My Mind Control It Makes You That Much More….More.”
I Looked At Him It Was So Hard Not To And I Found Him Staring Dead At Me. I Looked Back Down Embarrassed That He Had Caught Me. But Then I Felt His Hand Go Under My Chin So He Could See My Face.
“It Makes You That Much More Irresistible.” He Finished His Statement.
Before I Could Even React He Had Pulled My Lips To His And We Kissed. I Was So Overwhelmed I Had No Idea What To Do. His Delicious Scent Was Everywhere And His Arms Wrapped Me To His Chest. I Could Feel His Muscles Through His Shirt. It Was Unbelieveable. And It Was Wrong. What About Edward?! I Yelled At Myself. What About Edward This Would Hurt Him Bad!
I Finally Got Some Sense Into Myself That I Pushed Dimitri Off Of Me.
“Don’t Do That Again Stay Over There.” I Said.
“Are You Sure It Seemed Like You Liked It.” He Said With A Bad Boy Smirk.
I Just Stared At Him In Disbelief. “I Don’t Even Know You!” I Yelled.
“You Don’t Remember Me Because The Last Time We Were Together Something Happened That Seperated Us.” He Said.
I Looked At Him In So Many Ways A Few Of Them Were With Confusion, Disbelief, And Just Plain Anger.
“That’s It Im Out.” I Said.
I Began Walking To The Door He Came From But He Stopped Me.
“Stop Just Stop Now Im Sick And Tired Of All The BS! I Am Just Me Jennifer No Past Person Here Just Me Me Me!!!!” I Yelled. “Now Move.”
I Could Feel My Eyes Burn With The Shimmering Blue Color.
He Drew In A Sharp Breath And He Raised Both His Hands And Closed His Eyes. “In The Name Of Nyx Show This Confused Girl What She Needs To Know!”
“What The He-” I Said But Didn’t Finish.

Chapter 14

Memories of people I didn’t know Passed Through My Mind. Minutes Later I Said Names That I Did Not know A Few Minutes Ago.
“Zoey,…Aphrodite, Rose.” I Said Wincing With Every Name That Went Out Of My Mouth. “What Do They Have To Do With Me?!”
“They Were In Your Past And You Must Find Out What They Have To Do With You.” Said Dimitri.
“Ugh! What In The World Im Having A Feeling You And Edward Are Not The Only Guys I have a connection to.” I Cried And Sank To My Knees. I Began Crying Not Caring That Dimitri Saw Me.
“Well You’re Right…” He Cleared His Throat. “The girls with those names are reaching out to you.”
“No Wonder You’re On My butt.” I Said Laughing And Sniffling Looking Up At Him At The Same Time. “I Have A Feeling One Of These Girls Is Your Lover.”
“Yes.” He Said But Looked Down In Pain.
“I Think I Know.” I Said. He Looked Up With A Small Glint Of What Looked Like Hope In His Eyes. “I Don’t Know What’s Up Right Now But Come Here.”
He Moved Over To Me. “Please Don’t Kill Me.” I Said. But Before He Could Protest To What I Said I Kissed Him. It Wasn’t A Big Deal Kiss Or Anything But It Lasted For About A Minute. Then I Saw A Picture Of A Girl With light Brown Hair And Brown Eyes Hugging Dimitri And Kissing Him. Then I Heard Him Sigh Her Name, “Rose.”
I Shot Backward Breathing Heavily.
“Its Rose.” I Said With A Smile.
His Eyes Grew Wide. “Yes It Is.”
And Then Like if someone were purposefully trying to ruin my life, I Had To Hear A Stupid Voice In My Head! “Finally!” The Voice Yelled. “Do You Have Any Idea How Long I Have Been Waiting For Him To Find You?!”
“God! Who Is This!” I Yelled Frightened. Dimitri Jumped A Little Too.
“I’m Rose! I Finally Reached You After You Finally Found Dimitri! Oh God Please Tell Him I Miss Him So Much.” She Said In Agony.
“Um Dimitri I Can’t Believe This Is Happening But I Think Rose Is In My Head.” I Said A Little Out Of It.
We Sat There On The Floor Dimitri On His Knees And Me On My Butt Thrown Back On The floor Hee Hee.
“Is She Saying Something To You?” He Said Hope Flowing In His Voice.
“She Says She Misses You So Much.” I Said Exhausted. Man I Was So Definitely Out Of It!
“Roza.” He Said.
Then He Reached Out And Grabbed My Wrists And Pulled Me To Him. His Lips Met Mine And I Didn’t Really Feel Him Anymore, Rose was using my body And She Was Kissing Him Back. They Both Basically Tackled Each Other Until I Pulled Back From Him.
“Jeez Would You Both Get A Grip.” I Said Breathlessly. “Sorry.” Said Rose giggling.
“Sorry Jennifer I Know It’s Hard For You.” Said Dimitri.
“You Have No Idea.” I Said.
He Got Up pulling me with him. I Grabbed My Head Instantly As I Felt A Head Rush.
“Oww.” I Said.
Suddenly Edward, Emmett, Jasper, And Carlisle Busted Into The Door.

Chapter 15

“Step Away From The Girl.” Carlisle Said.
“Ok Guys Please Don-” I Said But We Were Interrupted By Someone Breaking Through A Window That I Hadnt Noticed Earlier Behind Us.
“Jennifer!” Said All The Guys In The Room With Me And The One I Didn’t Know.
“O For The Love Of—Gah!” I Yelled When The Guy I Didn’t Know Picked Me Up In His Arms And Zoomed Right Out Of The Room I Had Been In Just A Few Seconds Ago.
“What Where God My Head.” I Said. I Jumped From His Arms To My Knees.
“Jennifer Im So Sor-” He Began To Say But I Cut Him Off.
“Yeah Yeah It’s Fine.” I Said.
He Came To Stand Beside Me And I Felt His Hands Wrap Around My Arms And Lift Me Towards Him. Then He Said, “Do You Remember Me?”
“God This Is Soo Awkward.” I Said.
He Looked At Me In Confusion. But Before He Said Anything I Wrapped My Arms Around His Neck And I Kissed Him. Then As What Happened With Dimitri It Happened To This Guy. A Girl Was In His Arms And He Sighed Her Name As Well.
“Aphrodite.” He Sighed.
“Gah.” I Said In Pain. My Head Was Killing Me.
“Jennifer!” He Said.
“Sorry Let Me Ask You A Question Before You Say Anything What Do I Look Like?” I Asked.
“Um Well Blond Hair Beautiful Blue Eyes An Astonishing Smile.” He Said With His Own Smile Spreading Across His Face.
I Didn’t Realize I Was Smiling Like A Moron, But I Shook Myself And Now I Knew What Was Happening, well I Had A Theory.
“Great Let Me Guess You Love A Girl Named Aphrodite.” I Sighed.
His Eyes Grew Wide. “I, How.. How Did You Know?” He Asked.
“The Kiss. Plus I Don’t Really Have Blond Hair, Blue Eyes I Guess You Just See Your Lover.. Just Like Everyone Else.” I Said Exhausted Even More Than Before. “What Is Your Name!?” I ask.
“Darius.” He Said.
“Wow He Looks Good.” Said Rose In My Head.
“But He’s Already Taken.” Said A New Voice.
“Great You Must Be Aphrodite.” I Said.
“Yup Sooo Like Give Me A Minute With My Man.” Aphrodite Said.
“Ha!” Said Rose.
“Have Fun.” I Said My Brain Was So Totally Fried.
“Darius.” The Words Came Out Of My Mouth Which Now Aphrodite Controlled.
His Body Pulled Her To Him Tighter And They Kissed Passionately. His Arms Were All Over Her Body Technically Mine. Then She Pulled Away.
“This Is Her Body But It Looks Like Me So I Guess Im Good With That But It Isnt Fair For Her To Live With The Shit I Do With You.” She laughed.
“Yes I Know My Beauty But I Just Cant Bare To not have you in my arms.” He Said.
I Could Feel Her Chicks Get Warmer. “Ok Well She Is Getting Her Body Besides I Can See Feel And Hear Everything Just As Her Soooo Im Never Far.” She Said And She Kissed Him One More Time.
“Kay! Thanks!” She Said.
“Jeez Talk About Rated R!” Said Rose laughing.
“Ugh Im Sooo Sleepy And Tired!!” I Yelled.
“Jeez I Have Got A huge headache.” I Said Instantly Putting Me Hand On My Head.
“Are You Ok My Beauty?” Darius Said Worried.
“I Really Look Like Aphrodite To You Don’t I?”
“Yes.” He Said.

Chapter 16

“We Need To Go Back I Know They’re Looking For Me.” I Said.
“I Don’t Think We Should.” He Said.
I Looked Up To His Eyes And Saw What He Meant By That. “Ha Funny I Think We Definitely Should Cuz One Of Us Might Do Something We’ll Regret.” I Said Getting Out Of His Embrace.
But As Soon As I Did That I Began Falling. He Caught Me Before I Could Hit The Ground.
“Aphrodite! I Mean Jennifer.” He Said Pulling Me Up Into His Arms. He Looked Like He Was Carrying An Oversized Baby!
“Ha Jennifer Im No Oversized Baby To Him.” Aphrodite Said.
“Wow.” Rose Said.
“Chill Guys Im Not In The Best Shape To Talk To Ya’ll.” I Said.
“Sorry.” They Both Said Together.
“Sorry I Just Im So Out Of It. I Need To Lay Down Or Something.” I Said Breathlessly.
“I Don’t Know Where The Others Are.” He Said Worry Clear In His Voice.
“Just…” I Felt Like I Was Slowly Fading Away. I Think I Nodded Off Because Darius Yelled My Name.
“Jennifer! Jennifer Wait Do Not Sleep I Will Get You Where You Need To Go But I Will Not Leave Your Side!” He Said.
“The House The Cullens Just Get….Get Me There.” I Said.
I Gave Him The Address Exactly Before I fell asleep.

Chapter 17

“Jennifer……..Jennifer…….Jennifer Please!!!” I Heard Someone Say As They Shook Me.
“Ugh My…My Head.” I Said Wincing When The Words Came Out.
I Opened My Eyes And Saw That It Was Edward Who Gently Shook Me. I Saw Dimitri And Darius Sitting On The Sofa Across From Me While Emmett And Jasper Stood Circling Around Them.
“Rose…. Aphrodite?” I Asked.
“Yea Im Here.” Sighed Rose.
“Yea Uhuh.” Aphrodite Sighed.
They Sounded Sad.
“Guys Whats Wrong!?” I Said Worried.
“Oo What I Would Give To Hold Him And Comfort My Dimitri!” Said Rose.
“Oo my Darius!” Said Aphrodite.
“Get A Grip!” I Yelled Sighing.
They Both Giggled Internally.
“Jen?” Asked Alice.
“Huh What?” I Said Clueless.
“Your Eyes Looked Glazed Over Why?” Said Alice.
“Oh Um Well…. Man Screw It Rose And Aphrodite And Me Were Having An….. Well…..I Guess An Internal Conversation.” I Said.
Her Eyes Grew Wider And I Think Everyone Else’s In The Room Besides Mine Obviously Did As Well.
“Aphrodite?” Darius Called To Her.
I Turned My Head To See Him Staring At Me So Adoringly.
“Gosh What I Would Give To Kiss His Sexy Lips!” Aphrodite Said.
I Smiled Towards Him Trying So Hard Not To Beat The Crap Out Of My Head. Aphrodite Was Such An Ass.
He Stood Up Until Jasper Growled At Him To Sit Down. His Eyes Never Left Mine. I Sighed. I Got Up And Walked Towards Him A Little Wobbly.
“Well I Hear From Her That You Have Sworn To I Guess Protect Her From All Kinds Of Danger.” I Said.
“Yes My Lady Always.” He Said With A Sexy Smile.
“Always.” Aphrodite Said.
His Brown Hair Was Wavy But Short, Light Brown And His Eyes Were A Hot Green. He Was Nicely Built Unlike Dimitri. Dimitri Had Dark Almost Black Eyes And His Hair Was Shoulder length brown. He Was good looking, I Guess. I Would Rank Them Both On A scale of 1 To 10, a 9.
“More Like 10 Girl!” Said Rose.
“Uh Yea My Baby Is Way Over 10!!” Yelled Aphrodite.
I laughed. “Well Then Let’s Take A Quick Breather.” I Said.
Before He Could Stand Up Jasper, Emmett, And Edward Were All In Front Of Him. Jasper And Emmett With Their Backs To Me But Edward Was Facing Me. There Was Anger Clear In His Face And Pulsing In His Beautiful Topaz Eyes.
“Whoa What A Cutie Glad I Have My Darius.” Said Aphrodite.
“He Isn’t Human He is Something.” Said Rose. “A Cute Something, glad I Got my Dimitri.” She Giggled.
“Um Barf.” I Said.
“What Do You Think Your Doing Jennifer!?” Said Edward.
“Um I Was Gonna Go With Darius Outside So We Could Catch A Breather.” I Said.
“No!” Said Edward And Dimitri At The Same Time.
“Talk About Jealously!” Said Aphrodite Giggling.
“God Why? Why Can’t I? I Mean They Aren’t A Threat Or Anything. No One Killed Me Or Hit Me Or Whatever!” I Yelled.
“They Kidnapped You!” Yelled Edward. He Lost It, He Was Snarling! Snarling! Wtf!!
“Move, Now Im Pissed, I Suggest One Thing And Now Ya’ll Turn On Me.” I Knew My Eyes Were Shimmering Again I Can Basically Feel It When It Happens Now. “Dimitri And Darius Come With Me Now!” I Said.
They Both Stood Up. No One Hissed Or Pushed Them Down This Time. Everyone But Dimitri And Darius Were Staring At Me. I Turned My Back On Them And Walk To The Back Door That Led To The Place Where Me And Emmett Arm Wrestled.
I Turned Around. “Um How Can It Still Be Night Time?” I Asked Facing Them Both.
“Rose. Aphrodite.” They Both Answer At The Same Time. Then They Both Looked At Each Other.
“Let Me Answer.” Said Dimitri Annoyed. “Rose Its Been A Day Since You’ve Been Out. You Had A Lot Of Hours Of Sleep I Would Say.”
“Wha What! Oh Man!” I Said. Smaking Myself Right In The Forehead Hard.
“Aphrodite! Rose!” They Both Said Again.
“Um Im Confused Who Do I Respond To?” I Said.
“Me.” They Both Said Again.
“Dimitri. Darius.” Aphrodite And Rose Said At The Same Time.
“Um Well Apparently Its Two Votes For Dimitri And Two Votes For Darius.” I Said Rubbing My Forehead I Sooo Wasn’t Up For This!
“Well Then I Suppose It Is Jennifer Who-“ Dimitri Began To Say Until I Cut Him Off.
“Oo Three Votes For Darius Sorry Dimitri Rose Picked Darius..” I Giggled.
“Tell Him If You Responded To Him I Would Be All Over Him. We Wouldn’t Get Anything Done..” She laughed.
“Rose Says If I Were To Respond To You That She Would Be All Over You And That Ya’ll Wouldn’t Be Able To Get Anything Done.” I Could Feel My Cheeks Get Warmer All Of A Sudden.
“Roza.” Dimitri Said With A Smile. Then He Leaned Down And Kissed Me.
I Could Feel Darius’ Glare At Dimitri, So I Put A Hand On Dimitri’s Chest And Gave Him A Gentle Push.
“Sorry But Um Yea We Gotta Work This Out.” I Said Stepping Out Of Dimitri’s Arms. He Looked At Me With Confusion. I Sighed.
“How Do You Expect For Darius To Feel If He Is Um.. Well Watching What Looks Like Aphrodite Lip Locked With Um.. Another Guy?” I Said Not Sure If I Worded It Correctly.
They Both Just Stared At Me With Question Mark Looks. I Giggled And With An Exasperated Sigh I Walk 2 Feet Away From Them.
“Stay There Both Of You.” I Said When They Were About To Move Towards Me. Then I Looked At Dimitri.
“Dimitri What Do I Look Like To You?” I Asked.
“Well You Have Brown About I Guess I Would Say Bra-length Hair And Beautiful Brown Eyes, Tan Skin And For Being A Dhampir, A Nice Body.” He Said A Bit Uncomfortable.
“Sissy He Could Have Said More.” Said Rose
“Haha.” I Said.
“Wow Do Me Do Me!” Said Aphrodite.
“Wow For A Minute I Thought You Were Really Describing Me! Close Call.” I Said.
“What Do You Mean Rose?” Asked Dimitri.
“Listen, Darius What Do I Look Like To You?” I Asked Him.
“Blond Hair About A Bit Over Shoulder Length, Wonderful Blue Eyes, And I Must Say An Unbelievable Body.” He Said With A Sexy Smile. I Hadn’t Realized I Was Smiling Like A Moron Until I Hard Dimitri Gasp.
“What Does This Mean?” He Asked.
“I Don’t Know!” I Flailed My Arms In The Air Uselessly.

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