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Wherefore Art Thou Beta?

by dollypin 3 reviews

Tittle explains all.

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Thank you for opening this. XD

I'm sorry for spamming... this isn't a story as you might have guessed from the tittle, but I couldn't think of a better place to find a beta to lookover my fanfiction then someone who writes it!

I mostly write My Chemical Romance fics, but I have been known to venture outside of this sometimes. I don't write that often, so I'll probabley just send a piece here and a piece there. It wouldn't be that big of a commitment.

Before offering your services can you please take a look over some of my stuff and decide yourself if you think our wrighting styles could blend. if you think you want the gig email me at

Thank you so much, if you even take the time to read this, I am in tremendous debt to you.

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