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Lick my battery.

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Female!Frankie Female!Gee. Gee is getting off on Tumblr's sex gif's. Frerard one-shot.

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A/N I've been writing this over the past few days. Uhm. First lesbian sex I've ever written. So bare with me. I'm on a coffee high at the moment. Go watch my video on it if you want. And rate review enjoy ect ~Transmission Exploder xoxo

I am scrolling through Tumblr, like I do daily. There are lots of pictures of my favourite bands. As I continued to look through something caught my eye, so I stop. I scroll back up and my eyes widen at the sight. A girl going down on another girl. I felt a tingle between my legs. Fuck that is really hot. I clicked onto the person’s blog and saw a lot more gifs, sex gifs. Each as hot as the last was. After looking at just one page I was turned on beyond belief. I left the screen on and went to lie in my bed. I quickly undid my skinny jeans and pushed them down my legs, kicking them off my feet.

I brought my hand slowly up my leg. I started rubbing my palm over my, already wet, panties. I moaned as I slowly rubbed myself teasingly. I brought my other hand slowly up my stomach, under my t-shirt. I cupped my breast and squeezed gently.

I closed my eyes, picturing someone else here with me, someone else doing this to me. That someone is Frankie, my best friend, the girl I’m in love with. I could never tell her that of course. I bit my lip the way I knew she would if she were to kiss me. I pushed my panties down slightly and stroked myself, making me moan and gasp at the pleasure. I spread my legs wide and stroked faster. “Oh God, Frankie.” I moaned out into what I thought was my empty room.

“Oh my fucking God.” My eyes snapped open to find a wide eyed Frankie standing at my door. I was frozen; I couldn’t do anything but lay there and stare at her, shocked. Then she smirked at me, bringing me back to my senses. I moved my hands away from my body and pulled my panties up. She continued to smirk at me and slowly walked towards where I was now sitting on my bed. I was confused, usually when someone finds their best friend masturbating whilst moaning out your name you run away from it, right? I was confused, so very confused. When she reached me she grabbed my face in both her hands. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this Gee.” Then I felt her lips on mine. I flailed not expecting her actions. When I had composed myself I placed my hands on her waist and kissed her back. She ran her pointed tongue against my bottom lip asking for permission to enter my mouth. I refused smirking into the kiss, causing her to make a frustrated noise. One of her hands moved to the back of my neck, the other moved down my body, to the bottom of my shirt. It then made its way up my t-shirt. I gasped as she grabbed my breast. She took this opportunity to slip her tongue into my mouth.

After a few minutes Frankie pulled away from the kiss. I made a little whine from the lack of contact. I felt myself fall backwards and once again flailed my arms. Frankie chuckled as she crawled on top of me. She tucked my bright red hair behind my ear, moving it of my neck as she did. She replaced it with her hot, wet mouth. As her mouth made contact with that certain spot behind my ear another moan slipped out of my mouth. Her hands tugged at the bottom of my shirt and she mumbled “This needs to come off now.” Against my neck. She pulled back and I quickly grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, revealing my breasts. Frankie went back to attacking my neck, and then she started getting lower. She took my erect nipple into her mouth extracting another moan from me. She increased the pleasure as she brought her hand up and squeezing my other breast, and playing with my other nipple. After a while she stopped and reattached our lips. I quickly flipped us over, putting me in control.

“You are wearing way too many clothes.” I growled into her ear. I started pushing her shirt up her body; I quickly pulled her up slightly so I could remove the fabric from her, and then pushed her back down. I ran my hands up and down her body feeling her soft, silky skin. I ran my hands round her back unhooking her bra, throwing it somewhere on the floor. I gave her mouth a quick kiss, and then started moving them down her. I bit, lick and sucked at her neck, hoping to leave a large purple mark there. I continued my way down her body, occasionally nipping at her skin. I undid the button of her jeans, and then grabbed the zipper in my mouth and slowly brought it down. Frankie gasped as I did this. I grabbed the top of her jeans and slowly started to pull them down. I didn’t move my head from above her crotch but I did look up at her, making eye contact. Her eyes were full of lust. I gently took my bottom lip between my teeth and winked at her, not speeding up my actions.

“Please Gee.” She moaned. Just hearing how much I was affecting her made me want her more. I quickly finished removing her jeans. I then grabbed her panties between my teeth, ripping them off and letting the few pieces of fabric fall to the floor. Her smell of arousal is strong. Instantly making me want to taste her. I flicked my tongue against her, making her let out another moan. Then I flicked against her with more pressure. She thrust her hips into my face, letting me know how much she wants this, how much I was effecting her. I poked my tongue out and moved it up and down, gradually lowering until I could push into her. Her hands grabbed onto my hair, trying to push me down, deeper inside of her. This seemed to turn me on more, I moaned, my tongue vibrating as I did so. Frankie let out a load sound of pleasure. I moved my face away from her crotch and crawled up her body. I used my finger to gently apply pressure to her entrance. I nibbled on her ear and applied more pressure, yet not penetrating her. “Please Gee, please do something?” Frankie begged.

“Tell me how much you want it baby. Christ you’re so fucking wet for me. I want to hear you say how much you want this, before I make you moan like the whore you are.”

“Please Gee. I want you so badly, I need you. I’ll do anything. Just please, do something.” She said her voice breaking slightly.

“Anything, you say?” I said whilst slowly pushing my finger inside of her. I stopped as it was halfway in, and slowly pulling it back out. I repeated this a few times before I whispered in her ear. “You want to be my little bitch? Is that what this is?” She nodded quickly. “You’re so hot, you know,” I connected our lips, I moved my finger faster and deeper inside her. When she moaned I added another finger whilst rubbing my thumb against her clit.

“Oh god. Gee faster please.” I did as she asked. “I’m so close, so fucking close.”

“Come for me baby.” I felt her clench around my fingers. Her head flew back and she let out a loud moan. She looks so beautiful like this. I pulled my fingers out of her, she looked up at me. We made eye contact and I brought my fingers to my lips. I pushed them into my mouth tasting Frankie on them, sucking all of her juices off. “You taste so good Frankie.” I told her.

“Mm Gee let me taste you.” I didn’t move off her, what I did was reach down, removing my panties. I slid up her body so my crotch was just above her face. I rested my hands on the headboard and slightly thrust forwards. I felt her hands on my ass. She squeezed and I gasped, not expecting it. She pushed gently urging me closer to her mouth. I did, she flicked her tongue out keeping it moving. It felt amazing. She brought a hand round and started thrusting two fingers inside of me.

I gripped the headboard harder. “Frankie, oh God Frankie it feels so good. Your tongue is amazing. FUCK.”

Her tongue stopped moving, but her fingers never slowed. “Gee you taste amazing.” I thrust my hips slightly. She placed her tongue on me again. She added a third finger and I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure.

“Feels good. Frankie, oh my god Frankie. Fuck, so close.” She removed her fingers and started fucking me with her tongue. I came with her tongue inside me. “Fuck Frankie, you’re so hot.”

When I came down from my orgasm I moved to lie next to Frankie. “Uhm Gee?” I looked to her and smiled. My smile dropped as I saw the nervousness on her face. What if this was a mistake. Shit. “Did this mean something to you?” She bit her lip and avoided making eye contact.

“Well uhm..” I started.

“Cause it did to me, and I don’t know what I would do if this was just a way for you to get off.” Tears welled up in her eyes.

I grabbed her face in my hands. “This meant a lot to me Frankie. You have no idea how much I wanted this. Wanted you.”

“You have me.” She whispered.

“As you have me.” I replied.

She gently kissed my lips and rested her head on my chest. I pulled a blanket over us, and wrapped my arms around us. We fell into a deep sleep, finally together.
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