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Just le question

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2012-05-18 - Updated: 2019-11-16 - 245 words

Whuzzup? So, I have a story idea. I've got le first chappy written, i just wanna know if anyone will read it.

Basically, it features an O/C (Izzy)and Gerard (might include other peoples later). So, in the beginning, Izzy is six and Gee is exactly 7 months and 9 days older :3 (cuz, ya know, when you're little, how old you are MATTERS.) Anyways, Izzy's dad is like abusive but hes usually out gambling with the rent or passed out drunk. Izzy's super afraid of storms, but gee's usually there to comfort her and yadda yadda. anyways, gee and izzy are like, bestest friends.

Couple years past, theyre in like 8th/9th grade. Izzy's become this removed person and she and Gee have grown apart a little, but they miss each other.

etc etc etc basically Gee makes it all better with his magical huggles and stuff or something, I havnt exactly got that far in planning it out.

But I don't think Izzy and Gee are gonna end up together. Pretty sure not. Theres a SUPER tiny possiblity, but I dont think so. UNless you guys want them to.

anyways, would anyone read it?

It's gonna be called "Monsters Need Hugs Too" or "Monster I've Become" or "Erase Me"...whichever I or You guys like better.

uhm, so yeah. tell me if you like it. I wrote the first chappy thingy already from boredom. If someone wants to read it, I'll put it up.

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