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Isn't it awkward when you're a pregnant male ;)

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The sequeal to teachers! ;)

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Hey guys! This is the sequel! (Just a short intro! ;)

Franks POV
I lift my head from inside the toilet bowl. Feeling and looking more than a little bit green in the face. This was the fourth day this had happened. I was struggling to feel comfortable at work and was eating non stop. I guess when you're ten weeks pregnant it's got to be expected. Yet,I wasn't liking it at all. At one point it almost became far too much and i had to re evaluate my options, as much as i hate to admit it now, the reason i hate to admit it? Because i had my first scan coming up and the second i saw the mixture of Gerard and I thriving inside of me, all questions were erased. We both knew we were going to be parents. And everything would be fucking wonderful. Well it would be, if i was still as enchantingly attractive as i was ten weeks before now. Now i was just an expectant mother... what? Mother, i have a fucking penis! So what am I? Am i Mother or a Father? And Yes, it does fucking matter.
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