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Dying To Live Again

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"I don't know what other way to put it...except that I'm living in your letters right now" Ryan/OC

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Hey Kace,
Thought I would go old-school, sit down and write a letter to you. All I can say is, I miss you...your the best person I know, and you know almost everything about me, you really need to come back to Vegas, just pointing that out.
So um, life has been okay (I know you enough, so yeah answering the one question you would ask first :) ). Not much has been going on lately, except school starting (I am in all the same classes as Brendon, lucky me (note the sarcasm) ). Did you know Brendon sang and Jon was a bassist? Well if you did, then why the fuck didn't you tell us. Maybe now we can start a band that includes more than just drums, vocals and guitar.
I have nothing against him, but I secretly wish you were our bassist, that everytime I looked over it was you playing our songs with us. You know? Like old times, when we were younger and failed at music; even though they proved to be some of my best memories.
Wow, I am rambling on-and-on. Lets start over, yeah?
Kacey, I miss you, I miss having my best friend who I could call at all hours of the night, my best friend who would hug me when she first saw me, who could cheer me up in unique ways, who made us all laugh, who pushed me to go somewhere with music.
I miss you, okay? (I think that is obvious)
One day, you will be able to move back here, and when you do I will be standing in the airport, waiting to see you again.

I just got that, and holy-fuck; Best.Thing.That.Happened.Today. Really, even better than us starting a band (yeah, I found some friends, well newer friends) who were looking for a bassist, and I was just so lucky, that they chose me. (I would be running up to you screaming this, being excited with you, but I am in Cali, which is insanley boring). I miss you too, and no we did not fail as kids, we were special, very special -wink face-. I am going to come back (sometime). Until then, I guess I will soak up the sun, lounge around my house until school starts, and eat.
Really? SUCKER! School for us doesn't start until next week, and haha really? All with Brendon (you better hope and pray he isn't on a indefinate sugar high).
Seriously, you should come here sometime, hang out with me, see what kind of music we could make now (that we aren't little anymore).
Then I'll be the one standing in the airport, waiting to see you.

What'da think? This is probably going to go on in all letter format, until some point, or not (I haven't decided yet)
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