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Meetings and secrets

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Mikey meets a stranger on the street and also has a horrible argument with his brother.

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A/N: I was not expecting to get this next chapter up so quickly but hey, I did. This chapter isn't some of my best writing but I'm still pretty proud of it. Hope you like it!

-Mikey’s POV-

It had been a whole week and I still couldn’t get what Brendon had told us out of my head. Gerard and I, we were close, we never kept secrets from one another. Even if he didn’t tell me something straight away I would pretty much always be able to figure out what was up. The fact that he had told Brendon something so important before me, his own brother, and I didn’t notice without him needing to tell me anyway was eating me alive.

He had feelings for Frank.

This was fucking enormous news and I had to find out through Brendon. I don’t even know how I didn’t notice it myself, but it was making me hate myself along with my stupid brother. God, this was so messed up.

That was the only train of thought that my brain was following while I was walking to my job as a masseuse. I had my head down and wasn’t really paying attention to anything so it’s not surprise that I crashed into a small mass of solidness and butt planted the floor. I was pretty sure that it was a person that I had crashed into but I had no way to be sure since my glasses had decided to fly off my face and go missing. I began helplessly patting the ground in my search for them but they were placed back on my face by who I assumed I had crashed into.

“Thanks.” I muttered quietly, standing up while staring into that man’s eyes. They were a really gorgeous shade of brown.

“You’re welcome.” He said with a smile, staring up at me. I was taller than him by quite a lot.
“I’d better, um, go…” I said after a few moments of awkward silence. I began to walk away but I felt a firm grip on my wrist. I felt myself be spun around to face the guy again.

“I’m Pete by the way, Pete Wentz. Here’s my number,” he pulled a marker out of his pocket and wrote the digits on my hand, “You should call me some time.” He smiled and walked away, leaving me as a confused jumble of frantic brain cells.

My day changed pretty drastically from what I expected after that encounter. Before I had bumped into Pete I had expected to just be a masseuse then be a grouch about secrets and steal Ryan’s food like I usually did. In reality I did my job as a masseuse then proceeded to go straight home, all of my thoughts were plagued with Pete Wentz’s face.

Every now and then I would stare at the perfectly written numbers on my hand. I had no idea whether I should call Pete or not. He was a total stranger, but he had been so sweet towards me. He was cute too, there was no denying it. After a while of arguing in my head-that makes me sound crazy but I promise I’m not-I decided to stop being a complete and utter pussy and just call the guy. I barely knew him so there was no reason to be nervous.

“Hello?” Pete’s voice came through the phone making my palms sweat even more than they already were.

“Hi, it’s Mikey, the guy you crashed into today.” I said with a slight stutter, despite there being no reason to be nervous I was.

“Oh, hey, what’s up?” I had no idea how to respond to that, damn my incredible awkwardness!

“Well y-you told me to, um, call you so, uh, I-I’m calling!” I laughed nervously and he probably thought I had some kind of mental disability. I mentally facepalmed as I heard a quiet laugh at the other end of the line.

“Right,” he said, it sounded like he was smiling, “So, do you want to go out sometime?”

Wait… What?


Even after my display of total retardedness he still decided to ask me out! This was not actually happening to me, no way. It couldn’t be, I wasn’t even adorably retarded, I was just… a freak. After the tiny Mikey’s in my head finished running around with both panic and happiness I realised that I hadn’t actually given him an answer.

“S-Sure, I’d love to.” I managed to say. He then asked me where he could find my apartment and also wrote down my phone number. This was so surreal. I’m not the kind of guy who gets asked out after random chance encounters on the street.

“Cool, I’ll pick you up Saturday at eight.” He told me before hanging up. I slowly put the phone down, still filled with disbelief.

I felt like a foolish school girl getting asked out for the very first time. I turned around giggling when I saw Gerard stood in the middle of my living room. He had crossed arms and a raised eyebrow.

-Gerard’s POV-

I had decided to go and hang out with Mikey. I felt terrible for telling Brendon about my feelings for Frank before my own brother so I had to make it up to him. I walked in to see him on the phone so I decided to wait until he hung up. It seemed like someone had managed to bag a date. He had met someone and not told me, he always told me news like that! How rude. Okay, I knew that I was being a hypocrite but I didn’t care at that moment in time.

“Oh, Gee,” he squeaked at the sight of me.

“Hey Mikes…” I said, I knew I sounded slightly annoyed.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to see my little brother. Who were you on the phone to?” I asked and I had a suspicious tone in my voice.

“No one!” he replied a little too quickly. He was definitely hiding something, but I already knew that. I just wanted to know who he was going out with, that was it!

“Stop being secretive, Mikey, I know you’re hiding something!” I nearly yelled at him. He backed away slightly and I felt like a royal bitch nugget. I knew I was in the wrong but I was being too stubborn for my own good. Since I felt like I was perfectly justified for arguing with him at that moment I was not prepared for what he said next.

“I’m not the only one keeping secrets.” He murmured. My eyes widened, did he know? No, I had only told Brendon and I trusted him with my life. I asked him what he meant slowly, my voice was filled with uncertainty and guilt.

“Brendon mentioned something about you having feelings for our friend Frankie. You told Brendon before me.” His face and his voice were filled with hurt but I didn’t even notice. I felt a sudden surge of anger taking over me. Brendon had betrayed me, I fucking trusted him!

Brendon was going to pay and I knew exactly how I was going to get my revenge.

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