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Chapter eleven: a gift

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Chapter eleven
The first lesson of the next day was transfiguration, Harry was looking forward to the lesson until he found out that they were going to be studying the art of transfiguration, he listened to the McGonagall's speech as he tried to figure out how he was going to avoid having to take the animagus potion.
"as many of you will probably know the only way to become an animagus is to brew a have to brew this potion yourself to become an animagus...there is an ancient legend that there is a room you can enter from this castle which will reveal your animagus forms but it is unproven...we are fortunate that professor Snape does not have a lesson at this moment so he will be able to allow us to use his classroom to create the potion, you should all be warned that this potion is extremely complex..."
Harry saw that Neville look very nervous, while the class was walking to the potions classroom Harry came to walk next to him.
"Don't worry Neville" said Harry
"I've always wanted to be an animagus..."
"You know the room McGonagall spoke about...I found wouldn't tell me my form but it told me yours..."
Neville's face lit up
"What am I?"
"A'll be able to transform straight away...but don't...." Harry stopped talking as a very angry looking Snape stalked up to him
"Potter, my office immediately...don't argue you are in enough trouble as it is" he said as Harry opened his mouth to do so, he walked in silence to Snape's office, he had been sitting in there for about ten minutes when Snape came in...he looked worn and worried...Harry had never seen this side of the potion's master before.
"Are you alright sir?"
"Yes, Potter...I had a bad night last night..."
"Meeting?" asked Harry
"No...other business, one you would not be able to help me in, I wished to know how you survived drinking that potion, one drop would have killed a dragon..."
"Then I must be stronger than a dragon"
"I was wondering Potter, why do you trust me but not Dumbledore...apart from the obvious fact..."
"You have something that Dumbledore does not..."
"And what would that be?" asked snape carefully
"Your amulet of truth"
"How did you know?"
"The muggle phrase it takes one to know one comes to mind"
Snape's head shot up "you have one?"
Harry nodded, "what service did you do to the forest?" he asked
"I healed a bird"
"Did it stay with you?" asked Harry, Snape nodded, "am I right to guess that it had red wings and was healed using tears?"
"It was a phoenix that I healed; she is in the forest at the moment"
"Then you are a fellow angel?" said Harry a little surprised
"damned angel, sent the child of two royal children into this world and was cursed until I was able to find her and return he to her rightful place...I wouldn't have even had to come here had the angelic royal bloodline not died out...why are you here?"
"I can tell you some things if it is a demonic angel that you seek..."
Snape's head snapped up
"How old are you?"
"I'm only sixteen, but I am part elf...we have been seeking a vampiric elf as the royal line has died out...I was tasked with finding this member of the royalty"
"Part angel, part elf?" asked Snape, Harry nodded, "as far as I knew Lily and James Potter were both human..."
"Shows how much you knew about them" said Harry cheekily
"I'm afraid Potter I will have to put you in detention for that comment...what can you tell me of the demonic angel?"
"She married the vampiric elf"
"That could present a problem..." said snape delicately
"It has been a while since I visited the elven realms...but I believe their son is the current ruler..."
Harry was almost glad when there came a rapping on the door, Snape put on an angry face and ripped the door open
"Severus...I hope you are not torturing Potter"
"He is just coming Minerva...Potter leave this office immediately we will talk further of this in detention"
That evening found Harry outside Snape's office
"Come in" a familiar voice snapped from behind the door when Harry rapped on it, "Mr Potter..." said Snape as Harry entered and sat down, "of your attendance of a death eater meeting I think that I might be better served if you were to tell me of the demonic angel"
"I will tell the council...I can come with you...when you next plan to return there?"
"I will be able to travel there on the weekend..."
"Snape I have been plotting"
"Really...I thought Gryffindors were only good at plotting pranks"
"you'd be surprised...I was wondering if you wanted to wash your hands of the deatheaters all together...I could get the dark idiot to kill me..."
"You would do that?"
"For another angel...yes...even one that has been cruel to me ever since I met him"
Snape hung his head then sparked up again
"Mayhap Severus Snape should disappear, I mean actually die...I could come back as a different person...the face I have on at the moment is a glamour placed on me by my adoptive father..."
they spent the next hour plotting how to make sure that Snape's death would run smoothly...they even started to plan Professor Mark Moonshine (Snape's 'real' name)
"What colour are your wings?"
"They're dull yellow...closer to grey really"
"Is that common?"
"Fairly...have you ever been to the angelic realm?" Harry shook his head and Snape continued "well, the darker the colour of your wings, the less of your clan colour in them the less powerful you are...I am of about middle class, for an angel, yellow is my clan colour...the moon shines with a yellow light"
"What other clan colours are there?"
"well, there are the sunsong tribe which has red wings, and the seas-sleep clan which has blue wings, of course the Yaersa Mai which is...I mean was the royal clan, their wings were of pure white...the lesser clans mix but the Yaersa Mai were very exclusive, that's why the angelic princess was so shocked..."
It seemed Snape would have talked further but he bent over with pain and grasped his arm, "meeting" he gasped between his teeth, Harry transferred the mark on Snape's arm to his then took Snape's portkey.
He landed in a dark room with dark wooden walls, Voldermort was standing in the middle of this room, Harry felt his scar tingle and Resiah shift on his wrist. A few minutes later all the deatheaters had gathered, Harry was relived to see that the act of grovelling at his feet and kissing his robes what not necessary. Voldermort started to speak
"I have been informed of a traitor, I know his name, he knows who he is, I command him to come forward..." Harry looked around and noticed a short man quivering from head to toe as well as a man who was shifting uncomfortably...Harry was surprised to see so many were spies in Voldermort's inner circle. When no one stepped forward Voldermort said
"My deatheaters the traitor in our midst is..."
He would have continued but Harry cut across him
Voldermort spun around to look at Harry
"Severus, my fickle friend,, it is not you I seek"
"it is...I sent the message containing the fact that a deatheater in the inner circle was a traitor, I laid a false name to cover my tracks...I have been working for Dumbledore since the what you like with me I have no care anymore"
"You fool, you will not die you will suffer a fate worse than death"
"Do not even bother to summon dementors they will not attack me" it was true for Snape as dementors were a form of demon and no demon would attack an angel whilst there was peace. The dementors were tried and found to fail
"Well since you are so unappetising to them I suppose that I will have to have you dealt with some other way...but for the moment...crucio..." Harry shrugged off the curse as Salazar had taught him to
"You know I think even Harry Potter could cast a stronger charm than that..." said Harry in an amused voice
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