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Thanks to the user Sherlock for this prompt, Rydon :)

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/There are no accidents, no conincidences, no escapes. You Can't Cheat Death/

/Have you ever imagined, losing the one you care for most? The one who you would risk your life for? The one who you would die, just so they could stay safe?
Trust me, once you meet them; you know. I am not even lying, I must've died so much in that 'one day' to keep Ry safe.
Oh yeah, you weren't there...I guess I should explain, better yet how about you see it through our eyes?

I lay on my stomach, in my warm bed, that just so happened to be more comfortable in the mornings.
"Brendon, wake up." I heard Ryan whisper, in a soft yet stern voice.
"Ryan, no." I mumbled into the pillow, attempting to fall back into a state of sleep.
"Brendon, I'm not kidding, wake the fuck up."
I didn't even bother answering, I did love him and all, but sleep was my first priority.
I heard Ryan mutter something under his breath, which sounded almost like /fine, be stubborn/.
I heard his light footsteps begin to quiet down, he was leaving me to sleep.
Yes, finally; sleep here I come.

I dozed off into a dreamless, well not slumber, more nap I guess.

------Ryan's POV-------
I wasn't one for waking up early, if anything I despised it with all my being, but today, today was pretty special.
Why? So many people who are reading this, are probably thinking, well today; which to be more exact is Wednsday, June 19th; my 3 year anniversary with Brendon.
(P.S for all of you homophobes who are against this right now, you're better off going and reading something else, because I for one don't give a fuck, I love him and vice versa? Okay?).

"Ryan, no." His response came muffled, from the pillow that was covering 3/4 of his face.
"Brendon I'm not kidding, wake the fuck up." I watched, as his back rose and fell with every breath he took, damn Brendon fell back asleep!
'Fine be stubborn' I muttered to myself, leaving the room and walking into the kitchen, reaching for a glass out of the cupboard.
If you want to be stubborn, well you're going to pay Urie. I grinned filling the tall glass with water, as cold as I could get it.
I silently made my way back into our room, bare feet padding against the wood floor.
"Okay B, one last chance, wake up." I whispered close to his ear.
"Hm, no." If it wasn't for me being to close to his face, I probably wouldn't of heard his protests.
"Fine, don't come crying to me when..." I lifted away the comforter and poured the water down on his back, making him jump and roll over.
"WHAT THE HELL RYAN?!" He yelled, brown eyes filled with anger.
"I warned you." I set down the glass on the side table, raising my hands in a sign of defence.
"Really now? Well just because you are so nice, I want to..COME HERE!" Brendon yelled, chasing me into the hallway, arms outstretched, grin taking up his face.
"No, no no..Ah you're fucking soaked." I complained as he pulled me against him flopping on the couch.
"Now who's fault is that?" He whispered, and I couldn't help but let out a laugh.
Pulling away, I turned around, facing him.
"Be ready for 5 tonight."
"Why?" Sounding like a young child being told to do his chores.
"I have a certain suprise for you." Walking back to the kitchen I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist.
"What suprise?" I pulled away, and kept walking.
"You'll see." I taunted facing him, walking into a wall.
"Dammit, just be ready okay?" Brendon nodded and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

5 PM
(sorry about the time skip, I don't think you want to hear about their full day..that would get kind of boring)

"I'm ready Ry, now can you tell me where we're going?" I looked at him, he was wearing a white t-shirt under a black hoodie, finished with a pair of regular black jeans.
"You'll see." I smiled, leading him to the car, oh how I loved taunting him.

"Ry tell me." Now sounding ike a young child, wanting their parents to buy them a toy, I caved in.
"A place, a nice place. I think you'-" I was cut off by Brendon pushing me to the ground, and the sound of guns being fired.
"What the hell? Brendon?" I got up, walking over to where my boyfriend of 3 years was laying.
My heart sunk, my stomach tightening, tears burning in my eyes; his white shirt was stained with patches of red.
"Fuck, Brendon, c'mon wake up." I yelled, pulling him close as I pulled out my phone to dial 911.

It had been only 2 minutes, which felt like 2 years.
"Please Brendon, answer me." Tears freely flowing down my face, I wanted a response, I needed a response.
I rested my face against the top of his head, hoping like all hell this was only a really fucked up nightmare and that I would wake up, everything fine.
"Ry?" I heard the younger boy groan, from under my face.
"Bren?" I answered immediatly, pulling him closer.
"A-are you okay?" Sounding out of breath, I nodded to him
"Yeah, Brenny. I'm fine, why'd you do that?" I asked at a loss for words.
"'Cause I couldn't stand seeing my Rybbit in pain." He grinned, as I heard the faint sound of sirens coming.
"I love you, you know that?" I whispered pulling him closer to my chest.
"Love you too Ry." With that his eyes fluttered shut, and my hands shook violently.
Giving him one last kiss, before the paramedics moved me away.
"It's not over, you're going to be okay. You have to be." My voice coming out as a faint whisper.

--------Brendon's POV---------
I saw the car coming, I wouldn't of reacted, if there weren't guns out the window.
Pushing Ryan to the ground I soun, praying like all hell Ry wouldn't be hurt in this.
Feeling the pain peirce through my back; unable to stand I fell to the ground.
It felt like I was underwater, I couldn't breath and my chest area was soaked.

I heard the Ryan talking to me, I needed to answer him.
Mustering up all I the strength I could, I spoke.
/No Ry, don't cry. I'm not even close to being worth your pain/.

After that, everything was a blur, I remember a pit of darkness pulling me down, away from Ryan.
NO! NO! I can't leave him! NONONONONONONONO!
I lay there, in this dark place, wishing there was some way I could rewind this full day and make it turn out diffrent.

"Really Brendon? You want to do this day over again, what are you willing to do for it?" I opened my eyes slowly, jumping at a shadowed figure looking down at me.
"Anything, just please..I can't leave Ry like that." I looked over and saw him, tear tracks staining his cheeks, gripping 'my' hand with a white knuckle grip.
"Really then, are you sure?"
"Yes I am fucking sure, just let me re-do this full goddammed day." I snapped and the figure nodded.
"Wait, who are you?" I asked before he/she could do anything.
"You can call me Cas, how about that?"

Again, thanks for the prompt, anyone know where the quote at the beginning is from? (I don't care if anyone does or not, just wondering)...Weird thing is, I was watching a Supernatural episode; it was along the same lines as this...sorry, but I hope you enjoyed this chapter :)
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