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Of Wet Dreams And Bad Decisions

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Hey Guys! I'm soooo sorry about the laaaate update but hopefully this chapter makes up for it?

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Frank woke up to cold fingers running along his arm. He tried to sit up but was stopped by a weight on his lower half. He opened his eyes and blinked as his vision adjusted to the dark. He shifted his body to try and dislodge the weight on top of him but stilled as a hand rested on his chest.
"Calm down." A low whisper called out to him. His eyes widened as he recognized the voice.
"Gerard?" He tried to sit up again but was stopped as he felt the other's chest on his and warm breath on his ear. Soft lips rubbed against his ear lobe and a shiver run down his spine. long fingers rested on his neck, rubbing patterns on the skin of his neck and shoulder. Frank stayed frozen, trying to understand what was going. The lips on his ear then move up towards his face, stopping on his jaw, then moving to the corner of his lips.
"Stop." Frank muttered, eyes wide with panic. He could feel Gerard's breath on his check. Gerard sat up until their noses were almost touching. His eyes were calculating, questioning if Frank was serious. Then his lips rose up in a small smile, making Frank's toes curl. He leaned down closer to Frank's face, lips almost touching.
"You sure?" Frank felt the words spoken against his lips. Did he really want this to stop? He had been wishing for this moment for who knows how long and now Gerard was here. Frank felt Gerard's muscles tense as the seconds ticked by. He sighed, knowing the answer from the start.
"No." Frank heard himself say and immediately felt the other's lips on his, firm and soft and searching. The fingers on his neck rose up to his cheek, leaving a trail of icy-hot warmth on his skin. Frank's lips followed Gerard's and Franked sucked in air through his nose when he felt something wet touch his lower lip. He opened his mouth, eyes widening as Gerard slowly slipped his own tongue inside. Frank had to widen his mouth to allow Gerard's tongue to wrap around his.
Frank pulled back, lungs burning for air. His face was flushed and his chest rose and fell rapidly. Gerard sat back on Frank's lap, smiling and pushing black hair away from his face. Frank couldn't stop himself from smiling back. He shifted his hips quickly but a whine escaped his throat. The kiss had him more flustered than he had anticipated. He looked up and saw Gerard smirking down at him. Gerard leaned down until his lips were next to Frank's ear again.
"Want some help?" Gerard's hot breath made Frank's lips press together and finger's grasp the sheets beside them. He quickly nodded his head and looked away. Gerard quickly kissed the soft skin at the base of Frank's neck, and turned Frank's face towards his own. Frank's hazel eyes met Gerard's and noticed his yes had turned dark. Gerard slid his body up until he was chest to chest with Frank. He leaned up on his elbows, black hair dangling, and ginned at Frank.
Gerard grinded his hips upwards, causing pleasure to run down Frank's spine. He grasped Gerard's shoulders and spread his legs further apart. His face heated up in embarrassment but he soon forget why as Gerard thrusted upwards again. He opened his mouth as hot air filled his lungs, his heart beating rapidly, ears buzzing as blood rushed downwards. Gerard started grinding quickly, creating a fast paced rhythm. Frank pressed his head back on the pillow beneath his head, mouth open, releasing quiet moans and whimpers. Frank opened his eyes and saw Gerard's mouth set in concentration, low groans vibrating in his chest.
Frank began feeling hot pressure build in his lower abdomen, toes curling and hands pressing against Gerard's back. Their pace began to quicken, both pressing their hips harder against one another, the pressure building, until with a silent scream, he woke up.
Frank jolted awake, white stars clouding his vision. He blinked several times as his brain began remembering his dream. Frank's eyes widened in shock and he quickly sat up.
"Fuck." Frank groaned at the stickiness in his boxers and let himself flop back down on his bed. He pressed the palms of his hands against his eyes as he tried to cool his heated body and regain control of his breathing. He shuddered as he remembered the feeling of Gerard's lips against his neck, his lips.
He felt like a dumbass, dreaming of this shit, especially now. Gerard was his best friend's brother, not to mention MALE, and he most likely thought that he was sleeping with Mikey, so why even bother. His chest ached as he remembered all the reasons why he couldn't even think of Gerard that way.
Frank got up and checked his bedside clock. Thankfully tomorrow was Saturday because Frank knew he wasn't going to sleep that night.
Frank walked to Mikey's place uninvited, knowing the other wouldn't mind. He let himself in, as he had been told to do so several times before and made his way to Mikey's room. He really needed to play some games with Mikey to forget his troubles for a couple of hours. What he didn't count on was walking in on Mikey getting some action. Thankfully, Mikey hadn't heard him walk in and neither ha d the guy on top of him. Frank watched in stunned silence as Mikey and the other guy groped each other through their clothes before quietly turning and shutting the door.
He leaned back against the door and shoved a hand through his hair, sighing and closing his eyes. He walked towards the end of the hall but stopped as he saw his reflection in an antique mirror. Pale skin and dark circles underneath blood shot eyes, and not to mention bed hair. Frank sighed in frustration and turned to walk down the stairs when he heard a door open. Frank turned to see who it was and his eyes widened as Gerard stuck his head out of his room. Not the person he necessarily wanted to see, especially after the dream he had a couple hours earlier.
"Oh! Mornin' Frank." Gerard said with a grin. Frank's knees turned jell-o.
"Mornin'" Frank said with a wave.
"Where's Mikey?" Gerard said, scrunching his eyebrows. Cute.
"Oh ahhh he's with a 'friend'" Frank said, emphasizing the 'friend' part, hoping Gerard would get the point. Gerard nodded, thankfully getting it and grinned. They stood in silence for a couple of minutes, neither sure what to say next, when Gerard spoke up.
"Soooo...wanna watch a movie?" Frank knew he should have said no, giving a number of excuses why and left, but heard his stupid mouth answer:
"Sure, why not?" He.Was.Dead.
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