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I'll Make This Perfect Again

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"I didn't mean those things I said to you" Miro :)

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I never thought my anger would get the better of me. I had always known not to say shit like that to you, the fact that it would bring up memories you much rather forget.
Damn I feel terrible, that one night, I just want to do over again, act like it never happened. I don't blame you if your pissed at me; I would be too if I was in your shoes.

I bit my bottom lip, thinking; a habit I had picked up at a young age.
We had a fight, big, and almost ruined our relationship...Scratch that, probably ruined our relationship.

"Ry what's wrong?" I asked, in a small voice, watching my angry boyfriend pace around the room, arms on his head.
"What's it to you? It isn't your fucking problem, just stay the fuck out of it." He snapped
"Please, I care. It isn't my problem, I know, but I care about you." I stood, and silently made my way over to where Ryan was now standing.
"Are you fucking kidding me? Nobody gives a damn about me Mikes! It's all just god dammed lies to make me feel fine. You say 'oh I care about you' and blah-blah-blah, when for all I know your fucking Brendon behind my back. Seriously I don't care if you give a damn about me, because it's just to help your reputation, help the fucked up one and everyone will love you. Well guess what, I really don't care, I thought we were meant to be, guess I was dead fucking wrong." Anger and fury filled his amber eyes, and I stepped back, words cutting into me like knives.
"What the fuck has gotten into you? The Ryan I know and love is, sweet, caring, amazing, and sure as hell doesn't act like his dad." That pushed it for him, soon he spun on me, face inches away from mine.
Ryan was right out pissed.
"Do.Not.Compare.Me.To.That.Peice.Of.Shit." I had crossed a line, it was obvious, but true.
His father George was a total ass, always drunk, and beat the living shit out of my poor innocent Ryan; the Ryan Ross I fell in love with, the same guy who had came to my house, all hours of the night. The Ryan who could tell me anything, and just leave it at that, the Ryan who was caring, and gentle towards me, almost like he had a fear that he was going to break me.
Not the guy standing in front of me; even though it was the same person, he was most defenitaly not my Ryan.
"I-I'm sorry, but it's true. Your not acting like yourself Ry, what's gotten into you?" He leaned in closer, so close in fact that the alcohol was plain obvious in his breath.
"Fuck.Off." He spun and stepped out the window, leaving me.
Alone, afraid and in tremendous pain.

End Flashback
I hadn't heard from him in days, and I was beginning to get worried, something could've happened to him, and the last thing I ever told him was he was acting like his father.
Perfect no chance he's going to forgive me.
"Mikey, it's fine. I known Ryan ever since we were kids, he just needs to cool down and then everything will go back to the way it was." Brendon spoke up, almost like he had just read my mind.
"Really? Has anyone ever compared him to his dad?" Brendon raised an eyebrow, letting out a slight laugh.
"You'd be suprised what people have said to him over the years; people who he wasn't head over heels for. Mikey, he is in love with you; that's all he talks about, how amazing you are, anything good about you." I felt a heat rise in my cheeks.
"Really?" I mumbled, heat filling my cheeks.
"Yeah, it's amazing, I never seen him act like that for anyone. Absolutley ANYONE." Brendon leaned in finishing his sentence
"What are you doing?" I asked, seeing my best-friend's face was inches from mine.
"Getting my point across." He shrugged and flopped backwards into his earlier position.
Almost falling asleep at the foot of my bed, it was actually quite humorus.
"What? Why are you laughing at me?" Brendon asked, eyes closed, still sprawled out along the end of my bed.
"You look like a dog." In response, he flipped me off.
"Aw, fuck you too." I joked, as we heard a knock at my door.
"Mikes?" Gerard's voice asked, opening the door.
"Yes Gee?" Brendon answered for me, as I 'accidentally' kicked him in the side of the head getting up.
"Someone's here for you." I raised an eyebrow in confusion.
Brendon obviously knowing something I didn't bolted up, nodded to me and left, claiming he 'forgot he had to do something at his house'.

"Who?" I asked crossing the room, opening the door the rest of the way, being greeted by a familair face.

"Forgive me?" Ryan asked, eyes filled with sorrow, regret and begging for forgiveness.
"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I said no?" He smirked, leaning over and gently placing his lips against mine.

Yeah, my first Miro, what'da think? :)
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