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Chapter 2 – Guilt over Cedric and Sirius Death

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Harry and Ducard stand overlooking the glacier.

Harry: My anger outweighs my guilt.

Ducard nods. Understanding. Then leads Harry into – Warriors spar in various groupings around the different levels. Harry watches Ninjas hanging upside down on pillars. Ducard shows him hand-spikes.

Ducard: The Ninja is thought invisible. But invisibility is largely a matter of patience.
A mezzanine level stacked with boxes and bottles. Ninjas pour powder into packets, mixing compounds.

Ducard takes a pinch of the powder – throws it down – pop! Harry flinches – Ducard smiles.

Ducard: Ninjitsu employs explosive powders.

Harry: As weapons?

Ducard hands Harry a pinch of the powder.

Ducard: Or distractions. Theatricality and deception are powerful agents. You must become more than just a man in the mid of your opponents.

Harry tosses the powder – on the small explosion we cut –

Harry and Ducard circle each other on the ice, swords poised to strike. Dark figures in the white and blue landscape. Ducard nods. Then strikes at harry, who deflects the blow using a silver gauntlet with three scallops (thick, hooklike projection). Ducard skids left, breath streaming… Harry steps sideways on the ice, his foot landing on a thin patch which creaks, water bubbling underneath.

Ducard: Mind your surroundings. Always.

Harry strikes – Ducard blocks with his own bronze gauntlet. Harry slips right and flies in with a short thrust – Ducards’ arm flips down in a backhand move. Ducard catches Harry’s sword in one of his scallops.

Ducard: Your friends’ Cedric death was not your fault…nor was the death of Sirius Black

Ducard rotates his arm, wrenching Harry’s sword from his grasp – it skids along the ice.
Ducard looks at Harry.

Ducard: It was his father’s fail to train him right. Sirius Black got overconfident and reckless

Harry, enraged, dives at Ducard, swinging at him with the scallops, furious, reckless. Ducard parries with his sword, they lock – noses inches apart, Harry breathing…angry…
Ducard: Anger will not change the fact your friend’s father failed to teach his son. Black had training and he behaved like a beginner with the fight against his cousin.

Harry: Pettigrew had a wand. So did Lestrange as well.

Ducard: Would that stop you?

Harry: I’ve had training.

Ducard: The training is nothing. The will is everything. The will to act –
Harry pushes Ducard back – Ducard strikes down at Harry with his sword… Harry blocks the strike with forearms crossed, slides between Ducard’s legs across the ice to where his sword lies. Grasping his sword he spins, sweeping at Ducard’s feet. Ducard leaps – Harry catches his foot, bring him down onto the ice. Harry thrust his sword at Ducard’s throat – Stops inches from Ducard’s bare neck. Ducard freezes, arms at his sides. Harry looks down at Ducard in triumph.

Harry: Yield.

Ducard shakes his head.

Ducard: You haven’t beaten me. You sacrificed sure footing for a killing stroke.

Ducard taps the ice beneath Harry’s feet with his sword – the ice gives way, plunging Harry through the surface. Ducard feeds a small fire. Harry rubs his arms, shivering violently against the hypothermia. Ducard looks at Potter.

Ducard: Rub your chest. Your arms will take care of themselves.

Harry rubs his torso.

Ducard: You’re stronger than your friend and his father.

Harry (eyes blazing): You didn’t know my friend or his father.

Ducard: But I know the rage that drives you…that impossible anger strangling the grief until you wished the rest of the people you love would disappear from your memory it is just like the basilisk venom in your veins… (Distant) And one day you catch yourself wishing the people you loved had never existed in your life so you’d be spared your pain.

Harry looks up at Ducard, struck by his words.

Ducard: I wasn’t always here in the mountain. Once I had a wife. My great love. (Looks into fire.) She was taken from me by a Death Eater. Like you, I was forced to learn that there are those without decency. Who must be fought without hesitation or pity? (Looks at Harry.) Your anger gives you great power, but if you let it, it will destroy you. As it almost did me.
Harry: What stopped it?

Ducard: Vengeance.

Harry nods. Bitter.

Harry: That’s no help to me.

Ducard: Why…?

Ducard watches Harry face off against a shaven-headed warrior. As they spar, shouting from across the monastery distracts Harry and he gets put down. Ducard shakes his head.

Ducard: Childish, Potter.

Harry sits there, looking over as two warriors drag a screaming man towards a cage…

Harry: Who is he?

Ducard: He was a farmer. Then he tried to take his neighbor’s land and became a murderer…

Harry watches them lock the Murderer into the cage…

Ducard: Now he’s a prisoner.

The cage is winched ten feet off the ground. The murderer’s arms hang through the cage. He is whimpering.

Harry: What will happen to him?

Ducard: Justice. Crime cannot be tolerated – criminals thrive on the indulgence of society’s “understanding”. You know this from your own experience.

Harry nods, staring at the Murderer in the cage, troubled. Ducard watches Harry. Harry remembered one time when he was very little about four or five. He remembered being hungry and with his relatives at a farmer market. He had been walking with his relative when he stopped to look at some fruit.

Harry: The first time you steal…so that you don’t starve…you lose many assumptions about the simple nature of right and wrong.

Young Harry picks up an apple from a stack to examine it. He takes a plum with his other hand and placed it in his baggy pants to hide it. He took a second and a third before he replaced the apple. Harry then runs to one of the other stalls so he could hide beneath one of the tables to eat his stolen fruit. A child from off the streets see him eating the fruit and his even more dirty and ragged then Harry was. Harry placed the second plum on the ground. The child takes the plum and runs off with it. Harry licked his fingers clean then eaten the third plum.

Harry: As I traveled, I learned…in my neighbor how to steal to eat. I would get capture a few times but not all that often. I felt fear sometimes before I would steal food…but after I got the food I was thrill of success. 
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