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Arab People Problems

by ShadowSouls 16 reviews

My accent sucks balls. I can hardly pronounce MCR's names...Wanna hear it?

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I posted something earlier asking you guys about how you pronounce Alicia's name.

The best thing is that I got mixed answers, so I still have yet to discover the mysteries of English pronunciation.

I'm kinda annoyed at the fact that when I hear you guys speak in videos your accents sound so cool and orgasmic, and I just sound really retarded.

You know what "Gerard" in arabic is? IT'S JORAR and there is no D in the end, for real. I actually feel grateful I can at least say Gererd instead of jorar, that would be bad.

I'm guessing most of you haven't heard an Egyptian accent, before? Well, leave me in the reviews ANY RANDOM SHIT you want me to say, and I'll say it in a recording!

A friend of mine of the internet (she's from Dublin) Got me to say a sentence for her and this is what she replied:


Well, I'm glad that you found that entertaining, so maybe the next time I travel I shall keep my mouth shut.
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