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Chapter One: Introduction and The Side Walk

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Introduction to Devin and she meets Pete on the sidewalk

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Devin stared at herself in the mirror, hating every inch of her body. She hated her dark, straight hair. Her deep brown eyes were so hideous. She was ugly. Tears streamed down her pale face as she pulled the blade out of the bathroom drawer. The bittersweet smell of fresh blood filled the air. She watched as the blood, her blood, swirled around and around in circles until it reached the drain. She ran the tap over the blade and her wrist, washing away every trace of blood, and carefully placed it back in the bathroom drawer.

"Devin!" someone called her name as she walked down the busy Chicago sidewalk. She spun around and found herself face to face with Pete. He caught up to her and they kept walking.
"Nice hoodie." He said with a grin.
She looked down at her black Clandestine hoodie and smiled.
He liked to point it out whenever she wore something from his clothing line.
"You never showed up last night." He said, referring to the party he had hosted the previous evening. Devin cringed slightly at the thought of what she had been doing while her friends were at Pete's place.
"I wasn't feeling well." she lied pathetically, not looking at him.
He frowned and Devin watched his eyes trail down to her wrists, which she quickly buried in the sleeves of her sweater.
"Oh. Too bad." Pete answered dryly, not looking convinced. Him and the others had talked about what was going on with Devin. Joe had said he noticed once that there were thin, nearly invisible scars on her wrist, and it worried them all.
He studied her face as they walked. She had been really pretty until Kevon moved in with her. Then she had started dressing in baggy clothes that hid her, and always combed her hair into her eyes. Their entire group had always been slightly emo, but it was getting ridiculous with Devin. Pete noticed a trace of blue on her pale face.
"What's that?" he asked, gently brushing his finger against the bruise.
"Nothing." Devin said rather quickly.
"Kevon hit you again, didn't he."
"No." Yes, thought Devin, But it's my fault.
"Devin, look, me and the others will go over there, help you get your stuff toge-"
"Pete, it's nothing." Snapped Devin rather hysterically, "I was mouthing off, I needed it."
Pete stopped short in his tracks. He grabbed Devin by the shoulders and spun her around to face him.
"Devin, you never need it. Never, do you understand me?" he said firmly, looking into her eyes.
Devin tore her gaze away from him, and shrugged without an answer. Pete dropped his hands, and they kept walking.
"I've gotta go. Me'n the others will be at Patrick's place tonight, ok? Come. We haven't seen you in weeks."
"I'll try." Devin replied.
"No, Dev, you will. Please." Pete stated the last word as a phrase, not a question, and looked pleadingly into Devin's eyes.
Pete turned around and walked away. Devin sighed and headed towards home.

"Where were you?" demanded Kevon.
Devin shuffled her feet nervously.
"With who?"
Devin hesitated. Kevin didn't like the fact that her best friends were guys.
"Pete." She finally mumbled, looking down at the cigarette-burnt carpet.
He glared at Devin for a moment.
"At least it wasn't that Patrick."
Kevon was incredibly jealous of Patrick. Him and Devin went way back to high school, even though there had never been anything more than friendship. They were very close.
Devin sensed that it was going to be a good night between her and Kevon, so she crossed over to the couch and sat down beside him.
"Can I go to Pete's house tonight?" she asked, knowing that if she said Patrick's house he'd say no.
"Because I haven't seen my friends in a long time."
Kevon sighed.
"I thought we could watch a movie, or something."
Devin didn't like the "or something" part.All the more reason's to get out, she thought.
"Fine." He replied sulkily.
Devin kissed his cheek.
"Thank you."
She rushed into their bedroom, deciding what to wear. Kevin rarely let her go out. She pulled of the black Clandestine hoodie and slipped into her neon green "Break Dance, not Hearts." Tank top, Clandestine as well. She pulled on some faded jeans and a pair of purple Vans. She felt like being colorful tonight. She combed her hair and did her makeup, something she rarely did now a-days. She covered the cuts on her wrist with a terry cloth wristband. She stepped out into the living room. Kevon raised an eyebrow.
"You're sure colorful tonight."
Devin shrugged, not looking at him. She was dreading the question...
"Is Patrick going to be there?"
"Ah...I dunno. Pete didn't say."
"I don't know if you should go..."
"Please, Kevon, I really want to."
Kevin looked at her hard.
"Don't be late getting home, ok?"
She smiled at him and ran out the door, grabbing her purse as she did so.
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