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Goodbye, Granddad

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Not about MCR but about my granddad..

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Dear Pop,

I miss you. So much. You died of cancer when I was so young.. And I never got to say goodbye properly. What kind of goodbye is over the phone?
We got the call that you died in the middle of Bambi. And I've never watched it since. I don't think I could, anyway. I'd cry too hard.
I wore a pink dress to your funeral. I wish now I had worn black. I cried, yes, I cried. I loved you. So much.
I've changed since you last saw me. I've grown up, gotten taller, dyed my hair blonde, ginger and brown. It's a golden brown now, you would've liked it. I listen to different music too. More rock, punk stuff. It makes me feel good.
I'm still your Clairebear though. I always will be.
I'm still being bullied. Teased, tormented, because I'm different. It's awful, it's made me done stupid things. And I wish you could've been here to help me through this.
And I'm crying hard now.
Do you remember the last words I said to you? Over the phone, after you helped me with my family tree?
Kenneth Willis, the last words I ever, ever said to you were "I love you".
I hope you remember me. I was a crying child, and now I'm a tear-stained teenager.
Claire Isabella Willis, the savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned.
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