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The Dollshop

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In a world where 'nobodies' become 'somebodies'when they are given a living breathing Doll. What will happen when Frank gets Gerard, his doll.

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This story does not belong to me it is the creation of byond_redemptn I read the story years ago. It was never finished. I thought it was a shame. So I am going to finish this story and do corrections and revisions. But it is not my story. However I am giving it my touch.
Sincerely, Philosopher Queen

The Doll Shop, a store where people come to claim a friend.
A friend to love and cherish for all eternity.
A Doll
Each doll is unique.
Each doll is different.
Each doll is alive.
Their styles range from dark and cryptic to excited bible thumpers.
Each Doll comes with an instruction manual on how to maintain and keep up their well being; how to keep them alive.

This store is for the outcasts of society, for those that feel so alone that it crushes them.
The Doll shop provides the means to fill the void that fills us with blackness when we’ve been cast out.
When so many people surround you, there is sometimes no one there to catch you when you fall. Except us.

This shop is for you.


He stood at the entrance, just staring at the fluttering piece of paper that he had found neatly folded inside his locker.

He had expected it to be another threat, another message telling him that he deserved to die, “fucked up faggot” that he was. Since they were so common and so true.

But this was the last thing he hadn’t expected on receiving; this was a unfeasible to him; instructions to The Doll shop. It had to be a mistake

The Doll shop was talked about constantly, everyone that had been a “no-body” was considered “somebody” after leaving the shop with their chosen doll. It was as if by having a doll you were, dare we say, normal?

Though Frank doubted that he would be considered “somebody”, even if he did leave with a doll; his heart however did skip a beat at the notion of having someone, anyone.

He sighed.

Is this really what he wanted?

To be stared at, no, to be glared at (even more) because he was ‘lucky’ enough to be given a Doll? Would this save him or destroy him?

He laughed harshly.
As if he cared!

Ever since he had started high school, people had been calling him names, starting fights, threatening him.
He had lost count of the number of times he had been called into the principles office. And it was never his fault! He never provoked them. Unless being who he was some how provoked their rage.

They just came up to him, pushing their revolting faces right up against his as if they wanted to make out with him. Then they would in raspy voices hiss the word “Faggot” in his face, suffocating him in toxic fumes that escaped from their mouths.

Getting a Doll wouldn’t change that. Nothing would.

“Fuck them.” He muttered.
“I’ll do what I want.”
And with that he crumbled the flyer and walked in to the store; his heart beating harder than ever.

A tiny bell singled his entrance as he walked in.

The first thing he noticed as his eyes adjust to the dark was the different Dolls placed around the room. Each standing in a different pose, each dressed differently, but all with the same vacant look on their face.
Each positioned perfectly still.
Frank shuddered despite himself.
It was unnatural the way their empty eyes bore into him

He looked down out his scuffed Chuck Taylors, trying to ignore the silent Dolls around him.
He shifted from foot to foot.
Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea.

“May I help you?”

Frank jumped slightly as a voice broke through his tangled thoughts and his eyes rose to meet those of a woman standing in front of him. Eyes that so dark and eerie that they seemed to melt into the shop.
She was slender and tall almost as if she towered over Frank. Her clothes were bright and flowery.

Child like almost.

She wasn’t what he expected.

Her face is what intrigued him the most.

Her face which he had always heard in whispers was supposed to be horridly deformed.
She was supposed to be a freak herself.
But she seems far from it.
Her face was perfect and flawless.

“Um, yeah, I, uh.”
He pulled out the scrunched piece of paper from inside his jacket pocket and tentatively handed it to the woman.

”I found this in my locker.”

The woman frowned down at the piece of paper.

Franks heart stopped for a moment. Was it a prank? Had he gotten it wrong? Was it not really meant for him?

Then she smiled.

Frank let out a small sigh of relief.

“Ah yes, Frank, we’ve been waiting for you. Follow me.” With that she turned and slipped through a dark curtain Frank hadn’t noticed before.

Frank looked around and quickly followed the woman as her yellow dress slipped into the darkness ahead of him.

He didn’t want to be left any longer with these immobile Dolls.

As he walked behind her a thought entered his mind.

Who else had been waiting on him?
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