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Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen

I made my way out of the room keeping to the wall in the dark and finally came back to the cells. A gasp caught in my throat when I saw Dr. Lawrence staring down at me with a woman at his side. She was looking at me like she wasn't quite sure what I was. I already hated those cold green eyes that stared down at me.

"What exactly are you doing?" He questioned, his brows knitting together.

"Research." I replied, standing up and holding out the file to him.

He took it, glanced down at the name, and sighed heavily. "This is no secret. Everybody knows my son was a patient here before....before we lost him. So what exactly are you trying to prove here, Jared?"

I looked at the woman who harshly looked back. "He suffered from the same things I did...Didn't he?"

Dr. Lawrence stiffened then as if he had forgotten those minor details. He tucked the folder under his arm and nodded. "I suppose that he did. Unfortunate business, is it not?"

"So what is it? Some kind of plague?" I demanded.

Slowly he shook his head. "A coincidence I assume."

I let out a mocking laugh which the woman there seemed to thoroughly disapprove of. "A coincidence is your only excuse? That's hilarious!"

"We can come back another time...leave the patient to rant?" The woman suggested, looking to Dr. Lawrence and tugging on the arm of his coat.

He moved his arm away from her and shook his head before he looked back to me calmly. "What is it that you think is going on? Honestly?"

I matched his cold stare and tried to think of a million possibilities that I had yet to map out in my head. The pieces hadn't even touched together yet, nothing had made a pattern and I was left with nothing at all to say.

"Exactly. Now this here is an outside doctor, she wishes to study you, talk to you, help you."

"Much like you have done?" I questioned sarcastically.

"Please Jared don't act like this."

"Why not? I'm the crazy one."

"You aren't crazy, Jared. You're just not well." The woman took on a voice of compassion that hardly befit her.

"What's going to happen next, Dr.Lawrence? Am I going to kill myself like your son did?"

"Dr.Lawrence's son didn't kill himself!" The woman declared defensibly. I could tell we were going to be friends.

Dr. Lawrence looked at her almost angered by her sudden words. He looked back to me and then down at the file in his hands.

"Yes he did....and I don't want you ever mentioning him again." He gestured the woman with him and together they turned back towards the door as if I had become something of a lost cause.

"How many was he supposed to have killed?" I called out, exasperated in my constant empty answered questions.

They left without answering and I remained there alone. I could have stood there for hours wishing that someone would just help me to understand everything that was happening but a noise coming from the room I had just entered caught my attention. It was a voice, calling my name and slowly- almost cautiously- I approached it.
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