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A quick note - update

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hey everyone. it's justin over here.
so as you may have quite probably noticed, this fic is proceeding quite slowly. the reasons are two, mainly.
one is my fluctuating health, both mental and physical (without getting into too much detail, boys can get eating disorders and a load of other "girl" problems too).
the other is my need to pull my grades up. school will be out in a little over two weeks, so i need to get as much work done as i can.
hence, there's a very VERY slight chance this darling fic will be updated in the next couple of weeks.
however, i will be back and i will actually get this baby properly on track, and that's a promise.

so hang on in there, and see you in two weeks.

stay strong, stay fast, stay dangerous (dang i'm so cheesy SO CHEESY)



School finished two days ago! Yay! And my grades were, in fact, pulled up.
there's a new issue: I'm getting emergency (not really emergency, but I have been recklessly putting it off for far too long) foot surgery TOMORROW. After that, I have to spend 10 days lying down to recover.
I'm sorry, lovelies, but updates are gonna have to wait a little longer (I am, though, still writing! Just haven't had the time to properly edit my stuff and upload it here!).
So hang on in there, babies.
Good things come to those who wait.
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