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*Not a story. Just girl problems. CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE HELP?

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Okay, so some of y'all may remember my previous "love" story. Well. That ended painfully. Turns out I was just a little lesbian experience. I... Cannot express how fucking MUCH that hurts. Well, now there's even more girl problems for little ol' me.

See: somebody who is quite literally unaware of my existence.

Not that I blame her! She goes to the school where my dad teaches. Which... Is a really artsy rich-kid school. .___. Somewhere, I have no chance of going; let alone a chance of getting to know her!

I saw her in a production of Romeo and Juliet. She was playing Romeo.

She like... She made me FEEL something. And we have so many common interests! We both love acting, Shakespeare, we both direct/write shorts, we're both writers... She is way too good for me, honestly. I may have deserved better than my last girlfriend, but never THAT good!

I don't know what to do.

I can't Facebook her, because I have my dads last name, and she would be undoubtedly creeped out.

There's a Shakespeare thing I'm doing this summer, and I want her to audition, but the auditions are in a week. And I have no way of asking her.




What should my next step be? I actually feel a lot like Romeo right now. When he's all, "I can't not thi about her, unless you teach how not to think."


He's a LITTLE bit more graceful than that.
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