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The Trip of a Lifetime

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Seto's got another day at the office, when he finds a note with the familiar handwriting of his younger sibling on it. What's it say?

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SoulSushi: I'm baaaaaaaack! Ya miss me? :3
Seto: No, I'd rather you go away.
Mokuba: Don't be mean bro! What's the story about?
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Seto Kaiba stormed into his office. He really wasn’t in the mood today. He had several meetings, all with people he didn’t trust or didn’t like, and knew that today was going to be just as rubbish as the rest of them.
Except that today, he would be wrong.
He walked over to his desk, keen to start on the mound of paperwork that had started to stack up. On his desk, a small envelope had been left, addressed to him. He smirked as he opened it, immediately recognising the handwriting.
After all, who wouldn’t know their own sibling's handwriting?
His eyes shifted quickly across the page. Mokuba may have only just turned sixteen, but he was now very independent.
I have gone on a business trip to Egypt. Hobson has probably read this note, so you may already be aware of this.
Seto hadn’t passed their shared butler on the way in this morning, but the envelope had indeed been opened beforehand. Just as Seto was about to place the letter to the side, he spotted something on the back.
‘P.S. bro, the Blue Eyes has been fed.’
What on earth had he meant by that? Seto stared around his office, his eyes finally lingering on the statue of the blue eyes white dragon he had had made.
And sure enough, there was a slip of paper hanging from its mouth. Hobson wouldn’t have known what a blue eyes was, so Mokuba had meant this note for only Seto’s eyes.
But why had his little brother gone to such lengths to keep it hidden from Hobson?
Seto uncurled the piece of paper.
‘Dear bro,
It’s not actually a business trip. I’ve left the country to think. I hope you can forgive me for taking time off of work.
I know you’ll be worried about me, but there is no need. This note is probably the hardest thing I have and will ever have to write, but it needs to be done. I can’t keep secrets from you anymore Seto.
It started when I turned eleven. You were going out with that Teá girl. I used to question you about what it was like. I bet you don’t remember.
I hated her Seto. She was nice, but she took you away from me, and I felt jealous. I started having dreams where you weren’t going out with Teá, but with me instead. And I liked those dreams. They were good.
Then as I got older, the dreams changed, and became more...erotic, I suppose.
I think you can see where this is leading.
I think, that over the years, I’ve developed a ‘thing’ for you Seto, and recently, it’s been hard to resist, so I’m taking a break from you.
I know it’s wrong because brothers aren’t meant to feel things like that for each other. It’s why I’m going away. I won’t be gone long, but when I get back, I want us to still be the brothers we’ve always been. I don’t want things to change, and I don’t want you to hate me.
I want to carry on being your Mokie.
Lots of love, Mokuba xxx’.
Seto stared at the letter, re-reading it in his head and aloud, just to make sure that he had read it correctly and wasn’t imagining things. After about ten minutes of this, he thumped his fist on the desk.
Grabbing the phone from his desk, he dialled the number of his secretary.
“I’m taking a week’s holiday. Cancel all of my meetings.”
“But Mr Kaiba sir, you have twenty six meetings this week. You want me to cancel all of them?”
“You heard me. I have something more important to deal with.” He slammed the phone back down, and turned to his laptop.
Now all he needed where the times for the next flight to Egypt.
Mokuba stared out of his bedroom window, glaring at the desert sun. Why did one of the most amazing places in the world make him feel so lonely?
The sand mixed with the wind in small swirls outside. Mokuba was so busy focusing on them; he didn’t notice someone enter his room. It wasn’t until said person started rapping their fingers on the table that Mokuba even realised he wasn’t alone.
Slowly, he turned around.
He gulped.
“S-S-Seto?” Mokuba stared at him up and down. There was no jacket for the first time in years, just a black turtleneck sweater that was brilliantly tight on the older Kaiba’s chest and abdominal muscles.
“Hey Mokuba.” Mokuba pressed himself up against the wall, as far away from his older sibling that he could.
“What are you doing here, Seto?” The confused teen asked, long black hair swishing behind his back.
“Responding to your letter in person.” Mokuba shook his head.
“You hate me, don’t you Seto? You’ve come to tell me how disgusting I am, how I’m fired, how I’m never to go back home...” He looked up into Seto’s eyes for the first time, tears slowly forming. One made its way down his tanned cheek.
“Haven’t you?” Seto shook his head, and walked over to his brother, gently cupping one cheek in his hand and wiping away the single tear with his thumb.
“I would never say that Mokie. It hurts me to think that you thought I’m a monster who could even think about that.” Mokuba stared at his brother, grabbing his hand and nuzzling it.
“So you don’t hate me?” Seto smirked, and pulled Mokuba’s chin up so that blue eyes could meet with blue eyes.
“Of course not, dummy.” Seto pulled Mokuba’s face forward so their lips met. Just as they were about to pull away from the short peck, Seto sucked on Mokuba’s bottom lip, causing him to groan and open his mouth. Seto’s tongue danced along his Mokie’s teeth, before tying with Mokuba’s own.
After a few minutes of this, they separated, Mokuba collapsing into the crook of Seto’s neck, and both panting uncontrollably.
“I love you too, you fool.” Mokuba stared up at his older sibling, confused out of his skull.
“You what?”
“The only things that have stopped me saying so before are the fact we’re brothers, the age gap and the fear of rejection.” Mokuba stared at Seto in shock.
“You were afraid that I would reject you? But that’s insane! So what if we’re brothers? If we want to be together, nobody can tell us otherwise! The age gap is what, seven years? That’s no biggy!” Mokuba seductively slid a hand down Seto’s chest, testing the waters, and managed to get a shiver from the older Kaiba.
“And how could I ever reject you when you walk into my room wearing such tight sexy clothing, and corner me, basically telling me all my fantasies could come true? I can’t resist that...” He started sucking on Seto’s neck, making him moan.
“Mokie...stop...” Mokuba looked up at his brother.
“Not yet. You’re too confused. Give it time to sink in.” Mokuba shook his head.
“I have never felt less confused in my life. I know what I want right now, and what I want is you.”
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