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The Ghost of You

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Frank's dead and gone...well, maybe not GONE... *SUPERNATURAL FRERARD*

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He was gone. My Frankie, my Frankenstein, my midget, my baby, my boyfriend, my everything...he was gone. One stupid drunk driver, one stupid car accident, and he was gone forever, leaving me with nothing but tears and pain.

The funeral passed in a blur. I sat staring at the black casket seated at the front of the church, as Mikey tried to comfort me in vain. I got up and delivered the eulogy, letting the words slide off my tongue like butter, not thinking about what I was saying. We all lined up to say our last goodbyes to the lifeless body laying on a bed of satin. Minutes passed, and it was my turn, staring at his face, beautiful even in death. A single tear ran down my cheek as I whispered my final “I love you” and kissed his soft forehead one last time.

The coffin was taken outside to the cemetery adjacent to the chapel. The coffin was lowered gently into the predug hole. I turned away as the dirt was layered down ontop, unable to watch them bury my baby. Instead, I closed my eyes and turned my face into the gently drizzling rain that feebly attempted to wash away the misery of the day.

Finally, the sounds of dirt falling and shovels working stopped. The crowd of black garbed mourners slowly dispersed. I made my way to my car and got in.

As I drove home, I stopped at a liquor store and bought some vodka. I had not allowed alcohol to touch my tastebuds in years, but it seemed like an appropriate time to pick the habit back up. There was misery that needed drowning.

When I arrived at the small apartment me and Frank had shared, I poured myself a shot of the newly acquired liquid. I gazed at the conjoined kitchen and living room I was standing in as I knocked the shot back. Frank’s possessions were still strewn around since I could not bring myself to clean them up.

After I had consumed my first shot of the clear drink, I poured myself another. I repeated this process until the just purchased bottle was about halfway gone. At that point, I didn’t have enough coordination to pour myself anymore, or even stand. I slid down the counter I had been leaning against, and passed out on the floor.


When I woke up, I had a throbbing pain in my temples and stars in my eyes. “Frank, I groaned, calling out to my boyfriend in the hope of him bringing me some pain killers. Then I remembered that he was gone. Fresh tears pricked my eyes, and I resigned myself to just lay on the cold, slick floor until the hangover passed which I knew from experience could take hours. Then I heard something so wonderful, I doubted I was even awake.

“Gerard,” I heard a soft, oh so familiar voice call from my right, “Gerard, I’m trying to get through the barrier. Say something if you can hear me.”

“Frank,” I nearly whispered, not daring to believe my own ears, “Is that you?”

I heard of cry of joy from where I had heard the voice. “You can hear me!” it exclaimed, “They all said I wouldn’t be able to do it. And yes, Gerard, it’s me. It’s Frank! I’m here again! Oh god, I miss you so much, honey. The afterlife ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, not without you here.”

I felt a single tear of complete joy run down my cheek and said, “I miss you so damn much baby. It’s only been a week, but it feels like a lifetime without you by my side. The other guys all feel the same way. We miss you so fucking much.”

I turned my head to the side to try to get a glimpse of Frank, but saw nothing. “Can I see you?” I asked, “Or are you just a voice?”

“I’m just auditory right now,” Frank sighed, “I’m trying to achieve visible form, but it’s difficult doing just this.” He paused for a moment, and I could almost see him standing there, his thinking face on. “Maybe if we go to where I was buried,” he said slowly, “Maybe it’ll be easier since I’ll be closer to my human form.”

I was already ecstatic beyond belief just being able to hear his voice again. The thought of being able to see his gorgeous face again, full of joy and life, had me on the verge of breaking into tears again, this time from joy.

“Let’s go!” I practically yelled, pulling myself up off the floor, ignoring the crippling pain in my head. I threw on a jacket and grabbed my car keys u=in about five seconds flat.

“You’re certainly eager aren’t you?” I heard Frank laugh. “I can see you, y’know.”

“So you saw me passed out on the floor earlier?” I asked, suddenly feeling ashamed.

“Yes,” Frank said, obviously trying to keep emotion out of his voice. “But I don’t blame you. I would have done the exact same thing.”

i didn’t think that was true, but I was grateful for Frank’s understanding anyway. I simply nodded in response and opened the door to my apartment, went down to the garage and got into the car. I guess Frank must have followed me, since when I popped in a Misfits CD, I heard him singing along. We drove like that all the way to the graveyard, him singing, and me listening to the voice I never thought I’d hear again, except in recordings.

When we finally arrived at the small church, Frank said, “Yep, this is the place. I can feel me close by. Can you take me to my grave?”

“Sure,” I answered, getting out of the car and looking around. Luckily, the cemetery was deserted, save for a few pigeons.

I quickly strode through the rows of headstones. I wondered if any of these people’s loved ones had gone through what was happening to me. I liked to think that my situation was unique, but I knew that was probably untrue.

I quickly found Frank’s grave, the newest on the lot. I heard Frank sigh in content next to me.
“I can feel it,” he said, “The bridge is stronger here. You see, there’s a wall between this world, and the world I belong in right now. It’s pretty hard to break. But if you can find a crack, you can seep through. And basically when you’re near your human body or remains, if you were cremated, that crack can become wider.”

I nodded along to his words, then saw a faint shimmering from the direction his voice was coming from. I turned towards it, and gasped in shock and delight. I could see the faint outline of a short man forming in the glow.

“It’s working,” Frank said, “I can show you myself now. And don’t worry, I look fine. Not a scratch from the car crash on me.”

The outline was growing stronger now, more definitive. I started to be able to see details like muscles and skin tone. Then the faint markings of his facial features came into view. Then they became more distinct. Then I was able to see his deep, brown eyes, dancing with life once more.
I could feel the tears of joy falling from my eyes now, and his appeared to be moist too. He smiled at me, and I smiled back, feeling happier than I ever had before.

I reached out to touch his cheek, but stopped myself, unsure. Frank nodded and said, “I can achieve full form, but only here. Once we leave, I may be able to retain my shape, but you won’t be able to touch me.”

With those words, he lunged forward and crashed his lips against mine. Fireworks exploded in my head, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I never thought I would feel these sensations again. After Frank had died, I was done with love. But now he was back, if just in a cemetery, and it would be okay. I wrapped my arms tight around my Frankie, my Frankenstein, my midget, my baby, my boyfriend, my everything...he was here.

A/N: So that's what I've been writing instead of RLS!(which I WILL work on over the weekend) I've had the idea for about 6 months now, but just got around to writing it. Please, please, PLEASE R&R. I'm really proud of this, and I wanna know what y'all think.
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