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Heaven Help Me

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Abagail Preston's life isn't exactly perfect. At the age of 4, with her father out of the picture, and her mother a lazy drug addict, witnessed her mother's murder. 11 years she's been in an orphan...

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all started when I was only 4 years old. My mother was a lazy drug addict, and my father wasn't in the picture. We had lived in an old worn down house in New Jersey. Belleview, New Jersey. to be exact. On the outside, the house looked normal, decent. But on the inside, that was a whole different story....

Mother didn't really do anything, really. She always locked herself up in her room, all day. I hardly ever got to see her. I had to fend for myself. It was hard, since there was never really any food in the house. We couldn't afford food, mother didn't have a job. She couldn't even keep one for a week, if not less....

(Note: This is my new story, it is a MCR story, of course. But MCR doesn't come until chapter 2 or 3... so.... be patient! Oh, can you guess who Abagails father is? ;) is it Gerard, Mikey, Frank or Way? Person who gets it right wins a... COOKIE!)

One morning, I woke up to loud screaming and banging, at maybe around 7. The noise was coming from mothers room. I rubbed my sleepy eyes, and climbed out of bed. I shivered when my skin met the cold floor. As, I got closer to mother's room, the door bursts open. It startled me. I jumped, my eyes widening, as I heard mother let out another scream, and then I heard a man's voice.


I grew confused. What was this man talking about? What was a ''dick''?. I peeked my head in to see. My mother was on the floor, on her hands and knees, naked, in front of the man,who was also naked, and standing. The man moaned and tugged at my mother's hair. ''Oh, fuck yeah.'' He grunted. I heard slurping noises.

I didn't know what they were doing, but I felt this tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach.The man turned slightly, and I now had access to see my mother more clearly. She was sucking on something, like a lollipop, and the man must like it, he was moaning. Her mouth pulled away, and the thing she was sucking on, popped out of her mouth. What was that thing? It was pointing towards mother, and it looked kind of icky. It was all wet and covered in white goo...

''HOLY SHIT!'' My mother exclaimed, immediately pushing the guy of my eye sight.

''What the fuck?'' The man asked.

''M-My daughter. She was watching us, Steve.''

''So? She can join.''

''What the hell, Steve? My daughter? You want my fucking daughter to? That's fucking sick, you sick perverted asshole! Abagail, go to your room, and Steve, get the fuck out of my house!''

''Don't tell me what to do woman! I leave when I damn well feel like it!'' He roared, slapping mother's face, leaving behind a red mark. I gasped. How dare he!

''DON'T HURT MY MOMMY, YOU MONSTER!'' I screamed, kicking the man in his knee,as hard as I can. The man looked down at me, snarling.

''Hurt her, I swear to god-.'' My mother threatned, pulling me into her arms, protectively.The man reaches down and picks up a sharp metal object laying on the floor, near his pants.

''Lindsey, baby. Cime on, you and I both know you don't give a damn about the brat, stop the-''

Mother pushed me behind her, as she quickly snatched the sharp object from him. ''Don't you dare talk about her like that!''

The guy laughed, before punching my mother square in the face. She stumbled back, before falling to the ground, hand covering face. He started kicking her in the stomach, making me watch.

''STOP IT!'' I screamed. ''STOP HURTING MY MOMMY!''

''You whore.'' He spat. ''Choosing the brat, over me.'' Raising the sharp object in the air, he grinned. ''Have fun in hell!'' He plunged the knife into mother's stomach.

''NO!'' I screamed.

~ ~ ~

I gasped, sitting up. I wiped the sweat on my forehead, with the back of my palm. When will these nightmares ever end? Steve killed my mother right in fucking front of me. Then, the sick bastard proceeded to rape her dead body, afterwards.

It's been 11 years now. I've been in BelleView Orphanage ever since. The other kids stay away from me. I was some emotionally and physically damaged freak to them.

''How are you feeling, Abagail?'' Linda, the caretaker asked me, at my session. ''I had another nightmare.''' I told her, staring blankly at the wall behind her. ''They get worser every night.''

''Uh huh, tell me, what was last night's about?'' She asked, writing down stuff on her little notepad. I told her everything I could remember.

''Well, sweetie. This is normal. It was a traumatizing event for you. No child should ever get to go through what you have been through.''

I did. I snorted. Of course, I had to be the unlucky one.

''I have some good news.'' She told me.

''What could possibly be good? Everything's been bad so far.'' I rolled my eyes, sitting back, crossing my arms to my chest.

''We found your father.''

A/N: So what do you think?! Who's her father? ;) Gerard, Mikey, Frank or Ray.

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