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Does this sound like a good idea?

by XxxFallenAngelXxxx 7 reviews

If I have sufficent intrest in the idea, I will write it an possibly hold auditions.

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So as the title explains, I have an idea for a story but as I am not 100% certain whether it is any good or not, I would really love it if you guys could tell me what you think.
It will, as most of my other stories, be a frerard. Unless I get a lot of people requesting some other pairing.
So the basic idea is that Frank has an identical twin brother who even their family find it difficult to tell apart by looks alone. Frank is an arrogant slut with little respect for anyone. His brother is the complete opposite and attends Gerard`s university. Gerard has a crush on Frank`s nicer, not slutty twin but is too shy to talk to him. But Gerard`s feelings are unrequited, as Twin likes Gerard`s best friend, who is a lesbian and in love with a straight girl that is with Mikey. One day Gerard bumps into Frank and Frank decides that he will be his next one night stand. To complicate things further, Gerard believes that Frank is the other twin.
If anyone likes the idea then I will write it and possibly hold auditions for the part of the twin, Mikey`s girlfriend and Gerard`s best friend.
Also, if anyone an idea for a title it would be much apreciated.
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