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Well, did you come here to watch me drown? (For my Malec.)

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Pulling me down,
dragging me to the grave
Pushing me around,
You'll be following me down,
'Cause I'm the one laughing' now
Never thought I'd be
No, you never thought I'd be
Never could see
That I'm laughing now

It might not happen now
But taking me down,
to drown,
We'll see who's laughing now
As you dig our graves together

You may have made me,
You may have graved me,
But I'm still the one
Who's laughing now

And I, I'll never be just like you
This cloning experiment didn't work,
This lie wasn't beautiful,
This lie was just like you

It was cold,
It was angry,
it was fake and it destroyed me
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