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Gerard's overprotective. Mikey's less than innocent. And Pete... He's Pete. Short PIKEY one-shot. Read, review, rate and feel my love! :P

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“And why should I let you date my baby brother?”

Pete doesn’t even need to think before he answers the raven-haired boy’s question. The answer is obvious to him, so obvious in fact that he should probably think twice about it because, well, nothing is ever that easy. But Pete’s Pete and so he thinks nothing of it’s over-obviousness.

Perhaps if he had the person he was speaking to in mind rather than aforementioned person’s baby brother and the kind of things said baby brother can do that are far from babyish, Pete would stop to think. Alas, in the mind of Pete Wentz, wet daydreams trump thinking about the vampiric guy glaring at him tenfold.

“Nothing beats being inside Mikey.”

The younger yet more intimidating of the pair punches him, apparently not caring that they’re in the middle of a little kids’ play park.

And that’s when Pete does stop to think, largely because Gerard punches hard, dammit. Hard enough to knock some sense into the red-and-black-haired adolescent. It’s the punch that makes him realise how it must have sounded to the ears of the overprotective big brother, how much of a pervert he’s making himself out to be.

Not that he isn’t.

Pete wipes a hand over his pulsating cheek, finding Gerard’s need to protect more than a little bit adorable, before letting out a loud bark of laughter. The kind of laughter that would make Mikey swoon and melt like a Popsicle in the heat of a wet hot American summer.

It just makes Gerard glare harder; his fists bunch tighter at his sides. But Pete doesn’t panic.

Because he’s Pete motherfucking Wentz; he totally has this. Just like he had Mikey Way last night, the fifteen-year-old completely blowing Pete’s mind, among other things.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Bee-Gee.” He giggles, hoping to God that his eyes don’t betray him and tell the addressed just how much he’s fearing for his dick right now. “I meant mentally. Y’know, getting to know him and him getting to know me. Just two crazy kids being in love.”

The vampire raises his eye brows, pure cynical scepticism etched onto his features because that’s his job; he has to be cynical when it comes to protecting his brother, that way no creeps or rats can sneak their way into Mikey’s pants. Pants that, as Pete well knows, are a lot looser than popular opinion of the kid would lead people to believe.

“You’re not a kid though, Wentz.” His voice is monotone, if a little fierce. Pete doesn’t register that though, largely because his phone just vibrated and he knows precisely who the text will be from. “You’re eight-fucking-teen. Mikey’s not even legal in any single state yet. So hands off.”

This isn’t the first time that the older Way brother has used this argument against Pete. He’s used it when whining to his own boyfriend, a certain Bert McCracken who seems to be all for innocent little Mikey Way getting laid, and to Mikey himself when telling him to steer well clear of the older boy. Bert had, being Bert, laughed at Gerard and told him to stop being a boring old man; if Mikey wants to be a slut, let him be a slut was Bert’s advice. Mikey, on the other hand, simply jammed his headphones in and let a sly smirk weave it’s way onto his face.

See? Mikey didn’t understand. It’s Gerard’s job to do that for him.

The short, tanned male starts laughing as though his companion has just told the greatest joke never known to man and lightly punches Gerard’s shoulder, a gesture intended to build some form of bridge. It only succeeds in making the other look at him like he’s high.

He is; he’s high on love.

“Hey, you’ve got me all wrong, Bee-Gee.” The tones of mock-hurt are so fake that it almost makes Pete wince, but it does make Gerard look at him with some kind of questioning in his eyes. “I’m practically a nun.”

Now it’s Gerard’s turn to laugh. More like guffaw so hard that Pete half expects to find a pile of piss at the younger’s feet.

“Yeah right, Wentz. I’ve seen the pictures.”

Gerard smirks as Pete blanches, the infamous online scandal still haunting him from the last time he pissed Mikey off. Although, in all fairness to Mikey, it’s not like Pete minded having the somewhat compromising pictures taken at the time of photography. Only did he protest when he found them leaked onto MySpace after refusing to watch some stupid unicorn movie with Mikey the night before, which had somehow resulted in a huge row revolving around the fact that they apparently only ever do what Pete wants. Which, of course, was utter bullshit in Pete’s opinion.

Needless to say, he’s never questioned Mikey’s desire to do something since.

“Who the fuck took them anyway?”

Now Pete’s smirking, finally knowing for certain that he holds the upper hand here. And boy, what a hand it is to hold.

Almost as amazing as it is to be holding Mikey Way’s, that incredible quiet kid who can explode like a shooting star if you only take the time to get to know him. Be inside of him.

“Just some kid. Insisted on them, actually. Kinky bastard he was. Helluva masochist. Sadist too.”

Pete throws Gerard a wink, one that he knows when properly put into context will most likely earn him another punch. But it will definitely be worth it for the look on the other boy’s powdery face.

“C’mon, you’ve gotta give me a name now!”

It’s times like these that Pete is reminded that Gerard is just a kid too, not some grouchy old man who thinks his brother should be a virgin until the age of one-hundred-and-thirty. Even though he’s a little late for that, as Pete can testify.

“Michael James Way. Absolute animal, that kid. Absolute animal.”

A/N: So sorry if this sucks. It’s my first ever attempt at something in third person, not to mention one of my extremely rare attempts at something light-hearted. I hope you liked it, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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