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Hand In Mine Into Your Icy Blues

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ONLY GOING TO BE A FEW CHAPTERS!!! Basically going to come from the top of my head. Frerard!!!!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2012-05-26 - Updated: 2012-05-26 - 456 words

Running. Panting. Running. Breathe. Run. Keep going. He's close. Run. Dodge the trees. Breathe Frank breathe. Run. It hurts. Footsteps. RUN!
I'm falling. The ground hits me. GET UP!
It's too late.


"I'm not going to hurt you. Stop struggling. For crying out loud." the blindfold is taken from my eyes and the light blinds me. Where am I? Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm hyperventilating. Calm down Frank. I look around. A car. You're in a car Frank. It's moving. I try to move my hands. They are tied behind my back. Okay so you're in a car, it's moving, you're tied up and by the looks of it I'm in the middle of nowhere.
I look to the front of the car where my capture sits. His eyes are focusing on the road. My legs aren't tied. I begin to kick him through the little gap in the two front seats.
"JESUS CHRIST!" the man yelps. The car swerves and he just manages to pull over. I'm still kicking when he leaps into the back seats and pins me down. He sits on my legs to stop me kicking. I struggle beneath him to somehow get him off me. Clearly I'm too weak. He pushes me down.
"Calm the fuck down!" he says. I spit in his face and it lands right in his eye. He grunts but pushes me down harder. His shoulder length black hair falls in clumps around his face. His lips are a tight line and one of his eyes is shut because of my spit. I look right into to one that is open. They are a kind of green but they look brown too.
"If you stop trying to kill us both then I'll untie you." he says.
"What makes you think I'm gonna believe you?" I say looking at him right in the eye.
"I dont." he replies. I dont know what it is but something in his eyes tells me he isnt going to hurt me. "now will you behave?" I sigh and nod. He lets go of my shoulders so that he is sitting up. He wipes the spit from his eye. He looks at me and smiles. He gets off me and climbs back into the drivers seat and starts up the engine. I sit up and the car begins to move again.
"Where are you taking me?" I ask.
"Cant tell you." he says blankly.
"Where are we?" I say.
"Cant tell you?" he repeats
"Who are you?" I ask.
"can-" he says.
"Lemme guess. You cant tell me." I cut him off.
"Yep!" he says laughing a little.
"Fuck you!" I say bitterly.
"Happily." he says glancing at me through the mirror and smiling.
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