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Who Are You?

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So, how DID Dark bring Daisuke back to himself in episode 22, "Ice and Snow?" Here's one way it might have happened.... Supposes a previous Dark/Daisuke relationship

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Who Are You Who Are You?
By youkai_girl AKA eternalsailorsolarwind

Disclaimer: I do not own D.N.Angel - though I will take a slightly used Dark Mousy and Daisuke if anyone has one up for sale. ;p

A/N: So how did Dark really wake Daisuke in episode 22, /Ice and Snow/? The camera is facing away from either Dark or Daisuke as Daisuke remembers himself, so we aren't sure. But here is a possibility..... Supposes a previous relationship between Dark and Daisuke.

".." Means Speech

.. Means Thought


"I came to get you, Daisuke," Dark said, relieved at finding his other half.

Daisuke puts down the paintbrush and turns towards the Phantom Thief. Dark swallows his surprise at the blankness in the boy's eyes.

"Kimi wa..." "You are..."

"Hmm?" asks Dark, a premonition of what his love is about to say tightening his stomach in dread.

"Who are you?"

Those words make Dark's world fall apart around him. His other half, the only person he has truly loved in 300 years - does not remember him. Does not know him. A shocked, painful sound escapes the Kaitoh, his eyes widening. He...he forgot me? How...?

Reaching out, Dark roughly pulls Daisuke to him, as the younger boy again asks who he is. "What a cold attitude to have towards your other half, the one who loves you, after we haven't seen each other for so long." Hurt roughens his voice. "You're asking who I am? What do you mean by that? Am I so easily forgotten, Daisuke?"


Maddened that Daisuke has forgotten him, the Kaitoh asks desperately, "Can you forget this so easily, Dai-chan?"

Crushing the younger boy to him, Dark lips descend to cover Daisuke's in a hard kiss, which lightens as he feels the boy responding to him. It softens more as Daisuke actively returns it, ending with Dark nibbling gently on his other half's lips before pulling back to see what magic he has wrought with this kiss.

Daisuke's eyes are still blank, but just before despair rises to cover Dark, Daisuke speaks, "Dark?"

In the blink of an eye, Daisuke's consciousness returns, and Dark breathes a silent sigh of relief.

"Dark!" cries the younger boy, who jumps towards the thief in his joy at not only being reunited, but at seeing Dark separate from the body they share. "Why are you here in front of me?"

After a quick explanation, Daisuke surprises the Phantom Thief by knotting his fingers in Dark's shirt and tugging him down for another kiss. "While we still can," he explains.

Grinning, Dark agrees, "If it weren't dangerous to you, I'd be tempted to stay...but let's go home while we still can, Dai-chan."

"Hai. I want to make sure I don't ever forget you again," replies Daisuke.

Actually flushing at the tone of his koi's voice, Dark agreed, and the two ran off to find the way home. He had plenty of ideas of how to make sure his tamer never forgot him again.

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