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Inside The Fire

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The Crew Never Expected This Girl To Stumble Into Their Hands... (Disclaimer) I don't own One Piece or anything associated with it :)

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‘Oh my god what the hell is she doing out here?!?’ Usopp yelled, reaching over the rails of the Going Merry and staring at what he hoped was an unconscious young woman in the water, and not just a dead carcass. It was a gorgeous blue day, but the tide was undeniably strong under the wood of the boat. ‘Sanji! We’ve got a woman over board!’ Usopp looked into the mid-distance at the boat he’d seen about a half hour ago, it now just a meagre dot on the horizon. At first he’d paid it no notice, but he figured the girl he could see toiling in the water had probably come from that ship. He wondered desperately why they’d just… dumped the girl into the water. It didn't make much sense.

‘What are you talking about Usopp?’ Sanji demanded, strolling out of the kitchen with an angry glare on his face. Usopp could tell Sanji had been in the middle of baking, his blue shirt was dotted with flour and his tie was halfway down his chest – not an unusual sight on this ship and he knew he’d rage about being interrupted... but his oh-so precious kitchen would have to wait.

‘There’s a girl in the water!’ Usopp bellowed, frantically shifting from foot to foot and jabbing his finger at the sea.

‘Usopp I think you’ve been in the sun too long,’ Sanji said flatly, ‘I’m going back-
‘GET OUT THERE AND SAVE HER!’ Usopp cried, angrily shoving Sanji to the prow of the boat and pointing out into the water. Usopp panicked for a moment when he lost sight of her, but a moment later a flash of burgundy hair pierced the azure blue water and Sanji gasped as he saw her, his cigarette dropping from between his teeth.

‘Holy shit… where’s Luffy?’

‘Where do you think he is! He’s asleep!’

‘Well then go get Zoro!’ Sanji screamed, instantly kicking off his shoes and tossing his tie to the deck. He looked down into the water, watching the waves tossing the girl’s body side to side and dived headfirst into the warm, raging, blue sea.

Usopp didn’t wait for Sanji to disappear before zipping off to locate Zoro, which wouldn’t be too difficult because at this time of day he’d be sleeping – as always. Usopp barged into his room, fully aware that Zoro would be in a similar mood to what Sanji had been in… apathetic.

‘Zoro wake up!’

The green-haired pirate had his bandana pulled low over his eyes, and ignored Usopp’s cries until he yanked his heavy, muscular torso out of the string hammock.

‘What in god’s name are you playing at?’ Zoro roared, slapping Usopp in the back of the head. ‘I’m trying to sleep here!’

‘There’s a girl outside drowning!’ Usopp yelled, once again flitting from side to side. ‘Sanji jumped in after her but he needs your help to pull her in!’ Zoro looked concernedly to the sea outside the door and lunged to his feet, pulling his bandana off his head and around his arm. Usopp followed, feet thundering against the deck as he pointed to Sanji struggling against the ferocity of the waves, the red-head girl a dead weight in his arms. His head dropped beneath the waves again, only to bob up a second later, blonde hair soaked with saltwater. He seemed to be struggling, despite the fact he was a strong swimmer and Usopp could see the strain on his face, the struggle to keep the girl and himself above the tide.

‘HELP… ME OUT… MOSS HEAD!’ He chocked from the sea, spluttering water and trying to clear his mouth with his shoulder. Zoro looked down at the girl in the water, looking at how heavy the girl seemed despite her thin build. Something didn’t add up, but he’d contemplate her weight later – first they had to get her out.

Usopp panicked silently, wringing his hands out like two towels as Zoro lunged to the prow of the ship, gripping the prow with his right arm and stretching down into the water – he was just lucky he was tall, or he’d never have been able to reach. Sanji drifted for a second, and Zoro thought he would get carried out by the waves but Sanji swam forward with a roar, reaching out for Zoro’s hand and clutching on for dear life.

It took Zoro a while to pull the two bodies in, but he noticed confusedly as soon as he got them out of the water it was a lot simpler task – the girl seemed to weigh nothing. Sanji clattered onto the deck, spitting out water and gasping for air – suit absolutely drenched in water. He handed the girl across to Zoro, who took her seemingly weightless body in his arms and lay her flat out on the decking.

She was in a terrible way, not only did she seem sea beaten her entire right arm was a bloody mess, skin shredded in several places but not bleeding too badly. Her long sleeved shirt was saturated with water and her own blood, torn and ripped in many places and Zoro could just see cuts and bruises through the holes in the cotton. He cleared her dark ginger hair from her face, lowered his head to her face and desperately listened for the sound of her breathing.

There was nothing.

‘She’s so pretty!’ Sanji cried, and Zoro could almost see the love hearts in his eyes.

‘Get out of the way, idiot,’ Zoro yelled, shoving back Sanji before he could drool over the practically dead girl. ‘She won’t live if you don’t move out the way!’

However, Zoro wasn’t going to deny the fact that she was a reasonably pretty young woman, despite all her visible injuries. She wouldn’t be the type he’d go for himself, but… Sanji went for almost any woman he could find as long as she had some level of looks. Zoro lay the girl flat out, placing her arms wide to get her circulation going again as he hammered his hands onto her chest to get her heart to start.

‘What’s going on down there?’ Nami called from the prow, her footfalls heavy on the deck as she raced towards Zoro, Sanji and Usopp. ‘Oh God is that a girl?’

‘She won’t be for much longer,’ Zoro yelled, irritation fixed on his face. ‘Now let me concentrate and get lover-boy out of here before he suffocates her himself.’

‘I wouldn’t do that!’ Sanji yelled defensively before calming down. ‘I would never hurt a lady, especially one as beautiful as…-

Zoro blanked out the rest of the sentence, focusing only on the girl before him. He linked his hands together once more, beating down on her chest once more. He could hear Nami yelling at him to be careful, but he knew how to save a life.

I may have mossy hair, but I don’t have a mossy brain Zoro thought just as the girl spluttered beneath him.

Her body didn’t seem conscious yet, but her lungs coughed up a tonne of water and her upper body recoiled against Zoro’s hands. He lifted her up slowly to make sure all the water escaped her lungs, signalling for the others to move back to give the girl some air. As she choked she clutched onto Zoro, her face going slightly red with exertion.

‘Careful there,’ Zoro said softly, patting the girl on the back. ‘Its okay.’

It took her a few seconds to come round, and as soon as she did Zoro saw the fright in her pale eyes. They looked almost rose quartz to him, but he avoided staring at her too long – as it would only add to her fear.

‘Where am I? Who are you?’

Zoro could feel her pulling away, and he let her go. She scrambled backwards, into a very desperate looking Sanji – who looked down on her longingly.

‘Umm, hi there,’ Sanji cooed, his hands over his heart, ‘you’re so gorgeous you-

The girl screamed at him, lunging up so suddenly full of life… but her ‘attack’ was useless, and she pretty much collapsed in agony at Sanji’s feet, clutching her entire body and sobbing. Zoro eyed the wound on her arm, noticing it wasn’t bleeding but the skin looked no-where near a healthy shade. She did look un-dead almost.

‘It’s okay,’ Sanji said, bending down to help her up, ‘we’re not gonna hurt you.’

The girl looked across at him, slightly grinning. ‘Are you… pirates?’

‘We sure are,’ Usopp said proudly, ‘I’m the great Captain Usopp and I-

Nami shot him a glare. ‘Shut up Usopp.’

‘Wait… you’re Monkey D. Luffy’s crew!’ the girl choked excitedly, seeming to ignore her pain for a moment to take them all in. ‘No way… I found you…’

‘You found us?’ Nami asked. ‘Why were you looking for us?’

The girl staggered to her feet, ignoring Sanji’s attempts to help her. Nami thought she would just fall down again, but the girl stood upright – shakily brushing her hair from her face. She held out her hand, face moulded in concentration. Zoro almost jumped back as dark shadows sprouted from the girl’s hands, and she coiled them effortlessly around her body before letting them dissapitate again.

‘Because I want… to join… your crew.’

And with that she collapsed into Sanji’s arms.

‘That was so hot,’ Sanji said, brushing his wet hair from his face to get a better look at the girl’s face. ‘Can we keep her, please?’

‘She’s not a damn pet Sanji!’ Nami roared.

‘No wonder she was so heavy though,’ Sanji said knowingly, scooping her up into his arms. ‘See, she’s so light now. She’s got a beautiful body…’

‘We need to wake Luffy,’ Zoro said, a partial smile on his lips, ‘and tell him we’ve got a lucky girl with Devil Fruit Powers on our hands.’

So this is my story guys and girls :) Enjoy it, I intend to carry it on if its liked by some people. If not I'll carry it on just for my sake B) Please review and leave comments :)
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